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My May comment contest begins with this post! Now I do have some rules and guidelines.
1. comment lots
2. please make your comment about the post.
3. the person who comments the most gets........well.......i have a really good surprise for you!
So comment lots! Starting.................................NOW!


I have had a great day today. First of all, we had just about the awesomest jazz practice ever. In science we dissected pig hearts which was really cool until after making a bunch of cuts and taking stuf out I started feelling a bit sick to my stomach. (but it was really fun) And then I went to a doctor who finally told me that I am all clear and can play softball!!!!!!! And that it was fine for me to have been playing my cornet. Yay!!! Also we had a funny incident in French where we were supposed to be describing what a person in the room was wearing. So the first kid says one thing and thens he means to say noir pantalons (black pants for you non-French speakers) but what he really said was noh pantalons (No pants!). Ooops. So the teacher was like "!?!NOH PANTALONS!?!" so it was pretty funny and even he thought so. And then drama was good so I am smiley right now! =D


Softball + poems

Just got back from softball......pretty good practice. A couple of my teamates were WAY hyped up on sugar which was pretty funny to watch. So tomorrow is poem in your pocket day. I like a lot of poems like Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Paul Revere's Ride and um oh dear I've forgotten the name of it, it's the one by Robert Frost about two roads diverging in a yellow wood. Oh WHAT is the NAME???? Oh well but I think that I am actually going to have 2 'cause I can't decide. I'll write them here.
 This is probably my second favorite because it's all about friendship and finding good things that have been lost:

The Arrow and the Song
By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.

Isn't that so pretty? And this is probably my all time favorite because it's funny but it has a cool meaning to me.

I am Growing a Glorious Garden
by Jack Prelutsky

I am growing a glorious garden,
Resplendent with trumpets and flutes,
I am pruning euphonium bushes, 
I am watering piccolo shoots,
My tubas and tambourines flourish,
Surrounded by saxophone reeds,
I am planting trombones and pianos,
And sowing sweet sousaphone seeds.

I have cymbals galore in my garden,
Staid oboes in orderly rows,
There are flowing fifes and violas,
In the glade where the glockenspiel grows,
There are gongs and guitars in abundance,
There are violins high on the vine,
And an arbor of harps on the bower,
Where the cellos and clarinets twine.

My bassoons are beginning to blossom,
As my zithers and mandolins bloom,
My castanets happily chatter,
My kettledrums merrily boom,
The banjos that burst by the bugles,
Play counterpoint with the kazoo,
Come visit my glorious garden,
And hear it play music for you!

I just love that. Whoops! My typeface just changed! Anyway remember to carry a poem in your pocket tomorrow!

My good day

I'm just going to list what I did today, well most of it.
Rode bike to school
Before homeroom just walked around and talked to people.
P-1 Math ratio reveiw. Ewwwww. And our assistant prinicipal was reviewing the class. 
P-2 Awesome band sectional! Very funny; tons of fun
P-3 Good science class. Working on lab repors for a lab we did yesterday. I got to do a very colorful and highly illastrated graph and data sheet.
P-4 Spent all of LA corecting our homework.
P-5 Yuck. Health. But 2 lucky things! #1 was no asthma attack and #2 was she put off starting what she calls her "favorite topic".  Ahem. Yes THAT one. Until Friday.
P-6 Fun time in SS! Got to work on our inventor projects! I'm doing Charles G. Conn, inventor of the Bb Conn Director Cornet, which is what I play.
P-7 Plain old good band rehearsal
After school- wrote down all of Mrs. Barry's and students funny quotes for Mrs. Barry and rode bike home. 
Also- There are 2 ducks who have been in our yard all day.
Also again- Tomorrow is poem in you pocket day!


i hear that it's supposed to thunderstorm........

