The last post of 2009!

I lied. THIS is the last post of 2009. And to celebrate, I have a very nice set of 9 musical awards for you. First are the instrumentals:

For Brass Players....

For Our Percussionists...

For Any String Players Out There...

And For All The Woodwind Players...

Now for the singing portion.

For The Altos

Our Boys On The Baritone Line...

And The Ladies On The High Notes, The Sopranos

And finally for:

Our Composers...

And Conductors.

Hope you like them!

Writing a Christmas Pageant

Yes, I know Christmas just happened. But next year our church wanted to have a new Christmas pageant and so today my associate pastor came over and we worked for 4 1/2 hours on this new Christmas Pageant. It's titled "So You Think You Know The Christmas Story" and I thought it turned out very well. Needless to say, I am very tired, so this is going to be a short post.

Anyway I'm currently working on this set of awards that I think you'll enjoy.

Also, I am go skiing tomorrow and then straight to a New Year's Eve party. So, I believe that this post is the last post of 2009.



I thought that some awards would be nice so, I made some! I hope you take them if they apply and spread them around them blogging world.

If I follow you and comment often, this one is for YOU!

If math is one of your best and favorite subjects, it's yours!

This is a special one for my buddy Elránia! Hope you like it!

Finally, if I follow your blog, you are considered top notch to me!


Movie Reveiw: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

So, XanFan and I just got back from the movies. XanFan- what did you think?

I thought it was funny, especially the chase scene at the end. Ian Hawke is really dumb.

Yes. I know. My favorite Chipmunk is Theo. He is so cute and chubby.

My favorite is Alvin because he's awesome.

And egocentric.

Very unlike me.

Yeah right. Back to the movie.

This is boring.

Yeah so what. So what would you rate this movie? How many stars?


OK. Cool. I'd give it a 4.5 because it was actually really funny.


thank you and our *first* discussion board!

Join me on the count of three. 1-2-3 THANK YOU OLIVE TREE!!!! Yes, the new look is AMAZING, and I believe that there is actually a little more to come! I also suggest that you check out the new look we did together over at Trumpet's Secret. And on that subject, I believe I'll be posting an actual section of the book today there! 

And now for our first ever Monday Discussion Board!

Since this is our first time doing this, here is how it will go. First, I'll post the question and who it is from. Then all you do is post your answer in a comment, and also talk it over through comments with other people answering your question. Also, if you have something you want discussed, post the question in a comment on this post, or any other post. I want to use your questions!

This week's question was from XanFan. "Why do you think blogging is fun?"



As you know, I asked you all about changes that you would like to have happen and so I think you want to know some changes.

First about question 1:

It seems that in general most of you like my playlist, which is good, but maybe to have some more soothing background music as well. I can comply.

XanFan wants Beatles songs. Perhaps a few. I love the Beatles.

*Ripplestar* wants 76 Trombones. You know I'm not so sure.....


The main opinion is that some of the jazz tunes make it hard to concentrate.  I really like those songs but what I'm going to try and do is have a lot more quiet soothing songs then the jazz ones. Do you guys like Enya? Might put on some more.....


Seems you want more life posts. OK. If you really think it's going to be all that interesting to read, LOL.

Ëarwen- I really don't think I'm going to be posting more often. I post at least once every day, LOL.

4.  Less contests, OK. I'm sticking to a quick comment contest once a month now.
Less sarcastic science class posts? Darn....those are fun to write......
Less BAND?!?!?!?!?!? Oh man....I thought I'd cut it down a lot since I first started...


XanFan- You will not be the highlight of future makeovers

Olive Tree- Yeah, thanks!

OK, Glow Fish

I'm glad you like them Breanne. Thank Olive Tree for that!


Fun to read, good posts, the playlist, I'm glad you guys love it!


XanFan- I have mentioned you several times actually.

Random posts. OK. I'll try to make things less confusing. I guess that's what happens when you're posting at 5:45 every morning.

Short posts about band. Sorry. Can't help it. You don't have to read them, I won't be offended :)

OK, *Ripplestar*. I'm quite tired of all these trombone related comments. I WILL NEVER change my blog title to 'Bass Clef'. The treble clef symbol is clearly marked out on my soul, and it shall stay there forever.


Seems you'd like more pics that I've taken. Yeah, so would I. I've actually had a lot that I wanted to post, but my computer was having uploading problems. I don't know if it works yet.

