Beautiful day

It's really nice outside. Look's like we'll be able to have our YM picnic at Fort Williams after all! Yesterday I went to Skillin's Greenhouses and got a nice big strawberry plant with the gift certificate HorseFeathers got me for my birthday. Yum! Today I am going to church, having a picnic lunch and then probably going down to the fields and watch a softball game. Oh and thanks for the thought for the day feedback!

Thought for the day: Ahhhh Summer.

Here's the next part of the story:

    Mrs. Ochono was in a fog all rehearsal. She gave the mute to Kasta for jazz band and worked with people with their solos and on the "sticky" spots in the music as she normally did but she wasn't the funny, cheerful, and helpful band director that she normally was. All throughout the practice, she seemed distant, like she was in a kind of trance.

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