Yay! I see the right kind of clouds rolling in for a thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms normally, but ones at school are the best! I do not like however, ones that come after I am in bed and am trying to get to sleep. That does NOT make me happy.

hand-washing, cleanliness, and freaky stuff

Yes folks, you know what I'm thinking. What's all over the news? That's right. Swine flu. Pretty freaky really that it can infect birds, pigs, and humans. (it originated in pigs) 3 shpeels all in a row today about protecting yourself against this pandemic-potential virus. We now must drink a lot and most of us at school have been hand-washing freakazoids. Let's hope this dies down soon. And on a happier note, we had a good drama practice today!


not the best day so far................
lost my key
band locker lock gone
4 weeks today since i got my concussion and i still have a headache


A good first day

First day back went well! Band sectional was very funny. Very unfortunate though that our sectional is P-3 'cause our ex-student teacher came in to visit P-4, P-5 and P-6. Drat. BUNKUM AND BALDERDASH! HeeHee. Well I'd better go get ready for softball practice now. Hope your first days went well! Tell me about them....

soooooooo happy!

Spottedstar is a very happy camper right now 'cause,

We're back to school today!!!!!

Have a great first day back everyone!


What a game!

Wow! What a game! Bobcats rule! Just got back from my softball game. Bobcats (in case you haven't figured it out, that's my team and we rock!) win 20-7 in a full 6 inning game. I played right, 2nd and shortstop. Got a double play and also a couple of regular plays. Was up 5 times; struck out;walked and stole 2nd and 3rd and got walked home; double (1 RBI) stole 3rd walked home; and then 2 singles and got home safe both times. I hope we do this well when the season actually starts! Well it was just a great game and a lot of fun too!


Ewwwwww it's still all humid. If it wasn't, it would be perfect softball weather! Partly cloudy, mid 60's. Perfect. It's just a scrimmage though so everyone will have to play outfield. Booooo. But since we'll only have 8 players today, that means only 2 people in the outfield instead of 4 so lots more action hopefully. Plus also I'll get some innings in my regular positions, 2nd base and shortstop! I love playing the middle infield. Lots of fun! I'll let you know how it goes. Next up.......SPNLL Bobcats vs. SPALL Eastern! 
-Spottedstar in Softball Season =D

PS: Bobcats Rule!!!!

PPS: Spottedstar is really happy that she is playing, even tought she still has a concussion.

Today's update

Ugh! It is soooooo humid out! Just saw a duck out in the empty lot; he thought that the mud puddle out there was big enough to stand in. They really need to get moving and plant some grass there. We have our first softball game today. Well actually a scrimmage 'cause it doesn't count towards our record. I'll let you know about that later. Oh and if you havn't already, please vote on my weather poll. Gotta go get ready for church now. Seeya!


I was bored...

I was bored so my creative instincts went into work and so I grabbed a canvas and started to paint. I am really happy with the result. Also our softball uniforms came in and they did not honor our number choices. So now I'm stuck with #12 instead of #28. BLAH! Oh and the other picture? Yeah now it's really starting to show isn't it? Think of it this way. Have you ever seen the ad for Free Credit with the man with the pirate hat and guitar being a waiter in a restaurant? Well like that. But instead of a human, it's a koala. Yeah, I know.........RANDOM!!!

PL and some flowers

I just got back from a jump start day at my summer camp, Pilgrim Lodge, which in my opinion is the best camp ever! We did a lot of raking in the perennial gardens in the morning and then in the afternoon I helped transport food that had been dropped off earlier in the week. And during the transportation, we go to ride in the back of a pick-up truck which was fun. And these are daffodils that I took a picture of on a walk I took yesterday.



Just got a new haircut! Just above the shoulders. I really like it. Also saw Super Gato there which was fun. I think I'm going to go take some pictures now and so now it's your turn to go get out there in the sun!


Porcupine and deer

OK so here are the pictures. I really like the one of the porcupine. He was snuffeling around and I went up and got a picture. Meanwhile back on the porch my mother is silently telling me to come back before it shoots me. (It got kinda startled from the flash you see.) And the deer I know is hard to see but it was twilight, and raining and this was the best one I got. Just look at those eyes!


