Oh The Pirate's Life


Sometimes Facebook can be terribly annoying....sometimes I just can't help but love it. 
I was playing around with my settings this morning making sure everything was the way it should be when I clicked on 'languages'. Well, I thought, it's pretty simple what language I want to be in- English so I can always read it! Little did I know there were four English languages to choose from...
English (USA)
which was what i already had
English (UK)
English (Upside Down)
which i wasn't going to choose and
English (Pirate)

And oh my goodness, Facebook in pirate language is amazing. Here are some screen shots:

I mean REALLY. It is just simply HILARIOUS!
And goodness knows I needed this laugh with all the end of quarter tests today and tomorrow.
Although....there's a good chance there will be NO SCHOOL tomorrow due to MORE SNOW. We're supposed to get like fifteen inches...arrrrrgh. Just when all of it had melted away.

Curse ye old snow! ARRRR!


Feeling Blah

Yeah, Sally's feeling sick. Got some kind of flu-like thing so I'm home from school. This means a few things.

One, I'm sitting on the couch, writing this blog post, drinking tea, and have a TON of tissues around.

Another would be that I'm blasting the Owl City. I love Owl City....I recently heard their new single 'Alligator Sky' which was pretty cool, you should check it out if you're a fan. I'm very excited for the whole new album, All Things Bright And Beautiful to come out in May. I'll certainly be buying that on iTunes as soon as it comes out and trying to get some of the songs from it on my playlist :)

Today I am also hoping to get some good reading time in. One thing I do not like very much about having a busy schedule is that any free time I have is often spent doing homework, not reading. Blah.

I am also thinking about FRANCE. We are leaving in only sixteen days! Eeep! So parents and I want to do a bunch of stuff there, go to a couple museums, Eiffel Towel, the Arch de Triumph, a World War II cemetery near Normandy, stuff like that as well as walking around eating crêpes on the streets that we bought from vendors, speaking in lots of French, eating french chocolates and pastries and breads and cheeses....
My brother on the other hand is a different story. He says 'NO HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM STUFF!!!!!'. He's very adamant about that....all he wants to do is sit around cafés eating baguette all day long. Oh dear. 

I know this has been a rambling post but I'd like to finish it with a picture. This is a picture I took on Friday at the jazz fest of one of the flute players music. I love taking pictures of music, but as I was editing it, my hand slipped and slid a couple of the editing bars and I clicked save at the same time. I thought my picture was probably ruined, but it turned out looking so cool! Here it is:


Whoopie for Whoopie Pies!

Pardon my absence from posting....I have been very busy. Friday I photographed a middle school jazz festival at my high school, which was fun because I got to hang with my old band, and yesterday was our spring dance and I also went to see the world's largest whoopie pie being put together at our local mall. IT. WAS. EPIC. I listen to the morning show of a local radio station every morning on the the car ride to school and recently all the buzz has been about Maine trying to make the whoopie pie the official state treat. However, problems arose when Pennsylvania claimed the whoopie pie as theirs and only theirs. They were quite rude about it actually, calling us 'misguided moose lovers' and the scandal a 'lip-smacking larceny'. Well, we Mainer's know that the whoopie pie is ours, so we decided to break Pennsylvania's record for the largest whoopie pie. Theirs was 225lbs. Ours? Well.....

Yum :)
Also some TV people interviewed me so if you saw this on the news last also saw me :)


swapping accounts

A long time ago when I made the switch from my old email to my current email I was extremely annoyed with blogger for not letting me change the email that I log into blogger with. Very very irritating. But I realized last night that if I add my current email account as an admin of Treble Clef, and delete my old one from the list, everything should be fine. So this is just a warning to you all, as I switch accounts my profile is going to go through changes, as will this blog. I'm deleting my old account so if I follow you, you're going to lose me as a follower, but just for a little bit of time, until I re-follow you. Just to let you know :)

or not, never mind, blogger is being stupid and won't let me.