9. With the exception of my brother, everyone thought it was a good choice to follow. YAY!


Giving more awards and that kind of thing. OK!

More pictures, again OK

NO *Ripplestar*. Yes, I *do* play trombone, but I AM NOT going to make it the centerpiece of my blog! Do it on your own blog.

Thanks for the feedback everybody!


WiFi and other *important* stuff

OMG, I almost forgot. My dad got the family a WiFi set for Christmas. I'm really excited because even though only my dad and I have laptops, it's been a mess with the WiFi situation. We've been using our neighbors and it's come with a whole slew of problems. For one, if anyone used a certain phone, the internet would crash. Also we could only get connection in a certain spot, which happened to be the smallest, and probably already most crowded room in the house. But now I can sit in a round blue chair in front of the fireplace with my laptop and all is well.

Just for the heck of it I don't think I'll do my daybook today. Maybe tomorrow.

This next part is very important, so listen up! Treble Clef has almost met the 1 year mark, and I am really excited. Of course, I love my blog and I think it's great, but what really counts is YOUR opinion. If you could please take a moment and fill out the following survey, I would be very grateful.

1. What songs should be added to my playlist?

2. What songs should be taken off my playlist?

3. What should I post more about?

4. What should I post less about?

5. What would you like to see in future makeovers?

6. What is the best thing about Treble Clef?

7. What is the worst thing about Treble Clef?

8. Do you like most posts to have a picture?

9. Do you think it was a good choice to follow Treble Clef?

10. What are some other things you would like to see change?

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE copy/paste this form into a comment and give me the advice. I would be very happy if you did. Sleeping over at Olive Tree's tonight, should be fun!


Merry Christmas!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year.........."

Yes, the big day is here, and I've been celebrating several ways, one of them being going around conducting random Christmas songs with my new baton. LOL, but it's really fun.

Last night I went to 2 services, both were great. Like Elránia, I almost fell asleep at the 10 o'clock service.

This morning I woke up and we all went downstairs for presents. I got some cool stuff including, but not limited too:

Some cool shirts and socks.

A WICKED cool shirt from my brother. It's electric blue, in the middle is a big yellow circle and on top of that is an even bigger red treble clef. Circling around this certerpiece are the words 'Music Makes Me Happy' It's cute....

an iPod Nano. It's green, and awesome.

My parents got a ping-pong table for our basement. Fun!

We've been eating really yummy food all day as well.

Well, I hope you are all having a great holiday! Tell me all about it!



Yippee, it's Christmas Eve! What are your plans?

Yesterday was our last day of school (sadly, it was a full day). I gave all my teachers little bags filled with delicious chocolate peace cookies (you should have SEEN the look on my band directors face. She LOVES chocolate) We didn't do much work, which was cool but the best part came after school when Bella, Hannah, Super Gato and I went over to Hannah's house for a little Christmas party, which was SO much fun. We watched a movie, ate lots of junk food and gave each other the presents that were so hard to keep a secret. I gave each of them a piece of jewelry and a collage that I made for them.

Hannah gave me some cool little doo-dads, including a pencil that is twisted at the top into a music note, a trumpet bookmark, a trumpet bumper sticker, a little journal, and some body lotion.

Super Gato gave me a pretty cubed clear and green bracelet, a blue necklace with a pretty heart charm made out of a blue shell and some music note stickers.

Finally, Bella gave me some cute plaid earmuffs and A BATON. Yeah. The perfect addition, along with all the other musical things I got. Thanks for making this start of vacation the best ever, you guys :)


Winner and Makeover

Comment Contest CLOSED and comment moderation is back on :) Before I get to the winners of the contest, I'd just like to say that I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE BACKGROUNDS AND BUTTONS!!!!! (and they're good too) I celebrated by doing a makeover on Trumpet's Secret. The header and button are up and running, and here is a pic of the background. (Olive Tree or someone else who make their own backgrounds- how do I get it for Photobucket, properly on to my blog?)

Of course, a lot of thanks goes to Summer Driggs who created the elements!

And now for the comment contest winner!

There were 12 comments, I drew #11 and that means that SILVERSTAR  is the winner! Congrats Silverstar! This means that not only are you placed on the winners board, you also receive an award and element of your choice. That's background, header, avatar, or button for any of your blogs. Just comment on this post telling me what you want!


Second comment contest!

