Newspaper, Church and Contest Winner!

Well so you know how I said I played my new trumpet at the church fair yesterday? Yeah. So today in the Sunday paper there was an article about church fairs. And whatdayaknow? I was mentioned! It said "Instead of programmed music, designed to encourage a yuletide spending spree, First Congregational [Church] offered a trumpeter serving up 'The Christmas Song' " Yeah so that was pretty cool, even though I played a lot more songs then just that.

Church was good today, and handbells went well. {Good job Elr√°nia!} And I liked the sermon. After, my mom and I grabbed a bite of lunch at Mister Bagel and then did some shopping. We got some fabrics for the quilt I'm making in Home Ec. and I also got a really cute new haircut. :)

And now the contest:

Thanks everybody who entered! I really think it was fun. Maybe it should become a 3rd Saturday/Sunday of the month event, do you think?

Olive Tree, Silverstar, Dreamstar, Bella, Emma and Breanne all entered and I had a grand ole time reading some of the comments you left. So now. The moment of truth. The winner of the first ever Treble Clef comment contest is......................

Dreamstar!!! With Comment #2!!!!

I put the numbers 1-12 in a bowl and had my dad draw. #2was drawn, and that was Dreamstar!!!!

Dreamstar, You receive a custom avatar, OR a custom award or an award that you've always wanted. Plus as an added bonus, your name will be added to the Comment contest winners board! WA-HOO!!!!!!!

Thanks everybody and be sure to check back every month for comment contests!

1 comment:

Dreamstar said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! And I was like, the only one who entered once! I forgot to come back and comment again....LOL!

I'll have an avatar I guess. Maybe like Dreamstar, and a thoroughbred horse, and then the saying I have now-

Now I can live forever, I have a horse

Thanks so much!!!! This is actually pretty much the first time I came in first in a contest and won something more then an award!!!