WYHOW (chickens)

Today's topic for WYHOW hosted by Laurea at Center Stage is CHICKENS. I'm going to have fun with this ;)

bella skye felt odd. there was no other way to put it, just...odd. somehow, for some reason, she felt like she was in a strange and different world, even though she was in the coop where she had been born and raised, had lived her whole life. she ruffled her black and white feathers to see if that would get the feeling out. it didn't. she sniffed the air- smelled the same. all the other chickens seemed normal and unbothered, content to simply strut around pecking food off the ground. was it only her that could feel the rush of suspense, like a surprise just waiting to happen? she decided to ask casablanca, the lead hen, about this. casablanca always knew what to do.

bella skye walked through all the other chickens, past the little puffy chicks that had hatched only a week previously to where casablanca stood. 'hello.' clucked bella skye. 

casablanca seemed to have not heard the young hen, and stared off into the space behind her.

'hello?' the smaller chicken asken nervously.

the lead hen seemed to go into a sort of trance, her eyes glazed, and when she spoke it was in a robotic monotone. "there will be ones, who come from other lands, they will come, and it will be either great triumph for our race, or doom, obliviation. they are coming."

in horror, bella skye watched as a great cloud seemed to cover the sun and she her loud engines whirring above her. the strangers had arrived...



it was supposed to be spring.
the snow was supposed to melt.
the leaves on the trees were supposed to start budding.
the flowers were supposed to begin peeping up out of the ground.



gone...and only a little was left on the grass.
the grass that was starting to look greener once again.

sure, the day was dreary.
yes it was clouded over.
yeah, it was a bit chilly, but not too bad.

and then,
in math class.


...happy spring indeed.


Jazzing It Up

As you know from yesterday's 4:30am blog post, yesterday was the state jazz festival! And let me tell you it was a super fun day. I got to the school at six and it was very funny because some people were in pajamas, and most were a bit more than half-asleep, and that includes myself. We headed out around six-thirty for our three and a half hour drive up north. Thank goodness it was a coach bus so we were comfortable :) It was probably one of the quietest rides on a band bus that I've ever had, probably because it was so early. I just killed the time by texting Lucy and reading some Harry Potter.
We did stop a little over halfway to get something to eat which made me very happy because by then I was STARVING! Some hashbrowns and and iced tea from Dunkin Donuts were just what I needed :) Finally we pulled in at the high school where the festival was being held. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot though, there were cries and groans of dismay from the whole band as we realized that we'd walked into a complete dead zone for cell phone coverage. This of course made my mother very worried that I wasn't answering her texts and so forth, because they couldn't come through. LOL.
We went up to our homeroom and once we dropped off our stuff, a good sized group of us went around to get a general idea of where things were, a good lay of the land. After that, we decided that if we didn't want our director to get mad at us we might as well go listen to one of the other band's combos so a few of us went to do that which was fun, and the others went to find food. The band was fairly good, but when they were done we had to go back to the homeroom and help our combo get ready. After the combo played we pretty much just chilled. Ate some food, talked a lot in the cafeteria, went to the combo awards, went back to the homeroom, listened to chill music, sung four part harmony to Jason Maraz's "I'm Yours", polished my trumpet until it gleamed so much it was painful to look upon it, until it was time for our warmup. Also, our band director was in a really good mood, making jokes and everything which is a real change from how he usually acts, let me tell you!
Our warmup was KILLER. I played a few notes and they sounded just amazing so I took it really slow and easy and our band just sounded really really great. All my nervousness totally dissipated because every good musician knows that you can only have a good performance if you have a good warmup. Warmups are so so very crucial. We went out to play at 4:30, and it was awesome. I was TOTALLY on fire, which I was super happy about because I played loud, high, and strong, my solo was great, and the whole band was nailing it. It was certainly one of the best times we played our songs, and finally, FINALLY I was playing exactly like the lead trumpet player my band director wanted me to play like. After performing, I was so happy. We had more chill time before the awards so I grabbed more food, and me and a friend had a lot of fun at one of the table in the cafeteria where they had lots of instrument and mouthpieces for students to try out. We had fun playing some sweet trombones and trying out about a million different trumpet mouthpieces. Then came our awards ceremony and our band got SECOND PLACE. We were so amazingly happy. Ahh, what can I say? I was an amazing day; I love hanging with the band, I love being a band geek.