The second comment contest is here, and I think you all know the rules! If you do not you can easily find the first comment contest in my archive :) Anyway, start commenting, you can comment 3 times, comment moderation will be off, so please only comment on this post, blah, blah, blah. Contest ends tomorrow after I get home from school, and the winner gets a design element of their choice. OK, comment away!


Feeling the Christmas Cheer

Today was really fun. I'll go through some of it now.

At 9 o'clock was the Christmas pageant. I was assistant directing and me and 3 trumpet friends got to play during the hymn 'O Come All Ye Faithful' which was really fun.

Then there was a second service at 11, where Elránia and I were playing in the bell choir which was fun too. Also there was a very nice sermon 'Upside down Christmas' 

Then I came home and had a fun afternoon. I worked on my second presents for Bella, Hannah, Elránia, Olive Tree, and Super Gato. I'm really pleased with how they came out, but unfortunately I cannot tell you what they are because all 5 of them could be reading this post right now. (If you really wanna know, please e-mail) I love coming up with fun gifts for friends.

I also had a good chat on the phone with Olive Tree. Olive Tree- I'll probably drop your present off on Christmas Eve and Hopefully we can get together over vacation! She stopped by my house yesterday and gave me a FABULOUS gift, that is actually kinda hard to explain. It's a little heart shaped box with some AMAZING decorations all on it and it's soooooooo beautiful.

Finally, I did another craft project and that was to begin work on my gifts for teachers. I made these little gift tags/ornaments to go on a bag of chocolate peace cookies. On the front of the tag it has a light blue square and a dark blue border and on the little square I stamped and embossed a navy dove. On the back it says 'Peace on Earth' in silver sharpie. So I'll make the cookies tomorrow and tie the tags and that gift will be all done!

Gotta go help with supper now- Pasta and Bean Soup. Yum! How are the holiday preparations coming for you guys?


One of the last daybooks of the year!

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date... 12/19
Starting time... 2:28 PM
Mood...tried yet happy
Outside my window... It's beginning to cloud over
I'm thinking... about Trumpet's Secret
I'm reading... So B. It (so sad!)
I'm listening to... my playlist
I'm wearing... jeans, and red sweater-dress
Yesterday, I...was glad it was Friday!
I'm excited for...Our new jazz songs!
I'm sad because...We have a Science final test next week
I'm hungry for...popcorn
The song stuck inside my head is...Viva la Vida
I have vacation every day next week
I love...skiing
I loathe...not going skiing
This week, my goal take some nice Christmas-y pics
Did I meet last week's goal?...No, sorry mom.
Ending time... 3:43 PM


Looking into the future...

Wow. Good day today but what I'm talking about is our peek into the future, and of high school. After hearing the principal at the high school talk, I'm actually pretty excited, yet kinda sad because I really like the school that I'm at. Anyway we talked about all the classes and electives and clubs and stuff. And all the credits you need to graduate. But I won't go into all the boring details I'll just tell you what I'm going to take next year. (I haven't actually signed up yet, that will happen on January 12th)

Clubs and After-School activities (more might be added, it depends)

Marching Band
1 or 2 of the Jazz Bands
The Musical (either having a part or playing in the pit)

Classes (certainly going to happen!)

English (9)
Phys. Ed.
Math II
French II
World History
Honors Biology
Concert Band
Wind Ensemble

In high school I'm really only going to be playing trumpet family stuff (the band director already wants me to be trying fluglehorn!) And then if I make Jazz Ensemble on trumpet I'll probably try the Jazz 2 band on trombone. But mostly just trumpet, cornet, and fluglehorn, I think.

So yeah. That's my plan for clubs and classes next year. Exciting! Other kids from my school: What are you thinking about for next year? (If you're graduating from 8th grade this year)

Why do my post all seem to be before 6 in the morning?

:P................ I just realized that almost every weekday my posts are before or just after 6 o'clock in the morning. Eeks. That's a lot of early posts. I guess it's just due to the fact that I have other things to do when I get home. Homework, reading, writing, IM-ing. (No I sadly can't IM people while on blogger because my blogger gmail is different than my personal one)

Things I know are happening today:

The principal at the high school is coming over to talk to us. ALREADY! We'll get to know what classes we can take and so forth and I'll certainly post about my prospects after school! I'm glad this is happening during Social Studies and maybe a bit of Science, 'cause I am fed up with that Murder in Mississippi stuff.

