idea, better, *trumpets*, and signature problem

Hi. First off, this is my 345 post which is pretty cool. And I was also thinking, this blog started last January, so it's almost a year old. So on January 15th (which is when I began Treble Clef, yes I just looked it up) we will have a 1 year celebration!!!! I'm thinking a 'Treble Clef through the Ages' thing and some giveaways. Also, all FOLLOWERS will get recognized. Also all FOLLOWERS who are interested in adding an idea about the 1 year post comment here with your idea please!

Next I'm feeling much better this morning!!!

And because I'm feeling better I can still go to Music and Arts and try out some of those pretty pro trumpets!!!!!!

Also you'll notice that my signature says "Princess of Instruments" with out the 'the'. That's because there was a 25 character limit. :P

I'll post about the pretty trumpets later.

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