last post of may.....

This is my last (i think) post and 59th post of May. My day didn't turn out so well. The softball games I was going to go to got canceled or were at a different location then we thought and the YM picnic got canceled due to the fact that I was going to be the olny one there. But school tomorrow. Day 6 I think...... I'm hungry need to go get a snack.

Word of the day: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!! 

nearing 200

Wow! This is my 193 post!!!!! And I started my blog back in January. WOWZERS! Now it's nearing summer (only 14 days of schoold left) so my new poll is "On a summer afternoon, of these, what would your favorite place to be?" So please vote! Tomorrow Mahoney kicks off spirit week with hat day! I'll put a picture of my hat up this evening. And I will most definatly be breaking 200 in a matter of days!

Thought for the day: A bad thing about summer is that I am allergic to freshly cut grass

I got tagged by HorseFeathers!

What was the last thing you ate? Mozzarella cheese

What's the last time you checked your email? 7 minutes ago.

What's your favorite movie? I don't know- I really like Wall-E

Are you reading a book right now? Of course I am! I just started Rise of Scourge (yet again; it's my favorite manga)

What's your least favorite food? cheesy grits, and extra saltly red beans and rice

I now tag: Elrania, Super Gato and Bellacat! (I can't remember how to spell your new account name)

Beautiful day

It's really nice outside. Look's like we'll be able to have our YM picnic at Fort Williams after all! Yesterday I went to Skillin's Greenhouses and got a nice big strawberry plant with the gift certificate HorseFeathers got me for my birthday. Yum! Today I am going to church, having a picnic lunch and then probably going down to the fields and watch a softball game. Oh and thanks for the thought for the day feedback!

Thought for the day: Ahhhh Summer.

Here's the next part of the story:

    Mrs. Ochono was in a fog all rehearsal. She gave the mute to Kasta for jazz band and worked with people with their solos and on the "sticky" spots in the music as she normally did but she wasn't the funny, cheerful, and helpful band director that she normally was. All throughout the practice, she seemed distant, like she was in a kind of trance.


softball and band rule all

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep that's my day. First we're up early and at school
for a band thing in Saco. We get there, perform, and then my mom and I rush out and hop in the car, now heading for a softball game. Get there just in time to play. Good game. We lost, 5-1, but against a really good team. I played short. It's 2:30 now and I haven't had anything to eat since 7:30 this morning. Ugh. Must get food now before we go to Skillin's to get some flowers and nemotodes. 

Thought for the day: The softball field is my second home


My day and story

Good day. Just your regular Friday, except for it felt a lot like a Wednesday. Strange... I know a lot of you followers and commenters have wanted to read my story, Trumpet's Secret. So I will post a little bit on here when I can and if you miss a post you'll just have to go back first. 'K? K. Here's the first bit.....

Part 1: The Discovery

    The sky was just beginning to lighten as Mrs. Ochono crossed the bridge into South Portland, Maine.  It was October now, and the days steadily grew shorter as winter approached.  Not many cars were out at 7 o'clock in the morning, and the ones that were on the street crawled sleepily along. She pulled into the parking lot of Mahoney Middle School, where she worked as a band director. As Mrs. Ochono climbed out of her car she had the most peculiar sensation that something extraordinary would happen on this day. It was a dark time. Something extraordinary might help. There was war, pollution, an economic crisis, and global warming threatening the country. But Mrs. Ochono just shook her head and walked inside the building.
    Inside the auditorium, Kasta Shepsheir anxiously awaited the arrival of her band director. She had an important question to ask. As she glanced out the window she noticed Mrs. Ochono's large silver car drive into the lot. Finally.
    When Mrs. Ochono entered the hallway the first thing she saw was the smiling face of one of her students, Kasta Shepsheir. "Hi Mrs. Ochono!" she called out cheerfully. "Hey... do you think you could get me that Harmon mute for my All Blues solo please? It'd really help." But Mrs. Ochono seemed to be in her own private world, only stopping to say "Hello" and "I'll look" to Kasta. Something seemed wrong.

Thought for the day: Listen to the music, and tune to it, for music IS life.

Yucky day.........