I Should Be Sleeping'm...pretty....sure...I'm..falling......back......................asleep.

*slaps self to wake up*

Yeah. Take a look at the time stamp on this post, or don't because you'll be shocked.
The time stamp says 4:30am, and it's not lying. I should be sleeping. I should be curled up in bed for another hour plus a few minutes. I should be dreaming, I should be gathering my energy for yet another school day. I should not be awake, typing this post.

So why am I up? Because of my band dedication, what else? Today is day one of the state jazz festival, and my band's performance day. And even though my band doesn't actually play for another twelve hours exactly, and the combo that's playing today doesn't go on until noon, we have to be at the school at six, leaving at six-thirty for our three and a half hour drive northward. Yay....

It's not all bad though, we get a long luxurious bus ride on a coach bus with all my very good band friends, who are hilarious (and inclusive to freshman which is very nice too), AND our band has actually started sounding REALLY good, and our director finally started giving us compliments, which is a first, lol.

But still....4:30....


Leprechauns And Shamrocks

First of all, the winner of the comment contest is #2, Lucy! Out of a measly three entries...I must say, I'm a bit disappointed, but, whatever. Lucy, email me please about your prize.

On a different topic, HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!
Though I'm not Irish, St Patty's day is always a nice day to wear a bunch of green, eat some Irish-y food (my mom is making potato soup and Irish brown bread), and for me, St Patrick's day is kinda like that 'OK now it's spring' day. So yay.

First off, I decided to do an outfit post! I had a cute green outfit today, so I'm going to share it with you now.
As you can see, I wore a lot of green! Even the treble clef on the underside of my wrist was green today, instead of its usual black. I like it black a lot better though and it will be going back to that tomorrow :) 

Jeans: Gap (via Goodwill)
Sweater: Cherokee 
Tank top: Aeropostale
Belt/scarf: Gift from Lucy
Bracelets: Gift from my aunt
Necklace: Etsy (gift from Olivia)
Earrings: Claire's

And one more piece of news, that I've neglected to tell you (bad sally). Let's see if this picture gives you any clue as to what I'm talking about....

Yes, that's right.


You have no idea how excited I am. 

Again, Happy St Patrick's Day!


A Contest To Brighten Your Day

It's yuck and blah outside, but the snow is about to be gone so I thought I would hold a quick, spring comment contest, to brighten the days of this mud season.

Entering is simple, just comment on this post up to five times, and you're entered to win!

Comment moderation is off, so please, just do your commenting on this post only.

There will be one winner for every fifteen comments. (15 comments- 1 winner, 30 comments- 2 winners, 45 comments- 3 winners, etc)

Each winner receives either a spring header or sidebar button for their blog! (If you don't want it, save it for a friend or to use later, if you have a header you like already, put a button on your sidebar!)

Winners are chosen using a completely random number generator. 

So get commenting and have some fun with this!

((this contest ends tomorrow evening))


Linking Up To A New Series

Hey guys! So...I was reading some blogs in a bit of free time this morning and so I was scrolling through my blogger dashboard looking for something good to read, and I saw a post by my good blogger buddy Laurea, at CENTER STAGE. She had just had a brain wave and come up with an excellent idea for a series that I think lots of bloggers will enjoy. It's called Write Your Heart Out Wednesday (or just WYHOW for short) and it's where bloggers can comment in the days leading up to Wednesday with topic ideas, and Laurea will post the chosen topic for the week, and everyone posts about that topic, write an opinion, or a story, or a poem, anything on the random topic. Maybe she'll have us link back to her blog too, so we can all see each other's WYHOW posts.

