the redecoration of the room

I had a good night last night. First I decided that I wanted to redecorate/redo my room and it's layout. So first I moved all the furniture I wanted to move, and then stripped the walls of everything I didn't want but was too lazy to take down. So my room looks really good right now (I moved all my instruments up there too!) except for all the giant blank spaces on the walls that need filling up. Yeah. Anyone know of any good musical posters? And then to top it all off, Super Gato came over! We had a lot of fun planning our talent show script (where we make fun of some of our favorite teachers. It's a tradition since last year. Go back to February to hear all about THAT one) and dance routine and then playing our trumpets for a while. Yeah. It was fun! I'll do my daybook later after I spend my day running around in a cow costume. (please don't ask)

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