I'm home everybody! Will put pictures of porcupine and deer pics up here soon. Argh long drive....thank goodness for in car video players! My brother just created a blog-I'll put it on my list. On the way home some funny things happened-we drove past 14 dump trucks all in a row and a rock flew out of nowhere and cracked our windshield. Our frog eggs also made it home safely. 

Home today!!!

We're going home today! But the truth is that it'l probably be more boring there than it's been here. It actually was pretty fun. We went swimming and bowling and my littlest cousin almost got her eardrum blown out when Hawktalon let my other cousin play his trombone which he put right up to his little sisters ear and blew. And now some notes to followers-

Halestone-Of course I'll send it to you when it's edited.

HorseFeathers-Need to talk to dad about Sunday

Elrania-Same as HF only for Friday

Everybody- Comment contest coming in May!



deer and polls

wow! the woods out back are filled with amazing creatures! I just saw a deer. I'll get the pics on here soon. Home tomorrow! Oh and the latest poll results Snow leopard wins with 3 votes, blue-striped grunt and spotted moray in second with 2 and panda in 3rd with 1. Please vote on my lastest poll, What is your favorite kind of weather?

my story

I just finished my story!!!!!!!!! Well the draft anyway. Now it's time to edit when I get home. I love my story! I'll send it to people after it's edited.

just plain old STUFF

Hello! Not raining here......yet. Just dreary. Found lots of frog eggs! will be bringing some back to raise to be frogs in my old fish tank. (I am bringing back some of the water they are accustomed to, so they don't die. Might be able to do some exploring. And last but certainly not least......
Happy Earth Day!!!


it's raining.................

Hey people in SoPo and Cumberland-is it raining down there? It sure is here up north a bit. It is POURING outside and the wind is really hard so all the rain goes skidding across the road. Pretty boring day here, pool wasn't that much fun. I miss school, I miss my friends, I miss my teachers..........*sigh*. I hate vacation. Especially when it is so rainy. There's a path through the woods out back that makes for a really great hike and you end up in this great big feild and if you cross the feild you get to the ocean, but who wants to go exploring when it's raining cats and dogs? No one.


porcupines are cool. we saw one outside last night sniffing and pawing at the ground. i got a couple of good pictures that i'll put on when i get home. we are going swimming later. vacation is boring but we have to deal with it anyway. you know how people often say "vacation has got to be one of the greatest pleasures in life." well i do not agree. this is MY saying. "vacation has got to be one of the greatest ANNOYENCES in life." like it? and also if it is OK with Elraniia i will be doing a comment contest as well in the month of May.


Hip Hip Horray!

Yippe Skippe! My grandparents now have wireless! So I WILL be blogging while I am gone. Just probably not as frequently. Drive up here was not much fun. Too long. Watched Mamma Mia though. It was a dissapointment. Brother and ousins in the next room over watching Harry Potter 2. They are at the part when Harry is about to die from the fang and my cousins are like "He's going to die! Oh no! He's dying!" Hee hee they don'y know that he survives. Well I think I'll go work on my story now. I'm about at the climax and the story is really exciting.


Yuck. Stuffy/runny nose at the same time. Don't ya hate it? Leaving soon. This my last post until Thursday. Oh dear I can't keep this up, I need a tissue, NOW!