Had a lot of fun last night watching the collage world series, eating a lot and then playing kick the can with most of my team. Fun times. But today? Today is blah.......... We'll probably play something like dodgeball or something like that, which I can't play in gym, and we have 2 subs. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about Italian sandwiches. First, we have a sub in band. But that is not bad at all because the sub is our old student teacher. :) LA and SS we have Mr. Baker. Grrrr.

Thought for the day: Some subs are good........most are not.


Great day

I had a great day today. Just one of those days where everything goes right, ya know? Nothing special, just your regular old 3 band Thursday, but everything is fun. We have a sub in LA, SS, AND band tomorrow. Too many subs if you ask me. Mahoney kids-What are guys doing for Sprit Week? Only thing is that I'm sad because I haven't gotten any comments for a really long time. It is annoying. My softball practice was canceled due to rain so our team is getting together and watching the college World Series. Should be fun......

Thought for the day: Sometimes rainy day are the best kind of days

Random stuff

I can't believe our concert is next Wednesday! And that there are only like 14 days left of school. Yikes. Next week is also Sprit Week at Mahoney! I love Sprit Week. It's so much fun thinking up crazy outfits. I figured the all out last night so I think what I'll do is take pictures of them on my floor and then put them on here for each respective day. Oh I forgot to tell you what the days are! Silly me. Monday is hat day, Tuesday is 70's day, Wednesday is red and white (our school colors) day, Thursday is career day (I'm being a band director!!!), and Friday is Funky Friday.

Thought for the day: Sprit Week can not come fast enough!!!


Safe and Sound

My cornet is home at last!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back from my vacation from playing the cornet. Of course, it wasn't the best days off because I had to play a trumpet. Boo hissy. But now it's back and I am very happy. New spit valve pads and valve pads. is back to normal. Or as normal as my life gets these days!

Thought for the day: Happiness is when your cornet comes back from the shop and you can play it again.

It's raining..........well not really. But it sure is going to rain today. But we'll be all inside and warm. Mmm. These are pictures I took on Memorial day when I went our riding my bike. Cool, eh? Well better go head off to school now, bye!

Thought for the day: Another day with a-a TRUMPET?


I survived =D

Yes, I did survive the first day! It was a pretty good day. We won our softball game 13-8. No really spectactular plays or anything, so I won't go into details. Yawn....... I'm tired. I know it's short but I'm ending this post here. Got to get some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....

Thought for the day: Instruments without lacquer are actually prettier than ones with. very, very sad...........

Not a cornet player today I'm afraid. Have to use a trumpet because it is in for repairs. *waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!* But it's the old cool one with no lacquer which believe it our not is a plus. But the music store is doing inventory today and so I'll have to go another day without it. Mrs. Barry says that it is very strange that I actually like playing that old trumpet. Everybody else who has tried it has asked to use a different one. Personally, I like how heavy it is and how small the mouthpiece is. But then again I am normally playing an old heavy cornet with a small mouthpiece!

Thought for the day: Will I be able to survive TWO days without my cornet???


Softball and *sniff* trumpet

Everybody have a good Memorial Day? I did. This evening I went over to the house of one of the girls on my team. We did a lot of pitching practice and then I stayed for dinner. In fact, my friend has become my latest follower! Yay! So anyway, had a lot of fun and (most of the time) was getting my pitches in the strike zone. 

Tomorrow I get to miss Health!!! Yay!!!!!!! I have a doctor's appointment, but that's great compared to Health! But one bad thing about tomorrow though. I-I have, have to-to play a-a-a a trumpet. *sniff* (SS proceeds to throw a very large hissy fit on the floor) yes. It's true. Spit valve pads and and valve pads must be replaced. Sigh........

Though for the day: Trumpets are not fun to play

Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day everybody! It's so hot out I wish I had a pool sooo bad. The parade went very well though. Can't get the street beat out of my head! Bum-bu-da-bump-bump-bada-bada-bump-bump-bump-buda-bump-bump-buda-bada-bum-CRASH! And the roll-off Bum-Bump! Crash! Bum-bump! Crash! Buda-buda-buda-buda-bump-dum! And I am totally SICK of Sounds of Sousa. It went great and I now can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. Heh heh. Have a good day!


