lucky numbers

I like lucky numbers. Mine is 28. HorseFeathers showed me this whole wacko cool system on finding your lucky number. It uses your name your birthdate and a whole lotta math. ugh. I found out the lucky numbers of some other people like
Super Gato-51
Elrania-Ummmmmmm I know I did it for you but the number has somehow completely slipped my mind!!!!!!
I like giving people their warrior cat names too, it's fun!
So my lucky # is 28 and my warrior name is Spottedstar and my elf name is.........ummmmmmm "Hey Elrania what IS my elf name? They are kinda confusing and easy to forget, but treis bien"
So that is it for now and bye!!!


Elrania said...


Elrania said...

ok, these are all of your elf names:
Sally, you are Belewien
Olivia, you are Amithradith
Hannah G, you are Huclya
Isabella, you are Forfirith of the House of the Golden Flower. :)

Spottedstar said...

wow bella's is LONG