Anyway, I love to write, and it sounds random and fun, so you can bet I'll be doing it! I hope some of you will too. Even if you don't, why not drop by and say hello to Laurea on Center Stage (linked in the first sentence). Poor girl has been going through a lot lately, and has been losing followers and she doesn't know why really, so a friendly greeting would probably make her day! Check it out bye clicking on this button here:




Today is national PI day. Pi, as in math pi, 3.14 pi. Not pie (yum), but PI. cool, but confusing. Like really. All those numbers? Going on forever.....literally? Makes my head hurt. Those people who memorize a million digits of pi...for fun? Kinda crazy. First ten, ok, normal. Anything above a hundred, you're a bit wacky, a thousand, a million, YOU ARE INSANE. 
And that's not meant as an insult. It's also a high compliment that you can actually remember a random order of numbers in that much quantity. Good for you. But you're still insane....

Me? I can probably rattle off the first ten digits, or thereabouts. My brother had several memorized at one point. Maybe fifty or so. Pi, though, I rarely use. I think the only times I've used it are when I'm finding the circumference and areas of circles...

And to tell you the truth, I really couldn't tell you which formula is for which...
pi2r, pir2 yeah, that's confusing. Ugh. I can NEVER remember which is which so on math papers when I have to use it, I always do the wrong formula. Ugh. 

Anyway....happy pi day.......

Also a very exciting announcement on the badminton front!
We've been doing lots in our badminton tournaments and our doubles team came out of the round robin with a top seed, and in our finals doubles tournament we have won our first round match, and therefore advance to the next round. But the really exciting news is this: 
We've also been doing a singles, double elimination tournament (you have to lose twice to be out of the competition) and today I became the undefeated winner's bracket champion! Which means on Wednesday, I get to play against the winner of the loser's bracket in a championship match! The awesome thing about being the winner of the winner's bracket is that my opponent has to beat me not once, but TWICE, to win the championship, while I must only beat them once. Bwahaha. I love badminton.....


I Chopped Off My Hair Today

Or rather, someone else, namely, the hair stylist, did. (Good gracious that sentence had a lot of of commas) Anyway, yes, I got my hair chopped off rather nicely around midday. 
For the past few years my hair has been medium length, kinda wavy, nothing special. It could be cute, it could be a real pain. I could do cool things with it sometimes, but usually it lay down because me + my hair in interesting styles tends to be disastrous. 
My hair was getting to the point where it was too long for me, it was starting to look gross, become harder to train to stay in place (not that it was ever easy...) all the layers became drastically different lengths, the split ends were piling up, so I made my mother drive me down to SuperCuts. 

This is how my hair looked a couple weeks ago on the Saddleback trip:

Blahhh. I needed something short, cute, and funky. So, I took a risk, chopped of 6-8 inches of hair, put in a ton of choppy layers, changed my part to the side and came out with a new, fresh, springy look.

Cute, yes? I <3 it. I haven't had my hair this short grade. That, my friends, is a long time. At my brother's honors band concert this afternoon Lucy was exclaiming how much she loved it...because it made us look even more alike. (People are ALWAYS mixing us up for some reason...) Other people, like my friend Isabella, are going to be horrified when I walk into school on Monday. (Isabella specifically said to me yesterday 'DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR' Sorry Bella....) All in all, it's been a pretty good day :)


The Bagel Song

Hey, so today we recorded Bagels, Bagels (Oh My Soul) and it was awesome! We made a music video too, but here's the MP3 for ya :)


Bagels + Music. Who Knew?

