Linking Up To A New Series

Hey guys! So...I was reading some blogs in a bit of free time this morning and so I was scrolling through my blogger dashboard looking for something good to read, and I saw a post by my good blogger buddy Laurea, at CENTER STAGE. She had just had a brain wave and come up with an excellent idea for a series that I think lots of bloggers will enjoy. It's called Write Your Heart Out Wednesday (or just WYHOW for short) and it's where bloggers can comment in the days leading up to Wednesday with topic ideas, and Laurea will post the chosen topic for the week, and everyone posts about that topic, write an opinion, or a story, or a poem, anything on the random topic. Maybe she'll have us link back to her blog too, so we can all see each other's WYHOW posts.

Anyway, I love to write, and it sounds random and fun, so you can bet I'll be doing it! I hope some of you will too. Even if you don't, why not drop by and say hello to Laurea on Center Stage (linked in the first sentence). Poor girl has been going through a lot lately, and has been losing followers and she doesn't know why really, so a friendly greeting would probably make her day! Check it out bye clicking on this button here:

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[Laurea] said...

Aww, thanks for posting Sally! :) It was more for like actual writing, like if the topic was frogs you wouldn't be like "Well, frogs are an amphibian from South America". Haha. It would be more of a story. Just to clarify. I just don't want to be reading a bunch of essays about frogs. :)