Don't rain on my parade! (but of course, it did)

Walking out of the parking garage, Super Gato and I already know we've come to the right place. A group stands outside, all wearing red Mahoney band shirts and jeans. The fun starts there. The ferry ride is short and fun, as me and Super Gato and our band director's daughter stand on the upper deck and let the wind blow in our faces. It takes a long time to get the parade started but finally we stand on a dirt side road and wait. But the sky is dark, full of rain-heavy clouds. Uh-oh. When we start, it's drizzling. Down at the boat landing were another 7th grader and I play Taps, it's not just a sprinkle any more. But marching to the cemetery is the worst. Now it's just a straight downpour. Blah. By the time that we're done playing in the graveyard, everybody is totally happy to stop playing. And by the time we get to the cookout, the sky id clearing and the sun is shining through the last disappearing clouds. Ahhhh. What a great day.(mostly) Except for the rain.

like my new cursor?


Wow! I didn't post at all yesterday! Oh well, this will be a long one. So yesterday I spent the morning doing laundry and then I was at an awesome backyard party from 2:15-9:15. It was sooooo much fun! There were no other 7th graders but there were tons of 6th graders and I knew and am friends with them too. They had a pool which was mostly freezing until the end when we stayed in for much longer. And then, when we were cold we got to jump in the hot tub. We played a lot of volleyball and there was a grumpy lady who got steaming mad if we put one foot over her property line to grab the ball. Sheesh. But today is the Peak's Island parade! It's going to be fun, but I'm worried about my secondary spit valve (location: end of 3rd valve slide) which I found broken yesterday. Yeah. So there's no technician in until Tuesday so I just have to get through the weekend with no problems! Also the 8th graders have backed out of Taps and are leaving me and the other 7th grader who's in 8th grade band alone in that situation. Yeah.....I hope it goes well.


5 things I would REALLY like right now.....

It's so hot out. I want these five things:

1. An endless supply of popsicles

2. An ice cold ginger ale

3. A pool

4. A freezer filled with ice cream

5. For it to drop 10*

What do you want in this heat? Comment and tell me.

Thought for the Day: Summer should come on slowly. Not all at once like it's doing now.

hot again

Yes folks it's another hot day. Just came from gym class when we ran. A mile. Thank goodness I have it P-2 and not P-5. That would be killer. But it is very comfortable just sitting here in science with all the windows wide open and a nice breeze blowing in. Ahhhhh. But after everybody finishes their homework we're going outside. But then back in for a spelling test. Boo!!!!

Thought for the Day: Should you be afraid if a kid in your class is walking around with a cape that says "cheese man" and a picture of cheese on it?

What a night!

Last night was such an amazing night! Sorry to bore some of you with softball but this I gotta tell! We were playing VFW, who had beat us pretty badly last time. And by the bottom of the second it wasn't looking that great. 4-0. But I had made a great catch to fir their 3rd our and our leadoff batter hit a home run so, it kinda got us Bobcats ready to rally. We didn't get any more in the second but on in the 3rd, 4th and 5th. When we up in the 6th, it was 4-6, VFW. When the tying run scored, a small explosion rocked the dugout. But there were 2 outs and the next batter popped out. Extra innings. We did well in the field, I played 3rd, and we only let in 1 run. 7-6. Our turn at bat. First batter gets on base, second batter gets on too. Next to batters get out with no advancement from the runners. One runner hit home. 7-7 with a runner on 3rd. The screaming and cheering gets louder and louder. The count at the plate tightens. A pass ball is thrown and the runner on 3rd goes. SAFE! Yells the ump. Yes! Bobcats have won!!!! 7-8 in 7 innings. The screaming, cheering, hugging and clapping is unbelieveable. It feels like we've won the championship already! After we all go to Red's Ice Cream and sit on the curb by the street. There certainly is no "I" in our team! We all did well and all made mistakes. And that's what softball's all about.

Thought for the Day: If you forget to bring home your instrument today, you'll be sorry!


sooooooo hot

Wow! 90* out! Riding home, uphill in this heat is not on the top of my pleasure list. It wasn't that great. Had a great day! And now I sit at the computer sucking on a delicious raspberry popsicle. Yum! So softball tonight, gonna be uncomfortable in those long pants and I feel really bad for our catchers! Great jazz this morning too. Well I'm going to wrap this up and go read but I'll end with saying drink lots of water in this heat! Oh and one more thing. I haven't gotten any comments on the last 4 or 5 posts which is not up to your usual standards, followers!