2nd concert review. Did our chorus one yesterday, band one scheduled for today. :P Only part of band I really don't like. Didn't mind them so much at the beginning but this is my 7th band one and I'm getting sick of answering the same questions after EVERY concert. Seriously. It gets on my nerves.

Training jazz this morning. Oh how I LOVE those 45 minutes before school on Fridays. Always one of the best parts of the week. So what if I'm one of 2 8th graders there? So what if the wind players are just learning jazz and some new notes? So what if I'm way too good to be in it? I don't care. I'm in performance for the challenge. I'm in training because it's fun and I can just go around and play basically anything in the rhythm section that I want. It's wicked fun.....


Good concert

Good concert last night. Wasn't stellar but everything was OK. I think I did pretty well, any mistakes that I made were very minor, but I think I played it best yesterday in sectional. Oh well, it was fun and the chorus sounded FANTASTIC! (like, for once) We got a new chorus teacher this year and she is AWESOME! So I felt really ready to sing our three songs memorized.

On another note, I FINALLY finished this huge project that we've been working on since before Thanksgiving for LA. It's a culture research project (Don't ask me why we didn't do it in Social Studies!) on a country. I picked Belize, and it was fun because I went there in 5th grade. Anyway we had to do 5 pages of research on different topics: flag, food and entertainment, the people, geography, and landmarks. We then combined them into a loooong essay, or research paper if you prefer. Finally (in 3 days!) we had to do a poster with all the information. I finished it last night and had A LOT of fun with it. (I always do on posters!) I think my teacher is going to be kinda surprised when she she's that I took up all the space on my poster, and that there are NO printed images on it except for a black and white map that I colored in. Yes, I drew the flag freehand without looking at a picture. Same for the Mayan ruin Xunantunich and everything else. Anyway, I present it today and I am happy because I love getting up in front of the class and talking.

Wow that was a long post! Have a good day everybody!


It's Concert Day!!!!!!

Well, the big day has finally arrived! I remember looking back on last year's holiday concert and thinking 'next year is going to be really sad.' Because tonight is my FINAL, yes FINAL, holiday concert with my current band director. :'( So sad. High school concerts for the next 4 years but they won't compare. Anyhoo....We are doing very well despite our director being out for a week so that's really good of course. Plus I've figured out what is a highly complex plan to keep my trumpet and trombone completely safe when I don't need them. Like for chorus. Hmmmmm. maybe I should wrap this up and have some breakfast. It's almost time for school, LOL.



Woot woot! Treble Clef has hit 50 followers! I'd really like to recognize ALL of you, but I REALLY have to run and get ready for jazz band. Sorry. Thanks for following and tell your bloggy little friends about Treble Clef!


Today's Slightly Interesting Classes

Sitting in workshop and there's really nothing to do so I guess I'll just write about my classes today :)

Got to school at 7:35, threw everything into my locker and promptly went to the band room. There, Bella and Queen of the Bass Clef hung out talking and helping Mrs Barry get set up for the day before the bell rang. Fun, and it's really good to e helpful to your band director during concert week because they get reeeeeally stressed out. :)

First class of the day was French (Bonjour, mon amis!) and we had fun just telling about our weekends. Tomorrow we get back to work conjugating verbs. Next was Social Studies where we began to watch another 'R' rated movie. It's pretty funny that the 2 'R' rated movies I've seen have been in Social Studies class! (Of course they relate to the subject at hand, we watched 'Glory' last year when we were leaning about the Civil War and today we began 'Murder in Mississippi' because we are learning about the civil rights movement of the '60's)

Science wasn't that bad today. Elránia and I were lab partners doing a little light experiment. Not that bad. Also found out that not only is there Google Earth, but Google Moon, Google Mars, and Google Sky. SOOOOO COOL!!!

After Science was Band!!!! Woot woot! just worked on all our pieces for he concert. C'est trés bonne! Fantastique! (Sorry non French speakers, I'm trying to incorporate French into my speaking more)

Lunch was good, and after lunch I had Math where we reviewed for tomorrow's test, which was nice and then we worked on our research projects in LA. And finally, in workshop, I did this awesome post! YAY!!!!!!!!!


oddness with the 400th post and a new blog

Hmmmmmm. This is really post 401, but why is post 400 showing up before yesterday's daybook. I posted it AFTER. Ahhhhhh well. That's OK. Just confusing since the 'it's getting really exciting' post about post 400, is shown AFTER post 400.....