Fort Williams

I just got back from Ft. Williams. We had a great time. We were able to clean up a ton of trash which is great. We also had a picnic!!! Yesterday I finished reading Bloomability by Sharon Creech. I love that book. I never tire of reading it. I am afraid that I probably won't be posting for awhile while I am up at my grandparents, but I might be able to get a post in before I leave. I will post a lot when I get back. Have a great vacation everybody! Even though I cannot wait to get back to school and I'm sure you'll say the same. ;) .................I am suffering from lack of band. Ackkkk! Must go play cornet. Must go play cornet. Bye!............


hahahaha and deformed stuff in the garden

Oh my stomach hurts so much from laughing at dinner. ou-ah ou-ah. Breathe Spottedstar. Breathe. Not a good time to have an athsma attack. Some scallions are coming up in the garden. I didn't know they were perennials! One problem though. If you look at the picture, you'll see that they are quite deformed. Uh.....let's just say I'm not sure I want to eat them.

vacation: fun or boring?

I don't really know what vacation is gonna be like. Here's what I know and whether it will be boring or fun.

Church-pretty fun
YM clean-up and picnic at Fort Williams-Definitely fun!

The Week:
At my Grandparents- Fun 'cause we can go swimmimg, hiking I can play my cornet lots, and my grandmother makes great food! On the other hand, my 2 little cousins will probably be there a lot and, well, let's just say that might not be so great for this constant headache of mine. 

And lastly next Saturday a group from church is going up the UCC camp in West Gardiner, Pilgrim Lodge to get the place cleaned up for summer camps. Fun, boring, IDK!


The pow-wow was awesome last night! We had a lot of fun. I just got back from field day. Blah....... Now sometimes, field day is a fun event where you get to do relay races and trow frisbees and stuff but that's not what I'm talking about. No, what I'm talking about is cleaning up the softball feild and dugout. Yucko. Of course it doesn't really help that the sky looks like this. Yeah. Not so plesant is it? Well I think I am going to go read the SunClan book now! I'm so happy Rainfire is letting me have the disc! (BTW Warriors: The New Clan-SunClan #1 The Impossible Task is the book we are writing) Sooooooo Bye!


Number 100!!!!!!!!

This my 100th post! Yay! Yippe Skippe! OK since this is number 100, I will try to do the 101 random things OK. And SS will stand for Spottedstar. Here goes!

  1. SS is hungry and will have breakfast after she finally finishes this.
  2. SS is hosting the pow-wow tonight.
  3. SS has been 13 for about a month and a 1/2
  4. SS wishes that she could have brought her laptop home for vacation.
  5. SS need to go make Hawktalon's warrior nametag
  6. SS's li'l brother, Hawktalon, is in the living room watching Harry Potter 5.
  7. SS is surrounded by piles of old music.
  8. SS can't wait until 4 o'clock when she can finally stop cleaning the house.
  9. SS found a really cool poem called "I Am Growing a Glorious Garden".
  10. SS's computer was acting really funny last night and kept adding millions of new tabs on it's own.
  11. SS can play the Star Spangled Banner from memory.
  12. SS can't to read the SunClan book tonight.
  13. SS wishes 101 wasn't such a big number.
  14. SS can play 10 notes on a trombone.
  15. SS's mom says that SS's purple stand is going to poke somebody's eye out.
  16. Deformed scallions are coming up in SS's garden.
  17. SS's wishes that some grass would grow on that empty lot next door.
  18. SS wonders whether she can run barefoot outside, or whether there is still glass on the ground from the car explosion.
  19. SS's favorite shoes are flipflops
  20. SS has started riding her bike to school.
  21. SS say's in fake cheerful voice *Only 80 more!*
  22. SS really likes the Crayola marker color of Iguana Green.
  23. SS got all A's and all ones (ones are *outstanding*, not *that stinks!*)
  24. SS hopes she can play softball soon.
  25. SS is fed up with her stinkin headache
  26. SS is sharing this computer desk with some wierd alien from a McDonald's Happy Meal. YUCK!
  27. SS is happy that it will be warm today.
  28. 28 is SS's lucky number!
  29. SS would like you to look down at the bottom of the whole page and tell her what you think.
  30. SS wonders if anyone will actually read this whole thing.
  31. SS wants more people to comment.
  32. SS hopes here softball team wins the championship.
  33. SS hopes her arm is better enough so that she can pitch this year.
  34. SS's stomach hurts. Probably because she is hungry.
  35. SS wonder's whether Hawktalon will like his nametag or throw it out the window.
  36. SS wonders whether she will be able to read out on her porch today.
  37. SS only got to 37 because her mom says it's time to start cleaning........ugh.


awesome today!