Thought for the Day: Vie, Liberte, Bonheur.... (for you non-French speakers that's Life, Liberty and Happiness......)

Complete Crazyness!

OK so first of all we were supposed to have practice tonight. Then our other coach says "we should watch the Dodgers vs. Amotos game because it will probably be really close." So then we were going to do that. But then the game got canceled. And so did the VFW vs. Braves game because of the 5th grade Boston trip. So VFW manager calls Bobcats manager (my dad) at 10 o'clock last night and says "Because we can't play you next Wednesday because of the 5/6 concert, and the Braves can't play tomorrow (which is now today), sooooooo how 'bout the Bobcats play us today!" So that's what I'm doing. Practice turns into watching a game then into a practice agin and then playing a game. CRAZY!!!!!!

Though for the Day: Never trust the first softball schedule that was sent out at the beginning of the season.



Just got back from my brother, XanFan's, game. They won 6-8. Yeah! Go Bears! I have spring jazz tomorrow. I just love spring jazz. We still need a name though. Last year we were The Enormous, ummmm word I can't spell, Ubiquitous Mahoney Jazz Band. Or as our teacher called us: HONK.  We have 3 great songs.

Thought for the Day: The best part of Tuesday's and Thursday's is when it's 7 o'clock in the morning and you are the only one in the halls and the auditorium. Especially when it's winter and it's really dark outside and inside you haven't turned the lights on yet. And if it's snowing, then it is such the best because you stand at the window and watch it fall until the next person comes and maybe shares it with you. But all is ruined when you turn on the lights.............

great marching practice!!!!

Wow! Our marching practice was awesome!!!!!! It got a little tiring near the end 'cause it was 2 hours long but we did really well. My rank was actually staying in and making turns well most of the time, which was a great step upward from Monday! It was just great. And warm out too! Sooooooooo how is everybody liking my thoughts for the day? Interesting? Funny and cool? Way to random? Absolutely irrelevant and horrible? These are the choices for my new poll so vote! (you can pick 2) And before I forget here is the last polls results: Pencil-2 Purple pen-5 Everything else got zero. Yay! I love writing in purple pen! 

Thought for the day: French class rocks! 


Totally crushed

well we lost our game 14-0. I know. Horrible right? But the other team has an over dominent pitcher, so it's really hard to get a hit. But I got the only hit for our team!!!!! (I bunted) So I got the game ball. I made it to 3rd but unfortunatly there never came a time to steal home. Sad. Well a good but busy day! The best kind.

Thought for today: On the subject of fast pitchers, if you are a fast runner, bunt, because it will be hard to get a hit if you swing away.


lots of pictures

Just took lot's and lot's of cool pictures so I'll put a lot of them here. Hope you like them!

My tadpoles! Aren't they adorable? They've gotten really big over the past few days!

Stray stuff we've picked up at various beaches. I'm such a pack rat!

Blueberrys have started to form on our bushes!

One of the things we gave my mom for Mother's day was a lilac tree. Here are some of the flowers.

We have sooooooooo much clover in our yard!

Love this quote!

My friend and I decided to do a bit of doodling on the driveway yesterday.......

My summer camp! Totally awesome!!!!!!

So those are my pictures and starting with this one, I'm going to end my post with a thought, comment, or quote about something in my day:

Today's thought: Marching band practice, is a whole lot more fun when it's warm outside. 


I got tagged by Halestone!

16 things you would never guess:
1. At first I wanted to play flute
2. I almost didn't do jazz band last year
3. I feel bad about killing moquitoes, so I just pull their wings off
4. I'll swim in any water, not matter how cold
5. I've only ever had one pet that wasn't a fish
6. I used to love the color pink
7. I used to hate the color green
8. One thing that makes me really happy is pointy colored pencils
9. My room is painted with clouds
10. I love steak
11. After not deciding flute I almost went with French Horn
12. I almost didn't even consider playing the cornet
13. My cornet didn't get a real bath until a year ago
14. I get sick a lot
15. I'm a field hockey goalie
16. I've only been on blogger for a year