Fans of Trumpet's Secret:

Here is the new blog just for you! Were you intrigued by some of the quotes? Have some questions? Want more background on the characters? Who is it dedicated to? Come to this new blog and ask all your questions and I'll answer them and you'll also get to read some of the story too! Check it out HERE!


it's getting really exciting!!!!

OMG I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited! Not only is it almost Christmas, not only is it 34 days until my Blogoversery, not that I'm almost done with my 9th chapter, THIS IS MY 399th POST!!!!!!!!!! {It's actually kind of a throw away post, I just wanna do my 400th!}

I've been working on some cool little things in Acorn to help us celebrate, including awards, orders and the entire first chapter of Trumpet's Secret for you to read!!!!!

So check back VERY shortly, it's time to get tis show on the road!!!


Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date... 12/12
Starting time... 11:00 AM
Outside my window... It's sunny yet FREEZING
I'm thinking... about decorating my tree
I'm reading...Calvin and Hobbes LOL
I'm listening to... O Come All Ye Faithful
I'm wearing...Penguin socks, jeans, white cami, and aqua sweater
Yesterday, I... had a pretty good day at school
I'm excited for... My 400th post!
I'm sad because...I honestly don't know!
I'm hungry for...lunch
The song stuck inside my head is... Happy Xmas (War is Over)
I trumpet not to smudge as much
I love...the holiday season
I loathe...the cold
This week, my goal is... to find at least 5 good vegetarian dinner recipes 
Did I meet last week's goal?...Nope, but it turned out I didn't need to!
Ending time... 11:05 AM

This is post 400!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! 34 days from being a year old and Treble Clef is at 400 posts! From Cornet Crazie in Action to Treble Clef, from Spottedstar28 to •The Cornet Crazie•, from 1 follower to 48, Treble Clef is thriving!

First I'm going to get to the orders that people have placed. AND as a special bonus, cause I'm feeling that holiday spirit, you can still order headers and avatars up through Christmas Day!!!!!!!!! Click on your images to save them. (You must click on them so that they are shown at full size)

Here is the avatar for Engleheart.

These are your 2 headers CherrystarLuv.

and finally.....

Hannah's header.

Now I'd like to recognize some very special people. My Followers!

This is for ALL of my followers.

Now the final awards are for the first 3 followers of Treble Clef, who are not myself and are still on blogger. If your name is below, grab the award!

Thanks guys, all my followers rock!!!!

(and I'll post chapter 1 soon)


A tag {and other wicked cool stuff}

Before I get to the 2 tags I have today I'll do a little update: school went well today, and I am pretty confident in how my French quiz went. (Anyone who can conjugate all the forms of the verb 'to be' in French, and define them will get a prize!) And I can finally read my music again! Yay! Here's a snapshot of conversation that took place right before training jazz this morning. I'll use CC for me and BD for my band director. (Some background info is that there are 3 people in the rhythm section {bass, piano, drum set, aux., vibes} )

(CC working on her walking bass part, 2 drummers playing, BD walks over)

BD: I have some ideas for how this section should be run

(They then go over who's is playing what for the songs)

BD: Now for the several jazz exercises we do at the beginning, I want you 3 to rotate every little piece between vibes/aux., bass, and drum set, OK?

(others nod heads)

CC: No.

BD: You can play drum set.

CC: No. I can't. I have never played it in my life!

BD: Good time to start then! Go on you're up first.

CC: You have got to be kidding me. I don't know how to use all four limbs at once and I don't even have drumsticks!

BD: Nick, let me have your drumsticks

CC: You're joking.

BD: Time to start!

So yeah. THAT was sure fun......

(Well......kinda. REALLY)

And now a tag from Floppyj10

1) Do you like sugar cookies?
A: Oh yum!

2) Do you like a LOT of lights on your Christmas tree, or just a few?
A: A LOT! But I like white ones for the tree because they don't conflict with the ornaments.

3) Do you prefer a real tree, or an artificial tree?
A: LOL. Never had a fake one, never plan to!

4) What's your favorite Christmas carol?
A: I'm getting tired of answering this question............just look at another of like 10 other Christmas tags!

5) Do you like egg-nog, or boiled custard?
A. Umm...I don't think I want to...

6) Do you want a lot of snow for Christmas, or just enough to sled in?
A. I would like........let's see....................10 feet!