Who doesn't love a warm, freshly baked, toasted bagel, topped with you favorite cream cheese? I think my favorite two bagels are a sea salt bagel from Scratch Bakery, served cold with just plain bagel, or a toasted everything bagel from Mister Bagel with yummy veggie cream cheese. Ooh. I'm really starting to crave bagels just writing about them! I must remedy that.
*Runs downstairs*
Darn. No bagels in the kitchen...oh well. I've got a couple slices of pizza from dinner last night, that will make a good snack once I'm done with this post.
Anyway, if bagels themselves are so awesome, what happens when you combine bagels with my favorite thing EVER- music?

Ahh, the result would be interesting, wouldn't you think?
Well, this is a story of music and bagels.
Yesterday, we had a sub in band, so we all just sat around and treated it like a study hall. I was sitting with my friends Hannah, Cara, and Isabella and we were talking a bunch, but I was also bored. They all had had homework assigned in their previous class but I had none, and 85 minutes is a long time to sit around doing nothing, plus I had forgotten my Harry Potter book at home which made me sad. So. 
First I was like 'Oh, I should do some practicing.' But all the practice rooms were taken. 
Then I thought 'I'll work on the coda of 'Bring Him Home'. But my chord changes and basic outline of the song home. So basically I ended up right back where I started. And I'm not sure how it started but either Hannah or Cara was like 'Write us a song, Sally! About bagels!' And they went on to explain how it needed to have noises that went 'whoop! whoop! whoop!' and it needed to start out really chill, and then be all attack like and then slow and pretty and happy. Oh, and there had to be chanting of 'Bagels, bagels, oh my soul.' included. 

So yesterday, I wrote them a song about bagels. And it was probably the most fun I have ever had arranging or composing and I was laughing throughout the whole process. But the song came out quite nice actually, and I have the computer recording in this video for you to listen to. However, please be warned that this recording is simply AWFUL. It pays no attention to dynamics, tempos, balance, articulations, fermatas, etc. Plus the slide whistle doesn't, uh, slide and make the 'whoop! whoop!' sound it's supposed to and the clarinet sounds like a 5th grader is playing it. Quite annoying actually. Soon, hopefully, we will have a much better recording that we play. But now I present you with my composition of:

Bagels, Bagels (Oh My Soul)


Signs That Spring Has Sprung

Ahh spring. Though it's gray and dreary out right now, the signs are all around that spring, if not sprung yet, is certainly in the midst of springing.

One sign is that it's RAINING. Not snowing, not sleeting, it's raining.
Honest to goodness, lovely unfrozen droplets, falling from the heavens,
melting the gross, dirt-encrusted, black, grimy, slushy, wet, snow.
These first few weeks of spring are when I am most happy to see the rains come. It's poured for a day already and I could't be happier about the weather. BUT, as I told my parents, I will love and embrace the rain until the snow is all gone. After that however, it is only allowed to rain at night, or once a week during the day. 

But of course, if it's raining, it means that the temperature is rising and must now be above 32º. YAY. It's  been 3 months plus of coldcoldcoldcoldcold. It's about time for some heat! The past two days, the temperature has actually gotten above forty. Awesomeness. Warmer weather, in turn, comes with a new spring fashion. It still means I'm wearing jeans (not warm enough for shorts yet!) but they are accompanied by light weight, brightly colored, short-sleeve or three-quarter length shirts instead of my winter garb. Who knows? I may even pull my hair back, or put a nice head band in.  And best of all- FLIP FLOPS.
For example, in the winter, an example of my usual attire would be this:
Dark washed jeans, purple and black plaid converse, long socks, and a tight black sweater. Silver treble clef earrings and necklace, hair worn down. Always down.
Today, for example,
Jeans, a medium washed pair, blue flip flops, a white knit short-sleeved v-neck, silver earrings, and my hair is going up as soon as I finish this post and take a moment to pull it back.

The air is warm and wet, the birds are singing, I'm wearing flip flops and life is good.


Treble Clef Gets Blown Up

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you

blew up your blog?

what about if you

planted landmines on your header?

and when your friends and followers went to read your latest post

the page exploded in their faces?