How old are you? 13
Is this your first tag? Yes! I'm so happy!
Have you ever moved? Yes
What is your favorite animal? cat!
What is your favorite movie? Hmmmmmmm Wall-e
What is your favorite book? ohhhhh hard, Warriors!
Are you an elf? no just human and cat
Who do you like better, Eowyn or Arwen? Arwen
How long have you been riding? I don't
What are your favorite Lord of the Rings characters? Gandalf!
Do you get a lot of homework? Sadly no
Do you think tagging is awesome? some of the time. Oh yeah!
How many times a week do you ride a horse? never
Do you like blogging? NO DUH!
Do people think you're strange? all the time!
Do you like getting comments on your blog? obviously
Do you like getting new followers on your blog? of course!
Do you get bored easily? Yep, and proud of it!
Do you have an awesome blog? Well, I certainly think so!
How many followers do you have? 20 (public)
What was the scariest moment with a horse you've ever had? Never riden!
Who do you like better, Sauron or Sarumon? Who are they?
Do you like school? I love school but only 2 subjects are actually teaching me something new!
Are you a good actress? I think I am
Do you like music? Are you kidding? Music is my LIFE.
Favorite instrument? Uh, CORNET!
Do you like taking personality quizzes? Yeah
Do you like long or short posts? uh I like both.
Are you easily entertained? It depends
Are you going to tag someone else? Yes indeed!

I tag-




and Gostumpie~Moonfrost!

My awesome day!

I have had a great day today!



Softball practice,

Announcing a softball game,

Just a great day!



Blah...........all foggy Fog is the cloud that hovers.......waiting for the moment to strike, and then never does. What is hidden in the fog? 

The fog comes creeping, 
Bringing in dark.
As we are sleeping,
It silences, the bark,
Of the dog.

It hovers,
Mysterious and free,
Until it begins to flee,
Scuttling away,

What do you think? I just came up with that this instant. It's not completely rhyming but, I kinda like the rhythm. What are your thoughts about fog?

Brrrrr! and flowers

Brrrr! It's cold out! I can't believe it but I was actually wearing socks, a sweatshirt and pants! Not what you are supposed to wear in the middle of May. these pictures are some that my mom took in our garden. Aren't they pretty? Tell me what you think. I'm bored now. Not ,much to do. Probably I'll just play some cornet, read, and maybe learn a few more notes on the trombone. 


Second Play

Well our second play was a HUGE success! Much better then the first. No really awkward pauses and no humungo skips in the script. I also did all the lights and that was really fun. And the girl who plays the fairy was there so no hard part changes! It just went really well. Argh. I'm TIRED!

First play

Tons of mistakes in the firat play. There are so many I really don't feel like saying all of them. I did fine though. Along with my part I also get to do the lights, which is really fun! Anyway, I'm going to play my cornet now, and I sure hope tonight goes better!


Ohhhhh the play is today. Up until yesterday I was just the peasant, Sally. But probably not any more. The girl who was supposed to be the fairy is sick and so another girl is filling in and I have to take her part as well! So this morning I was frantically learning lines but I've got them down now. I hope it goes well. Oh and we also just had a math test. Absolutely the best way to start your morning. NOT! Well I'll write about the afternoon performance when I get home.



We are sooooooo not ready for tomorrow. The beginning is good but half the lines at the end have to be prompted. Grrrrrrrr. Our teacher was like "I don't know you guys. It's YOUR play. Better get those lines done 'cause I'm just gonna sit in the very back and watch." Hmph. Oh and I got a 100 on my project. Yay!!!


I feel dead...

I feel dead......... rode my bike to school and had a full day of school with lots of hard word and all that good stuff. Then 2 1/2 hours of drama rode bike home, was at my house for 7 minutes and then was on the road to softball, which I just got back from. Oh and progress reports came out today. (Progress reports come out at the middle of each quarter so you can see how you are doing so far. Report cards come out at the end of each quarter.) Got all A's and A+'s and good comments from my teachers so that is good. OK time for supper now!


OK so I have some awards I want to give some people! First the Adorable blog award!

I give this award to:

Silverstar (for Randomness) HorseFeathers and Warriors of SunClan

The horse crazy award goes to

Silverstar, Elrania and HorseFeathers


The Band Lover's Award goes to....