7) What's your favorite part of the Christmas story?
A: The angel coming to the shepards

8) What's your favorite Christmas movie?
A: A Charlie Brown Christmas

9) If you could spend $1,000,000, what would you buy?

10) What is your favorite name(s) of Jesus?
A: idk. I like them...all?

I tag....
My best buds in real life :)

Super Gato =D
Olive Tree


Trust me. It's been a looooooooooooong week. I'm really glad it's Friday and that I can read my music once again. Jazz band soon so I've gotta go get ready. I promise to post a longer post later today!

(And Anonymous: What's up with the Chinese comments?)


Ho Hum in Science

Science class know what that means :)

I means I'm bored which means it's time to have a very random post!

This font size is so big because it's the only way I can read it! Eye doctor's appointment after school...

So far I've made 1 avatar and 2 headers for people. I really like how they came out. They will be posted along with my 400th post. Also making Hannah a header in workshop this afternoon. 

:P Because I am having a hard time reading it makes it hard to work on Trumpet's Secret. Boo-hoo. 

It also makes it hard to read music! My band director's solution? She takes all my music away and says "Listen and do it from memory!" Thanks......

I'm a vegetarian. Yeah for like 2 whole weeks. LOL.

K, I'd better wrap this up, gotta run to band sectional! Bye!!!



A 400th Post Special!

No it's not my 400th post. Yet. But it will be soon and one of the things I'm starting right now is this little special! FREE headers, and FREE avatars. Yep. That's right! Just comment, and I'll do it! All you have to do is fill out this form:

Blogger Name:
Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar:
2 or 3 column blog?:
Specific Pics:


Blogger Name: •The Cornet Crazie•
Blog Name: Treble Clef
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar: header
2 or 3 column blog?: 3
Colors: black an white
Theme: musical
Specific Pics: treble clefs and eighth notes

Another Christmas Tag

 Thanks for the tag Elránia!
What is your favorite Christmas carol?
O Holy Night and O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Do you have an artificial tree or do you get a real one?
A real one!!!!!

Where you live do you get snowy Christmas's?
Most of the time :)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Going to the Christmas Eve services. The sanctuary is so pretty by candlelight!

What is your favorite holiday? Why?
I like them all for different reasons

Do you go caroling?
Yes, with a church group

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Do you like listening to Christmas music?
Rockin' out to my playlist!

What is your favorite Christmas meal?
Coffeecake. Yum!

Do you write people Christmas cards?
Yeah. In February.

Do you have a manger scene?
Let's see.....1-2-3 maybe like 6 or 7 in think

Will you wish anyone Merry Christmas?
Hmmmm. No. I think I'll just be a Scrooge this year. :) JK. Happy Holidays everybody!

Liked the tag?

I tag...

Anyone who had a snow day today

Carol Contest Winners!!

4 people entred the carol contest and we have a winner!

In 3rd place was Emma. And in 2nd was Super Gato. Congrats to you 2! You each get a custom header, avatar or post divider from me!

But the first place winner was........

Glow Fish!!!!! Awesome job Glow Fish! You got all of them correct. Glow Fish gets a header/background set from Olive Tree at


Just listen to all that brass!

The title says it all. One of my favorite things about the holidays is sitting on the couch with a good book and a bowl of popcorn and blast those carols! My favorites are the jazzy numbers; they put a nice spin on the familiar songs. And talk about the brass! I never really noticed it before, but I'm really glad I did this year. The trumpets are SO amazing! What? Too much band? Sorry I'll wrap this up.... ((LOL. Wrap it up. Like a present. A Christmas present. Yeah. I know. Lame.)) Anyway the last thing I'll say is that my band director is coming back tomorrow!!! She's been out since last Thursday, and it's been kinda hectic around the band room considering the concert's on the 16th. But she's coming back which sure makes ME happy at least! :) Comment and share your Christmas tales and traditions!

Tis the Season! (A tag from Gwyn)

1. Do you believe Jesus is the reason for the season?

2. Have you ever been in a Christmas Play? What were you?'s the list:

King Herod
3.What is your favorite thing you get in you stocking?
An orange. LOL.

