Writing, Writing, Writing!

Yes! Writing. Re-writing. Editing. The 5th, and final copy, of Trumpet's Secret. The original copy was finished over April break of last year. It was 34 normal book-sized pages. Final copy: 34 pages, less than a 3rd done. I think. Certainly no more. It's not intended to be 500 pages. Rather, a nice roughly 150-200 page book that I'll be really happy about. Wanna know some more?

Kasta Shepsheir has always knew she would do something great.

She's lived her whole life in a small Maine city with her family, her cornet, and her passion for music. But the beginning of 7th grade turns her life upside down, and a mysterious trumpet is only the tip of the iceberg. With a year filled with tragedy, love, friendship and power, Kasta's life will never be the same again.

That's just the little blurb.  Here are the 9 main characters.

Mrs. Rose Ochono:  The band director at Kasta's school. Kasta's favorite teacher and finder of the mysterious trumpet.

Kasta Shepsheir: Main character. Young girl with a huge dream. Music is her whole life, plays cornet until she stumbles upon a great discovery.

Other Main Characters: {the above are the most main, the 7 below are Kasta's friends that play a large part in the story}

Kristy Nobberham

Alex(andra) Greene

Jasmine Bybank

Sara Kallaca

Carl, Jason, and Conner

Hope this might have gotten you interested! If ypu want to read some lines just tell me and I'll find some good ones.


Sharon Creech and a Tag

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! So, If you saw my daybook entry yesterday, you would have seen that I was reading The Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech, the author of Walk Two Moons, Love That Dog, and many more. I LOVE all of her books, and her newest Angel book was also very good. But here's the cool part. She commented on my blog! SHARON CREECH commented on TREBLE CLEF. I just think that's pretty darn cool.

And now, Olive Tree tagged me! This is an awesome tag too.'

The Eight Question MeMe

1. Six names that you go by.

1. The Cornet Crazie

2. Spottedstar/path

3. Sal (*die you people! die!*)

5. Sally *gasp!* I said it too!

6. Psycho Sally {My band director's special name for me. I'm am soooo touched. *not really* }

2. Three things that you are wearing right now.

1. Jeans

2. Black cami

3. Red dressy sweater

3. Three things that you want very badly right now.

{This is excluding world peace, fyi}

1. I would like to be done editing Trumpet's Secret and send it in

2. I would like people to stop trying to break into my trumpet case

3. A cat. Like NOW.

4. Three things that you did last night/yesterday.

1. Went shopping

2. Ate some yummy pizza! {Greek olives and green pepper, my favorite!}
3.  Sneezed multiple times

5. Two things that you ate today.

1. Nothing yet
2. Nothing yet

6. Two people that you last talked to on the phone.

1. Olive Tree

2. Some random telemarketer

7. Two things that you are going to do today/tomorrow.

1.  Marching band banquet

2. Go to school...... My school people: What day is it tomorrow?

8. Your three favorite beverages.

1. Root beer

2.Hot cider

3. Seltzer

Now tag 8 people:
{If you haven't already done it}
4. Cassie
5. Anna 13
6. Queen of Bass Clef
7. Super Gato =D
8. Elránia


daybook entry for this week

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date... 11/28
Starting time... 3:47 PM
Outside my window... It's the last day of deer hunting season and the shots are ringing!
I'm thinking... about going back to school on Monday
I'm reading... The Unfinished Angel
I'm listening to... Christmas carols
I'm wearing... skinny jeans and an Areopostale shirt
Yesterday, I... drove up here
I'm excited for...sleeping.....
I'm sad because... Rita was put down :'(
I'm hungry!
The song stuck inside my head is...Silent Night
I want...sleep
I love... food
I loathe...really long days
This week, my goal is... to learn those crazy hard jazz piano parts
Did I meet last week's goal?... Sadly, No
Ending time... 3:51 PM


my poor poor head......

Yeah. I'm here. And so are my 2 little cousins who's favorite thing to do is to attack XanFan and I. That's why I say "My poor, poor, head." Because it's painful.

Other news is that I've created a new e-mail specifically for blogger! So you can contact me, Cornet Crazie, at


Well first of all, I'm headed up to some family up north a ways today, but I'll have my laptop, so comment, e-mail, whatever. I'll answer

But here's the wow. Some of you may have heard it already, but if you haven't, surf through my playlist until you come to 'O Holy Night'. Now you may be thinking, "Yeah, I've heard that song before, who hasn't?" But listen.And I'll tell you this. That is a NORMAL Bb trumpet. And the highest note he plays is AN OCTAVE ABOVE THE 'C' ABOVE THE STAFF. 