Hello everybody! I just got home from school!!! Well I guess I have been here for 15 minutes allready, checking my e-mail and such but SO WHAT? Today was awesome. In our group (7th grade team o' 2. If you don't go to Mahoney please don't ask. It's complex.) well anyway, we spent the whole day doing solar energy stuff. COOL!!!!! First we watched a movie which was actually pretty good, except for we had to sit on the floor. OUCH! Then we split in to 2 smaller groups and rotated around 2 activities. First my group made solar cookers, a lot like the ones they use in SubSaharan Africa. Then we put them out side and left them (with a cup of water) until the end of the day. Then we switched and did the other activity which was making solar cars. It was soooooo much fun. I'm glad I wasn't on the other 7th grade team 'cause they were doing lot's of athletic things which I wouldn't have been able to do. Then after lunch we went to see how far the tempurature of the water had rose and ours was at about 95* F!
OK now 3 things-
Tell your followers to check out my blog! I have so few........
Look down at the bottom and tell me what you think!


crazy tomorrow

Tomorrow is the beginning of vacation 'cause we have a half day!!!!! Plus all our teachers have been hinting a different schedule. Like we don't do any work. But we also don't get any RA so boo no more french class until after break. Which reminds me that I have to give Ms. Schmearer's (Is that how you spell it?) plant so it doesn't die over vacation. Oh and Spottedstar, set this firmly in your brain. "do not forget cornet at school. do not forget cornet at school. do not forget....etc" Because I don't usually bring it home on Thursday's but I need to tomorrow of course!

My new poll

Please vote on my new poll!!!! But, please vote only once (not on 2 different computers). OK that's it. Hang on.....I have one, no two more things.
Thanks Rainfire for the idea for this poll
Please comment on what YOU would like the next poll to be.

math.......and other random stuff

Just took a math quiz. Blah...... Thankfully it wasn't very hard.
Oh yay! I just remembered......! NO SPELLING THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! That makes me very very happy.
I think that the chess game on this computer is rigged. There is just no way to win. Grrrr. Vacation starts tomorrow! I hope it isn't too boring. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my story.
I rode my bike to school today. Fun! .......but cold. It took all of before and during homeroom for my toes to defrost.
Hmmmm Blogger says that they will not be able to post stuff for a period of time tomorrow. 2 in the morning! Like anyone actually would be posting then!
Band sectional in just a few minutes! Yay! Except for all we will be doing probably is listening to other people taking their Sounds of Sousa quiz......*snore*
Please comment on all of this awesome randomness!

Good bye now!!!! Spottedstar/the cornet crazie!


a boring well make that interesting no.... i'm not sure what kind of day!

My day today and all about it!
Spring jazz was good........and huge!
Math was usual.
Gym was boring, as watching people do pull-ups always is.
We watched the strangest movie ever in science.
LA was too much talk by Mr. Patashnik and not enough work.
French was fun, except for my athsma attack.
Lunch was great as it always is!
There was too much stinkn outlining work in SS
Workshop was busy with band or chorus; completely normal
After school I had to teach 2 hyper 6th graders how to play trumpet.
Drama was great as I was only there for about 5 minutes!
Piano was surprisingly good.
I am going to handbells very very soon.

spring jazz!

spring jazz starts today! i'm kinda happy and i'm kinda not. there are just sooooo many trumpets/cornets that it gets a little ridiculous! let's least 8 trumpets and 1 cornet. 9 altogether. waaaaaay to many if you ask me. it's just that with that many in the sections, jazz band starts looking like concert band playing jazz music.


