Writing, Writing, Writing!

Yes! Writing. Re-writing. Editing. The 5th, and final copy, of Trumpet's Secret. The original copy was finished over April break of last year. It was 34 normal book-sized pages. Final copy: 34 pages, less than a 3rd done. I think. Certainly no more. It's not intended to be 500 pages. Rather, a nice roughly 150-200 page book that I'll be really happy about. Wanna know some more?

Kasta Shepsheir has always knew she would do something great.

She's lived her whole life in a small Maine city with her family, her cornet, and her passion for music. But the beginning of 7th grade turns her life upside down, and a mysterious trumpet is only the tip of the iceberg. With a year filled with tragedy, love, friendship and power, Kasta's life will never be the same again.

That's just the little blurb.  Here are the 9 main characters.

Mrs. Rose Ochono:  The band director at Kasta's school. Kasta's favorite teacher and finder of the mysterious trumpet.

Kasta Shepsheir: Main character. Young girl with a huge dream. Music is her whole life, plays cornet until she stumbles upon a great discovery.

Other Main Characters: {the above are the most main, the 7 below are Kasta's friends that play a large part in the story}

Kristy Nobberham

Alex(andra) Greene

Jasmine Bybank

Sara Kallaca

Carl, Jason, and Conner

Hope this might have gotten you interested! If ypu want to read some lines just tell me and I'll find some good ones.


Queen of the Bass Clef said...

Nice, Princess! I can't wait to read the final copy!

Emma said...

Oh, MAN! I'm re-writing my story again for the third time, and I tell you, it's a bit difficult! But fun in the same time, right?
Oh, and your book sounds really cool, I just recently read a book that had a main character called Katsa! Almost like Kasta!

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Yeah. I'll say Emma! Was this book by any chance Graceling? I love the book and it's where I got the idea for Kasta

Cassie said...

Ooooo... sounds great! I'd love to read some lines.

Oh! and about NaNo... TONS of public school students do it every year and win. So go for it if you want to. I'm sure that you'd have a great chance!