You probably have not wondered this. It would be an odd thing to wonder, wouldn't it? However, blowing up your blog in other peoples faces is actually, quite hilarious.

Olivia at Horsefeathers blew me up this I got revenge and planted some internet landmines on my header. So far, I've blown up 36 people. 
Bwahaha. Evil Sally.

And the best part? Pictures of the carnage.

Now, I expect that you want to see for yourself....

So click on the link below....

and laugh your head off as treble clef explodes.


badminton love

Confession: I'm really not that great when it comes to sports.      I'm pretty average. In gym class I can hold my own in the middle of the pack, not terribly awful, not amazing for most sports. I'm a bit better at volleyball, being a really good server and a decent player, and I usually make a couple goals in ultimate frisbee, due to the fact that I have an excellent goal scoring strategy.I'm a complete failure in football and basketball. Honestly, I'm so bad it's really quite hilarious.However, when the badminton unit comes up in gym?You better hope you're not my opponent.

I have no idea why I'm so good at this sport. 

So far in gym we have been playing a round robin short game doubles tournament. My partner and I have played ten games and won all of them. We only have two more games left, but even if we lose on or more of them we're still going to get a really good seed when we start our doubles championship tournament. Yesterday we played four games very quickly, winning 7-1, 7-0, 7-0, and 7-2.After the doubles rounds we'll be doing a singles tournament which will be super fun, because I'm even better at playing singles!

I have no idea how I got this good....I just picked up a racket in sixth grade and started beating everybody..... final words, if you ever see me coming towards you with a shuttlecock and racket in might want to get out on the way.*evil laugh*


VERY VERY EXCITING (please read)

This. Is. Terribly. Exciting.
For me anyways. 

Ever since the show (Les Mis) started I had really really really wanted to be able to share at least parts of the show to you. Unfortunately, that seemed impossible at the time. However, I have just found several videos on YouTube of the show (mostly from opening night) and I'd like to share them with you! It's not the whole show, but there are several scenes.

I Dreamed A Dream

Master Of The House 

Javert's Intervention/Stars

The ABC Café (Red & Black)/Do You Hear The People Sing?

In My Life/A Heart Full Of Love

One Day More!

At The Barricade/On My Own

Little People/A Little Fall Of Rain

Drink With Me

Bring Him Home

The Second Attack/The Final Battle

I really wish they had put the epilogue up there, but oh well. I hope you enjoyed these videos and I hope you could hear the awesome first trumpet :) 


March Musings

Yo peeps. LOL, I guess I'm feeling a little gangster (or 'gangstah' if you want to say it the way we Mainers do) Must be the new shirt I'm wearing...kinda gangster, grunge-like. Or maybe I just really wanted to start my post with 'Yo peeps'. I dunno.
Anyway, some musings on MARCH.

March is our 3rd month (duh), but in the time of the Roman empire, March, or what they called it, Martius, in celebration of their god, Mars. Just a little fun fact for ya :)

So now that it's March, I am so ready for the snow to disappear. That would be fantastic. I want it to get warmer and sunnier, and have the birds singing, the grass to grow, and for the early spring flowers to pop up from underground.
I'm tired of the I'm desperate for winter to end and not go on into APRIL as it has in the past. Seriously, a few years ago we got little snow during the winter, it was pretty mild, we got through March, it seemed like spring had sprung....
and out of nowhere, in the middle of April, we had two huge blizzards.

That wasn't a lot of fun, especially when we thought winter was gone.

This winter though has been pretty chilly and we've gotten a bunch of snow. The band room has been absolutely FREEZING since, like, November because the heat didn't turn on.
It was literally 51º (F) in there yesterday! Brrr! So cold, I had to use my plastic mouthpiece.
And then today, March first, what do they do?


And once the heat is on, it's quite nice in the band room, actually. 70º (F) this morning to be exact. It was quite nice! My only question is....why couldn't they have just turned the heat on last December?

So that's March so far....I always find it a long, and often boring month, so I sure hope it goes fast!