new background

sooo how does everybody like my new background? i love it! it's called simply celery. isn't it awesome? ther was a cute one with treble clefs and score set up but i didn't really like it all that much and it didn't fit that well with my template. thanks elrania for telling me how to get it at church this morning. (don't worry, we weren't catting during worship, just after it was over =D) Anyway my brother is watching Redwall: The Movie for the umpteenth time and our softball practice was canceled due to the rain. Now my mom and I are going to afix stuff to my poster that's due tomorrow and then we're going out to eat tonight. So that's all for now! Tell me in your comment what you think of my new background!


Elrania Peredhil said...

ummmmm, it's ok

halestone said...

i love it! but i think that the music one would be more YOU. did you make it, or where did you get it?

HorseFeathers said...

Very cute! I think you should get the music one though (Elrania told me)

Spottedstar said...

it really didn't have music notes and was waaaaaaaaay formal and it was just a blank score. like, no actual notes! it on had the treble clefs and note lines but nothing else. it was yucky. i like this one better.