Pics from a bountiful feast

Ready for a lot of pictures? Cause I to A TON. Everybody is gone, the dishes are clean, time for a post!

 Here's our table: without the food.

A place tag example

My place at the table

Now for the food!

The cranberry-orange relish

Some yummy nuts!


Candied yams with marshmallows. Needless to say, I didn't have any.

Pumpkin pie

Mince pie

Pecan-Cranberry pie

My favorite: Apple pie!

Warm rolls...


Peas! Gravy! Cranberry Sorbet! Cider! 'Taters!

And to top it all off...

Cousin Sammy bangs on a drum. And....

Now THAT is just priceless!

Hope you enjoyed that! Off to bed for me now. I'm SOOOOO tired!

At this time of year, we take the time to be thankful.......

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a very thankful post for this special day! Please comment saying what YOU are thankful for.

I'm thankful for:

My Family. We're an odd bunch at times, but we have fun!

My friends in real life. Olive Tree, Super Gato, Bella, Elránia, Hannah, and many others who aren't on blogger. You're always there for me, through thick and thin. Thanks you guys :)

My trumpet. Gosh, this one REALLY needs to be explained.

The amazing band program at my town and the even more amazing band director at my school. I've come a long way in a little over 3 years, and this helps a lot!

Blogger. Good place to share thoughts, ideas and meet some really neat people!

Good books. Ahhhh, the ultimate stress reliever.

The state. They got us our laptops!

Life. "If today was your last day, If tomorrow was too late...."

OK, I think that's it for now. It's kinda stressful around here right now. 14 people around our table!


A Holiday Playlist: Just for you!

Yep! I found TONS of Christmas songs on Gives a little change of pace from the normal playlist and gets us ready for the holidays! {Christmas is in 1 month you know!}

And now for something for our friend Olive Tree, who as we all know has had a VERY rough day.....

Playlist on Hold

As you may notice when you come on to my blog at this moment in time, that there is NO PLAYLIST playing. Well, this is because I had a neat idea. As of today it is *1 month* until Christmas and I am constructing a Holiday Playlist for your enjoyment! It should be up soon, so stay tuned!

Wow, Wow, Wow! (all I can say is Wow!)

Yes. Wow is the only word that I can say right now. Well, I guess I could actually say a few others. And they are THANK YOU OLIVE TREE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm over at her house right now and we designed (well she did everything, I just picked the stuff I wanted) this awesome makeover! It's perfect for winter. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Il y a une robe

Here are some pretty pretty pics of my pretty pretty dress! (yes the title's in French. En Français!)


I'm on vacation! WA-HOO!!!! Yeah. We only had a half day today and after me and Bella and Super Gato and Hannah went out and about. We first went and got bagels at Mister Bagel. And then we went to Goodwill where I got this AWESOME new dress and Bella got some cool 70's style stuff. Finally we went to the pet store and petted all the kitties and then walked home together. So yeah, it was a good start to vacation.


Introducing: Holiday Headers!!!!!!

Yep! As you can see I have the Olive Tree Thanksgiving header up now, but I am making my own headers for the other holidays. Here are the 2 I've down so far: (I'm sitting in the church wondering when XanFan is gonna be done with Cub Scouts, so I've got some free time :) )

A quite fun tag from Olive Tree!

Do you like to write? LOL. Uh....YEAH!

Favorite books? Do really want to know what will happen if you make me answer that question?

Do you compose music/write songs? K. First look at the title of this blog.......and nod your head. Good!

Do you like poetry? Yep! I *LOVE* reading Robert Frost, and Longfellow

Broken a bone? Unfortunately, yes. My poor little pinky toe....

Been in a police car? Yep! Last night in fact! Guess I was playing my trumpet too loud. (JK)

Been on a boat? Yep! We own a small sailboat!

Fallen asleep in school? Almost!

Did you sing today? Yeah, In the shower.

KFC, Popeyes or Church's? YUCK YUCK YUCK! NONE. And that's my final answer.

Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger? Huh?

Starbucks or McCafe? Starbucks. McCafe :P

What's your favorite time of year? Fall and early winter. "It's the most wonderful time, of the year!"

Do you ever talk to yourself? I yell at myself when I seriously mess up my playing

Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion? One of those huge plastic cups filled with soft Raspberry sherbet with gummy bears all mixed in with whipped cream on the top. Sooooo good!

Do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is infallible? Yep! Been going to church since I was, uh, hang on, 5 days old!

What's your favorite sport? Downhill skiing!!!!