4. What is your best Christmas memory?
I honestly don't know

5. What is your favorite Christmas beverage?
Hot chocolate!

6. What do you put on your tree top?
A star

7. Where do you get your tree?
We go to the nearest nursery. I know. Boring.

8. Do you go somewhere for Christmas or do you host?
We alternate every year. This year we're at home :)

9. Do you have any traditions?
Too many to count. I love that my mom always make coffee cake on Christmas morning

10. How much do you like Christmas?
C'est trés grande.

11. What do you do on Christmas Eve?
Go to the Christmas Eve services. Very calming and enlightening.

12. What do you do on Christmas Day?
Depends on the year really.

13. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Hmmm... I love so many but I'd have to say O Holy Night, and O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

14. What do you really want for a gift this year?
Well, I kinda already have like my only gift from my parents....yeah.....the trumpet

15. Favorite treat?
Nutmeg logs and peppermint bark.......

16. Do you usually have a white Christmas?
Often, but not always

17. What was the worst present you've ever gotten?
Socks. And underwear.

18. Who's your favorite reindeer?

19. The Christmas present you always wanted but never got?

20. Last one. What is the best thing about Christmas to you?
I really love the Christmas Eve services at my church

I tag everyone who said yes to the first question


Introducing: Treble Clef Discussion Board

Something to make our Mondays a little more interesting. Starting next Monday I'll post the discussion topic and then you can just go for it in your comment! So, your job right now is to give me some ideas that we can discuss. K? That's ALL your band homework for tonight!


A Christmas Carol Contest!

Here's the deal with this AWESOME contest to get us all in the holiday spirit. I'm going to list 20 lines from carols and in your comment you have to say what you think they are. We're going on the HONOR system here. Don't steal from other commenters. Or hey. E-mail me your answers OK? Does that work? Or if you don't want to do this, just comment but I won't publish. ''''  And the winner gets a makeover and the 2 runners-up get a header OR avatar OR divider OR signature. Ready? Let's start!

1 "To kids from one to ninety two"

2 "He hath ope'd the heavenly door"

3 "Why your joyous strains prolong?"

4 "And heaven and nature sing"

5 "And do not fade in Winter's snow"

6 "The silent stars go by"

7 "Join in any reindeer games"

8 "He sleeps this night so chill"

9 "Give her a dollie that laughs and cries."

10 "Asleep in the hay."

11 "Strike the harp and join the chorus"

12 "And two eyes made out of coal"

13 "When I was a sinner"

14 "As white as lily flow'r"

15 "Where the love-light gleams"

16 "With your pack you'll creep"

17 "How I hate going out in the storm"

18 "Sing all ye citizens on heaven above"

19 "Sin and error pining"

20 "Come peasant king, to own him"

Rack your brains, Access your songbooks. And hurry, the contest ends on Wednesday!!!!!!!

La Daybook

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date... 12/6
Starting time... 12:02 PM
Outside my window... The sun is shining and there are 6 inches of snow on the ground!
I'm thinking... about what I should do for my friends for Christmas
I'm reading... Shadows on the Sea
I'm listening to... Silver Bells
I'm wearing...Black pants, and a red and navy dress sweater
Yesterday, I... didn't have the best day ever
I'm excited for...YM Christmas party soon
I'm sad cookies didn't turn out yesterday :(
I'm hungry for...Christmas cookies
The song stuck inside my head is...Jingle Bella
I school to let us out before Christmas Eve. (Yes, we have to go all day the 23rd.)
I love... high notes
I loathe...playing jazz piano
This week, my goal is... to learn those crazy hard jazz piano parts. AGAIN.
Did I meet last week's goal?... Sadly, No
Ending time... 12:14  PM

Strange Comments and Snow!

YAY!!!!!!!! It snowed yesterday and last night! We actually got 6 inches so I'm very happy.
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas........" I hope. Speaking of that do you want to do a carol contest? The gist of it would be that I would pick some very random lines from Christmas carols and you have to guess what carols they come from. Some would be easy and some quite hard. (most of them hard) And the reason they'll be hard? Whoever wins gets a makeover! This includes header, avatar, signature, background, post divider (if you know how to put one on cause I don't know). Sorry but I have know idea how buttons work and how to connect them to your blog and such. Everything will be custom, except the background, unless someone is willing to share the dimensions with me :)

And now, I've been getting some odd comments. They aren't mean, just odd. On last week's daybook they commented:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi, how are you? synthroid online [url=]cheap synthroid[/url] online And then they said on my post about science, "Better late than never............" They're just so totally random, I'm kinda weirded out. Also, since I'm planning on 3 posts today, that means after today, it's only 10 posts until 400!!!! Whatdaya what? I was thinking a special thing for each of my followers. And also, if I can get 4 more followers before then, it will be EVEN BETTER!