Bellacat, HorseFeathers and Super Gato!!!


a great day

Had a great day today. Good test scores, good marching practice, good drama. ALL GOOD!!!!! And also a great jazz practice this morning. :) I am very happy. Can you tell? BUT, I'm also not extremly pleased that people arn't commenting, especially about what I asked you to comment about! Please tell me what you think about band! Anything! Also vote on my poll. Another cool thing was that this really cute light brown tabby cat followed me home on my bike.........

stuff I'm doing today

So just you basic Tuesday at school. Except for the fact that we have marching practice this afternoon. Yay! I hope it goes as well as the first one did. And then drama! We actually are practicing with full set, props and costume! I really like my costume. I have a white shirt and pullover sweater and a long green skirt white white palka dots and a yellow and white apron. And then for the ball scene I have a long floaty wavey periwinkle blue dress. Well gotta go get ready for jazz band. Don't forget to tell me about you and band!!!!!!!!!!!


school and comments

Had a science quiz today on the heart. Really easy and TONS of extra credit. No homework in any class either which is always a plus! Project presentation went really well and then we spent the whole 8th grade band doing Appalachian Morning. Yeah. It's that hard. Well I've got my part down but, the sax's? Uh-uh. Clarinets? Nope. Flutes? Mostly. Trumpet/Cornet? The only group that wasn't criticized. And remember in your comment to tell me what you think about band!


Thanks HorseFeathers!

[band+award.jpg]  Wow! Thanks HorseFeathers! Oh you stinkin computer stop underlining everything! Anyway, who should I award this to? Hmmmmmm. I'll think on it. But don't worry, I'll award it to a couple people. How 'bout this. In your comment, tell me how much you like band! On Wenesday I'll award it to the 2 or 3 people who I think have shown that they like it a lot in their comment. So if you like band even a little bit, comment.

new background

sooo how does everybody like my new background? i love it! it's called simply celery. isn't it awesome? ther was a cute one with treble clefs and score set up but i didn't really like it all that much and it didn't fit that well with my template. thanks elrania for telling me how to get it at church this morning. (don't worry, we weren't catting during worship, just after it was over =D) Anyway my brother is watching Redwall: The Movie for the umpteenth time and our softball practice was canceled due to the rain. Now my mom and I are going to afix stuff to my poster that's due tomorrow and then we're going out to eat tonight. So that's all for now! Tell me in your comment what you think of my new background!

Mother's day!

It's Mother's Day! 

If you're a kid or anyone else do something special for your mom!

If you are a mom,  well, then a very happy Mother's Day to you!


warriors award!

Warrior Cat Lover Award

This is an award for big fans of warriors that I found! I know I am a big warriors fan and that there are some more that I'd like to give this award to. Now what you do with the award if I post your name below you can copy/paste it into the sidebar of your blog, or you don't have to do anything! You'll just know that you have been recognized as a true warriors fan! I give the Warrior Cat Lover Award to:





I'll post new news again soon. Not much happened today, just went to the Braves/Cubs game (Braves won) and did some errands and went to my brothers base ball game which I just got back from. And remember, tomorrow is Mother's Day!


Softball game!

We had a great game tonight! A win. We are 75% wins and 25% losses. That's good! I got some good hits and a walk. Couple of RBI's and plays in the field. I also scored twice. We had a lot of fun and I scored twice. I got to play shortstop the whole game!!!!!!! Cubs and Braves have a game tomorrow that I'll be going to. I hope I'll be able to announce. That would be fun. Only one thing bad though. My cleets must have been too tight 'cause I now have a horrible huge blister. Grr.

Poll resuts!!!

Well here they are! 
in 3rd- with 1 vote Snow day! and So windy you can't stand up straight!
in 2nd- with2 votes Drizziling and overcast!
And in first- with 4 votes Mostly Sunny and 80* and 2+ cell severe thunderstorm!!!

Please vote on my new poll!



Rain! I now formally declare you to stop! Like now. Do not pour on our marching band practice and softball game again. NO MORE RAIN. Do you hear me? NONE.


Project and a book

My project is coming along well. I basically have everything and so now I just need to put it together. Also (and this will make you very happy Elrania)

I have started The Hobbit. Is it surprising? Anyway I am on the middle of the first chapter (I just started it) and I am liking it so far!