please take a look at this

take a look at what is on the link at the bottom. seriously. it made my day. thank you bellacat for sending it to me!
copy this (do copy/paste obviously) into your browser

10 random things ('cause i really don't feel like doing 101)

1. Spottedstar liked playing her cornet in church yesterday but did not like playing at the Sunrise Service because it is out side at 6 in the morning and my hands and lip practically froze onto the metal.
2. Spottedstar likes, no, make that LOVES jelly beans and is soooo happy she got a lot for Easter.
3. Spottedstar is using her laptop to create an awesome score for a band ensemble overture.
4. Spottedstar is happy because she had a good day at school and has NO HOMEWORK!!!
5. Spottedstar would like more followers *hint hint* can't get a hint? If you're not following then follow, if you're following anonymously is it possible to change that to public so I know you are following? and if you already are following then tell your friends!!!!
6. Spottedstar thought it was funny when in band sectional today Mrs. Barry kept using one of her favorite phrases "When contemplating chromatics, just remember- the right note is only a half step away!"
7. Spottedstar is running out of thoughts (see I really would be hopeless doing 101!)
8. Like Elrania, Spottedstar would like it if people would comment more.
9. Spottedstar wishes it would stop being so cold in the morning so she can ride her bike to school.
10. Spottedstar is happy that she is done now and is now going to go work on her story Trumpet's Secret.


my spring and summer

What do I do this whole Spring and Summer? Well this picture should tell you.

Yep. That's right. Wiffle ball. Or as my brother says "wiffle stiffle ball". It is very very fun. When I was little I came up with this little game called "Cluckers" don't ask me why, 'cause I have NO clue whatsoever. But to this day our backyard baseball diamond has been called "Cluckers Field-Home of the Marsh Rd. Maniacs!!!!"


Awesome Possum and PURPLE too!!!!!

Hello everybody! Happy Easter (a little early) !!!!!!!! I am playing my cornet at all 3 of my church services tomorrow. My favorite one is defiatly the Sunrise Service at Fort Williams. It's cold, early and fun!!! (Elrania-which one are you going to?) Do you want to see a pivture of my totally awesome possum music stand? If you don't, then don't scroll down!

Yeah I know PUrPLE!!!!! isn't it great? Happy Easter!

My Go Green Poster

This is a poster that me and Super Gato created. Well, I drew it but we came up with idea together. Poor Earth. Crying and burning up. That's why we need to Stop Global Warming!!!!!!! Save the Earth!!!!! I thinks that's a worthy cause, don't you? Well tell me what you think!

my new profile picture

This is my new profile picture. I painted it in art earlier in the year. It is the Spottedstar cat in a painting. I actually painted it on a brown paper bag. You can also see it in the second picture of my room.


band poll

well my poll on how much do you like band is over. and the results are in. in second with one vote each's fun; i like it and in first is best thing ever and i don't play. thank you for voting and please also vote on my how much do you like spaghetti poll.;

Some pictures of my awesome room.

This is my totally awesome bedroom. As you can probably see from the pics, I am an elaborate decorator. The things on the side of my windows are pictures of the instruments, and I'll get a closer shot of them on here soon.


lucky numbers

I like lucky numbers. Mine is 28. HorseFeathers showed me this whole wacko cool system on finding your lucky number. It uses your name your birthdate and a whole lotta math. ugh. I found out the lucky numbers of some other people like
Super Gato-51
Elrania-Ummmmmmm I know I did it for you but the number has somehow completely slipped my mind!!!!!!
I like giving people their warrior cat names too, it's fun!
So my lucky # is 28 and my warrior name is Spottedstar and my elf name is.........ummmmmmm "Hey Elrania what IS my elf name? They are kinda confusing and easy to forget, but treis bien"
So that is it for now and bye!!!