Welcome To Science Class.....

Welcome to science class! This week we will do a convection lab in which you will get water all over yourself....and all the notes you'd been taking throughout the lab. You'll probably have to redo them. In addition to that we will be each making a very cool heat transfer poster. It should be colorful and use LOTS of detail. You should have fun with this big project. It's due tomorrow. Finally don't forget your Earthweek that's due on Friday! Just write summaries of summaries! Don't you just love summarizing something that that has already been summarized? Only here's the catch: It must be at least a page long and it MUST be in ALL of your own words! Doesn't that sound fun? OK let's get ready to have a great week in Science!

Sorry 'bout that. I just HAD to. I, uh, really don't like science. And yeah, that's pretty much what happened this week. In a fun, sarcastic way.


Amazingly Awesome Quotes!

Musical quotes at their best. Enjoy!

"To play without passion is inexcusable" ~Beethoven 
Bach gave us God's Word. Mozart gave us God's laughter. Beethoven gave us God's fire. God gave us Music that we might pray without words. ~ quote outside an opera house


Concert coming up!

Wow! I can't believe that our first concert of the year is in 2 weeks! Yep. The 16th. I'm really excited, but of course, I'm like that before every concert. Just ask my friends. I actually don't know what we are going to be playing for jazz band in the concert (uh-oh) but *hopefully* we'll find out tomorrow. The 8th grade band is playing some cool pieces too. Marching Song (which is a lot cooler then the name implies) Rhythm Machine and Sleigh Ride. So so so excited! And as an added bonus- we got our honors band music!!! Yay! It's looks really hard, but REALLY fun. Trumpet lesson soon, gotta go work on Trumpet's Secret!


Some Lines From Trumpet's Secret

Here are some of my favorite lines from Trumpet's Secret that I thought that you would want to read. Please note that while these do go in order of the book (chapter 1-8) they do not all relate to the same events.


As Mrs. Ochono climbed out of her car she had the most peculiar sensation that something extraordinary would happen on this day. It was a dark time. Something extraordinary just might help. There was war, pollution, an economic crisis, and global warming threatening the country. Mrs. Ochono longed for the world to be at peace and for it to be a place where people weren't shot, tortured and murdered every day. But she just shook her head and walked inside the building. Only a miracle could make that happen, and a miracle would never take place here.


"Ah. So you've noticed too?" Kristy Nobberham inquired as she sat down. "We just came from sectional and she was being really un-Mrs. Ochono-ish. She didn't laugh, joke or smile once! And... she tried to give us the 8th grade music. She didn't even realize until someone pointed it out. She's NEVER like this. I'm more than a little worried."


The real Mrs. Ochono would kindly remind the clarinets not to play B flats and give the late kids detention.


But alas, it was not the case here. After a long pause, Mrs. Ochono finally spoke. "I could give you detention for speaking to me like that, Kasta Shepsheir. I'll let you go though.....this time. Now take your trumpet and leave my sight!"

    Kasta just glared at Mrs. Ochono. The she spoke in a low growl."It's a cornet." And then Kasta Shepsheir, eyes flaming, turned around and stalked out of the auditorium.


Maybe it was just math class, but she reckoned that it was probably just the thought of those strange instruments up in Mrs. Ochono's room. The mysterious instruments that seemed to control the emotions of Mrs. Ochono and herself.


"Lacquer!" Corrected Kasta on instinct. "Oops."


Kasta's screams. Kasta. All eyes were on her as she screamed, slumping to the ground, until a teacher came to take her away.


Poor girl. She thought to herself. Such a nice child, with so many problems forced upon her.


"Names of all students, blah, blah, blah. Low brass, trumpet, clarinet, percussion, clarinet, sax, flute. Ummm. You forgot cornet, Mrs Ochono."


"Fine. We tell them, they go crazy, and then we don't get picked and they're all disappointed. Is that REALLY what you want? I know these kids, Mrs. Ochono."


Normally Kasta walked home very slowly, but today the sparkle was back in her eyes and the spring back in her step, swiftly outpacing the storm boiling and churning in the sky before her.


OK so those are my favorite lines so far in the book. I hope you enjoyed them and ALL IS COPYRIGHT. Please don't take this. I've worked since last March on 4 drafts and now a final, 5th, draft. Please don't use this without my permission.