10 random things ('cause i really don't feel like doing 101)

1. Spottedstar liked playing her cornet in church yesterday but did not like playing at the Sunrise Service because it is out side at 6 in the morning and my hands and lip practically froze onto the metal.
2. Spottedstar likes, no, make that LOVES jelly beans and is soooo happy she got a lot for Easter.
3. Spottedstar is using her laptop to create an awesome score for a band ensemble overture.
4. Spottedstar is happy because she had a good day at school and has NO HOMEWORK!!!
5. Spottedstar would like more followers *hint hint* can't get a hint? If you're not following then follow, if you're following anonymously is it possible to change that to public so I know you are following? and if you already are following then tell your friends!!!!
6. Spottedstar thought it was funny when in band sectional today Mrs. Barry kept using one of her favorite phrases "When contemplating chromatics, just remember- the right note is only a half step away!"
7. Spottedstar is running out of thoughts (see I really would be hopeless doing 101!)
8. Like Elrania, Spottedstar would like it if people would comment more.
9. Spottedstar wishes it would stop being so cold in the morning so she can ride her bike to school.
10. Spottedstar is happy that she is done now and is now going to go work on her story Trumpet's Secret.


Elrania said...

you're starting to become more random! (that's a good thing)

Spottedstar said...

heh heh

Elrania said...

you have just given me an idea to post a TON of random things about me. you know how much i love being random. :)