What color is your iPod? Nonexistent

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? OOOOH!!!!!..................................IDK

If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go? Again, don't make me answer

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? I LOVE it!

What do you want to be when you grow up? I think that this one's obvious. I think i mentioned it a thousand times. A BAND DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite animal? Cat

Favorite song? Fireflies by Owl City, Requiem for a Dream, Eclipse

Do you like school? Well, some parts more than others. Like band. And French most of the time. But not, say, SOCIAL STUDIES.

Are you a people person? Yeah. I'm an extrovert.

Do you like to talk? Yeah.......*sheepish smile*

Favorite food? Ooooooh, this one's too hard to answer

Hobbies? Eh. It's an obsession. BAND!!!!!

Favorite author? I love a ton!

Favorite weapon? A sword! HAHAHAHAHA!

Is this a fun tag, or are you getting bored? It's cool but I need to hurry up and get 2 school soon.

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High school Musical? YUCK YUCK YUCK NO!

What are you scared of? People hurting my precious new trumpet *looks around warily*

Favorite flowers? little pretty ones...

What is the expression on your face? A hurry up and get done so I can finish getting ready for school one.

Color of your eyes? They change. Most of the time, a bright green.

Who are you going to tag and why?

Silverstar {She's one of my favorite bloggers that I don't know in real life!}

Hannah {She's a brand new, but hilariously funny one!}

Queen of Bass Clef {Another new blogger. Giving her her very first tag!}

Anna 13 {Same as above}

Super Gato =D {Another really funny person who will make me smile with her answers}


Avatar for Dreamstar

Here's your avatar Dreamstar! I hope you like it!

Pic of my haircut!!!!!

Here's a pic of me and my new haircut! {I've blacked out the eyes for obvious reasons} I love how it waves with all the layers!!!!

Dreamstar: I'll work on your avatar now!!!

Newspaper, Church and Contest Winner!

Well so you know how I said I played my new trumpet at the church fair yesterday? Yeah. So today in the Sunday paper there was an article about church fairs. And whatdayaknow? I was mentioned! It said "Instead of programmed music, designed to encourage a yuletide spending spree, First Congregational [Church] offered a trumpeter serving up 'The Christmas Song' " Yeah so that was pretty cool, even though I played a lot more songs then just that.

Church was good today, and handbells went well. {Good job Elránia!} And I liked the sermon. After, my mom and I grabbed a bite of lunch at Mister Bagel and then did some shopping. We got some fabrics for the quilt I'm making in Home Ec. and I also got a really cute new haircut. :)

And now the contest:

Thanks everybody who entered! I really think it was fun. Maybe it should become a 3rd Saturday/Sunday of the month event, do you think?

Olive Tree, Silverstar, Dreamstar, Bella, Emma and Breanne all entered and I had a grand ole time reading some of the comments you left. So now. The moment of truth. The winner of the first ever Treble Clef comment contest is......................

Dreamstar!!! With Comment #2!!!!

I put the numbers 1-12 in a bowl and had my dad draw. #2was drawn, and that was Dreamstar!!!!

Dreamstar, You receive a custom avatar, OR a custom award or an award that you've always wanted. Plus as an added bonus, your name will be added to the Comment contest winners board! WA-HOO!!!!!!!

Thanks everybody and be sure to check back every month for comment contests!


How bout a contest?

Everybody loves contests right? Here's a quick easy one to do! The winner will receive a custom avatar OR award and all you have to do is comment on this post! ALL comments on this post WILL be entered so please don't comment more than 3 times. I will put the numbers 1-# of comments in a hat and draw out a number. Then I go back to the comments and say the number I drew was 6. Whoever got comment #6 wins!!! I'm going to turn off comment moderation for this so please only comment on this post and this post only until the contest ends tomorrow at 2!!!!!


Church Fair and Daybook

So where I was all morning was our church fair, which we call the Holly Daze Bazaar. So for the first couple of hours I walked around in a cow costume telling people to donate to Heifer International. But then the cow costume got WAAAAAAY to hot and I was ready to get out of it and stop mooing. But then I somehow got pulled into singing Christmas carols while someone played the piano and violin which was really fun. But after I'd done that for a bit a called my dad and he brought me my trumpet so I to play lot's of Christmas carols for about 2 hours. But then I'd pretty much had it and I was really tired of doing all that standing so I came home. (It was a fun morning) Here's This week's daybook entry:

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date... 11/21
Starting time... 1:24 PM
Mood... happy
Outside my window... It's strangely mild and the sky id=s blue
I'm thinking... about the new blog makeover Olive Tree is making me
I'm reading... My blog LOL I finished my book yesterday and I haven't had time to start another
I'm listening to... My playlist. Sing, Sing, Sing
I'm wearing... jeans and a Nike tee
Yesterday, I... redid my room!
I'm excited for... vacation!
I'm sad because... of nothing!
I'm hungry for...some fudge..
The song stuck inside my head is...Requiem for a Dream
I want... nothing right now.....
I love... Christmas carols
I loathe... tests
This week, my goal is... to learn those crazy hard jazz piano parts
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yep!
Ending time... 1:29 PM

the redecoration of the room

I had a good night last night. First I decided that I wanted to redecorate/redo my room and it's layout. So first I moved all the furniture I wanted to move, and then stripped the walls of everything I didn't want but was too lazy to take down. So my room looks really good right now (I moved all my instruments up there too!) except for all the giant blank spaces on the walls that need filling up. Yeah. Anyone know of any good musical posters? And then to top it all off, Super Gato came over! We had a lot of fun planning our talent show script (where we make fun of some of our favorite teachers. It's a tradition since last year. Go back to February to hear all about THAT one) and dance routine and then playing our trumpets for a while. Yeah. It was fun! I'll do my daybook later after I spend my day running around in a cow costume. (please don't ask)


Profile pic, Jazz, and a hidden secret

I'd just like to draw attention to my new profile picture. Over there


Isn't it cool? I really like it cause I play in both clefs and love music. It's PERFECT!

Today we had our first meeting of the 8th grade Jazz ensemble. It's basically the top 8th grade jazz musicians. I'm playing mostly trumpet but a little bass too. And it's all kids, our band director said we could run it by ourselves!

Also, you know a really good way to REALLY freak me out? Hide my trumpet. And that's EXACTLY what 2 partners in crime *cough cough* Bella *cough cough* My band director. I've had to keep my trumpet in 201 (the band room) for the past couple of days cause my locker got jammed together with another one. (don't ask) Anyway Bella and my band director thought it would be funny to hide my case under her desk before band. Boy did that set me off! I was freaking out really bad but in the back of my mind I knew it wasn't lost cause my band director was really just 'yeah go look up in my room again' not 'OMG!!!!!'. So anyway, that was everything of importance today.........

A couple of blogs you may want to check out

First off, I'm back to the Cornet Crazie. Suits me better. And didn't I find the CUTEST profile picture?? Anyway......Yesterday and Tuesday a couple friends told me they had just made some blogs, etc, and wanted me to fix them up. So they're done now and look pretty neat. One of them has the Willa design and one has this background but I made a new header. Here they are:

Musical Madness by Anna 13

Low Brass: Live the Life of Bass Clef by Queen of Low Brass

Check them out if you want!

Other REALLY big news is that Treble Clef is going to get a makeover!!!!! Olive Tree promises it will be ready if not this weekend, by the end of vacation. I'm really excited to see the winter look!!!

Wow. Um. I guess I'd better hurry up and get ready for jazz band. This long post has put my a little behind schedule!


Advertisment Page

Welcome to the Treble Clef Advertising Page!!! As you probably know, I really don't hold with advertisment of your blog on my normal posts, but here's the place I WANT you to go all out saying why we should visit your blog. Here I'll start:

Well, all I can say for Treble Clef is 'Come Back Soon!!!'

I would love it though if you checked out my other blog, Anecdote. You can click the button on the sidebar.

So that's that! Comment here to advertise your blog!


hmmmmmm i wish it would snow

No I am not crazy. I LOVE snow! (Until it's March and it's all soggy and wet and disgusting) Why do I love snow? Cause I'm a skier!!!! Skiing is definitely my favorite sport. It's seriously like flying over snow with this wind in your face, it's just awesome. Oh. I guess I should clear this up. I ski DOWNHILL. Not cross-country. Not as thrilling in my opinion. So, for all you skiers out there I have some awards! There is one for downhill and one for cross-country.


CLEARED! (and award)

Here's just a quick post to say: I'm cleared! Yep. I went to the doctor this morning and she said I could go back to school and stuff so I was really happy and went straight into school after. I only got 2 1/2 periods in, but it's a start!

Also Olive Tree is right. There just aren't enough awards these days! So, because there are SO many warriors RPG blogs, and some of them are really great I have created the Warriors 'WOW' Rating Award, for the best Warriors blogs.

I'm giving this to Silverstar of StormClan and Dreamstar of LakeClan, because I think you guys have the best warriors blogs. Pass it on, and I'll have more awards soon!