math.......and other random stuff

Just took a math quiz. Blah...... Thankfully it wasn't very hard.
Oh yay! I just remembered......! NO SPELLING THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! That makes me very very happy.
I think that the chess game on this computer is rigged. There is just no way to win. Grrrr. Vacation starts tomorrow! I hope it isn't too boring. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my story.
I rode my bike to school today. Fun! .......but cold. It took all of before and during homeroom for my toes to defrost.
Hmmmm Blogger says that they will not be able to post stuff for a period of time tomorrow. 2 in the morning! Like anyone actually would be posting then!
Band sectional in just a few minutes! Yay! Except for all we will be doing probably is listening to other people taking their Sounds of Sousa quiz......*snore*
Please comment on all of this awesome randomness!

Good bye now!!!! Spottedstar/the cornet crazie!


halestone said...

my blog said the same thing about not being able to post at 2 in the morning tomorrow.
vacation doesn't start tomorrow! (i don't think, i might just be completely out of it)
guess what? im finally learning to rollerblade!

Spottedstar said...

we have a half day

HorseFeathers said...

It does start tomorrow, as soon as you leave the school :)