Rain Rain Rain

Boo hoo. Raining. AGAIN. So no riding bike no fun wiffle ball. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. To do. Except blog about how horrible it is. Isn't that cheerful? Not in my perspective! We do have a half day too which is even worse because if we were in school all day then we would at least be DOING something. Even if it is work. But on half days we don't even get band!!!! How disgusting. I was supposed to have 8th grade band. But NOOOOOOOO, we have to go a half day (with no band) and then can't really hang out in the park after school 'cause it's raining. I'll probably just work on my inventor project, Sigh........................



#1: Why does it have to rain and cancel our marching band practice? BOOOOOO! Oh so not cool.

#2. WHY do we have to have Health right before lunch???????!!!!!??????? Grrrrr. Not fun.


Bobcats vs. Cubs

Just got back from our softball game. We won! I got 2 singles and a double and 4 plays. Our pitcher was doing really well. Ducks seem to like our yard. There are always some about. Eating. Our yard. Not cool. Oh and I played short, 2nd and left. I think I'll go work on my inventor project now!!! =D

Answer, Softball and Cornet

OK the answer to the question is:
Easy- Boston Red Sox & Chicago White Sox
Hard- Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim 
Tricky isn't it?

Softball game tonight! Playing the Cubs. Post more 'bout that later.

These are some of the pics that I took of my cornet for my inventor project. Cool huh?

A Tricky Question

Here is a hard question for you to try and answer. I could not get this when I first heard it.

Q. What 3 MLB (Major League Baseball) teams FULL names, do not end in 's'?

Hint 1: All 3 are American League teams.

Hint 2: 2 are easy 1 is hard.


What I'm doing today

Well back to school! We start NWEA's this week. Blah.... but the good thing is that teachers aren't supposed to give us any homework sooooo the only things we have to do is work on our inventor projects (I've typed up all my info, and took 83 pictures of my cornet last night, some didn't come out and I'm obviously not using ALL of them) And then we have our 2nd softball game tonight against the Cubs. I'll post again after school!


A funny game

Just got back from a really funny game. My brother's baseball team was having a parents and other assorted relations vs. Bears (his team). I played and it was really fun! We acutally ended up winning. Ha! Oh and Elrania if you're not doing a comment contest, may I please do one?

My Favorites

Color: light, bright green
Food: Apple pie, chili, or tamale pie
School subject: BAND!
One of my favorite songs: 1812 Overture
Number: 28
Sports: Skiing, Field Hockey, Softball
Animal: Cat
Tree: Weeping willow
Instrument: CORNET!
Flower: tiger lily

Now in your comment tell me what YOUR favorites (the same Q's) are! Gotta go to church now....bye!


Bobcats 13, Braves 2: FINAL

Bobcats win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy. I got a double and a single and a strikeout and a walk. I scored twine. One of the times I stole home! It was very fun. Then I stayed and watched the other game which the Dodgers won. Great job all Bobcats and Braves!!!!!! And the pics are of all my Bobcats jersys.

Opening Day!!!!!!!!

First game of softball today. Plus opening ceremonies and pictures. Phew! Hopefully we'll get our cheering madhouse on and get lots of hits. (that's always a plus!) I'm playing 2nd and shortstop yay!!!!!! My regular positions. Well, go Bobcats! Bobcats vs. Braves next on ESPN!



I must be really tired. And allergic to something. My eyes are all itchy, blah. Had a good day at school. 8th grade band went pretty well; had a lot of fun. We are working on this REALLY hard song, Appalachian Morning. It's the original form of Opus 127 by someone and Spottedstar is having trouble remembering who. Anyway, first off it's really slow. Really. Like 60 (quarter note gets one beat) which is wicked SSSSSSSSSSS--------LLLLLLLLLLL---------OOOOOOOO---------WWWWWWW. And the counting is really hard because of that and there are all these wacky entrances, rests and note combos plus a bunch of octave and 3/4 jumps between 2 notes, (2!) which is really hard on your embouchure. Well gotta go. Bye!


My tadpoles hatched this morning!!!!!!!!! Yay! They are so small. They are living out on my porch in my old fish tank. I'll put a picture on after school. I also have to take lots of pictures of my cornet for my inventor project.


PS comment contest cancelled