Thank you Rainfire/HorseFeathers!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much for the awesome banner, Rainfire. I love it. It is absolutly awesome. Now I'll tell you about the pictures. The cornet is, well, my cornet. The flower was from our garden last year, the cat is a kitten named Smudge that used to be my aunt and uncle's, but they gave all 3 away. =( and the photo in the back is of part of a huge sandcastle that Landcastles of Sarasota were constucting in FL when I went in 4th grade. Now to a few separate people.
Halestone-I love your new blog!
HorseFeathers-I know I've already said it but thanks!
Elrania-In the video you do not look like you're abou to run into the fence
HorseFeathers, Elrania, Chick for Good, Super Gato and Bellacat- Please go to SunClan site and comment on latest post ASAP!