Every year in SoPo all the jazz groups get together for Jazzapalooza! We get to do improv classes, miss some school, and work with some really good guest clinicians. It was soooooooo much, well because it was yesterday. And then right when we were about to leave Mrs. Barry said "Now what are the 2 most important words about today?" and what the whole jazz band answered was "Have Fun!" but no................that wasn't what Mrs. Barry was thinking. No, she was thinking "free food!!!"


Thank you Rainfire/HorseFeathers!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much for the awesome banner, Rainfire. I love it. It is absolutly awesome. Now I'll tell you about the pictures. The cornet is, well, my cornet. The flower was from our garden last year, the cat is a kitten named Smudge that used to be my aunt and uncle's, but they gave all 3 away. =( and the photo in the back is of part of a huge sandcastle that Landcastles of Sarasota were constucting in FL when I went in 4th grade. Now to a few separate people.
Halestone-I love your new blog!
HorseFeathers-I know I've already said it but thanks!
Elrania-In the video you do not look like you're abou to run into the fence
HorseFeathers, Elrania, Chick for Good, Super Gato and Bellacat- Please go to SunClan site and comment on latest post ASAP!

a post with hicc (hic) (hic) hiccups

(hic) i have the hiccups. it (hic) is not f (hic) fun. it is also mak (hic) making my posting di (hic) difficult. (hic) i think i will go look for (hic) some pictures (hic) now (hic) and maybe my hic (hic) hiccups will (hic) be (hic) cured. (hic) maybe. (hic)


Decode this!

I am really glad it is spring, even though fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I love the crisp leaves under my feet and the darkness of the hallways and auditorium when I am there early for jazz band. Fall is fun too 'cause of Field hockey and I like winter because of skiing and so many band things. I think that this official winter I had a least 5 concerts. or festivals. Well see if you can decode this message, and good luck!!! (now it is decoded since rainfire was able to get it.)


Red Sox

I love the Red Sox. Yes Elrania I know you like the Yankees, and HorseFeathers that you know nothing about baseball, but I love baseball. I play softball too. I have been to two Sox games they were so much fun. My brother constanly reminds me that "opening day is coming very very soon." and that "we need to go smash some wiffle balls outside." Yep that's how I spend my Spring and Summer, "smashing" wiffle balls.......

-this is my not so good attempt at a music note

Au Revoir!
-Spottedstar/Cornet Crazie

new books and a bagel

I just did some errands with my mom and I had a gift certificate to Borders so I got 3 new books. Walk Two Moons, Escape from the Forest, ans The Rise of Scourge. I've read all but one of them but I am glad to have them all. We also went to Mister Bagel. I love bagels. My favorite kind is a toasted sesame bagel with veggie cream cheese. Yum!



Spaghetti..................yum! In fact that's what I am having tonight for dinner before the dance. Do you like spaghetti? Tell me in me lastest poll. I know it's random, but so what?


i am at home
i love it when people make lots of comments
i like making little cats like this =^.^= (thanks Rainfire!)
it is still really foggy
i am bored
reading makes my head hurt
i just watched Hoot
my favorite color is green
i wish that the weather would be more springy
i just finished my homework
i am bored and am going to end this random post now...


the weather is awful

the weather is horrible outside. it is foggy and overcast and rainy and blah. i am not a happy camper. i want warm weather!!! (and thunderstorms! yay!!!)


update and my eyes look really strange

so i got pulled out of school today to see the doctor and she said that because of the concussion/headache i can't play my cornet for a little while. boooooooooo. but after that i had to see an eye doctor. everything is now fine, but to do some tests they had to dilate one eye. so now my left pupil is small and normal and my right one is, well, huge.

A not so fun night

If you look down and read #6 in the randomness from yesterday I won't have to go back to the beginning......................................OK have you read it? OK so after I was hit with ball I had a bad headache and I felt dizzy. Finally had to go to the ER last night. Blood vessel in the eye scratched and bleeding and a concussion.