WYHOW (chickens)

Today's topic for WYHOW hosted by Laurea at Center Stage is CHICKENS. I'm going to have fun with this ;)

bella skye felt odd. there was no other way to put it, just...odd. somehow, for some reason, she felt like she was in a strange and different world, even though she was in the coop where she had been born and raised, had lived her whole life. she ruffled her black and white feathers to see if that would get the feeling out. it didn't. she sniffed the air- smelled the same. all the other chickens seemed normal and unbothered, content to simply strut around pecking food off the ground. was it only her that could feel the rush of suspense, like a surprise just waiting to happen? she decided to ask casablanca, the lead hen, about this. casablanca always knew what to do.

bella skye walked through all the other chickens, past the little puffy chicks that had hatched only a week previously to where casablanca stood. 'hello.' clucked bella skye. 

casablanca seemed to have not heard the young hen, and stared off into the space behind her.

'hello?' the smaller chicken asken nervously.

the lead hen seemed to go into a sort of trance, her eyes glazed, and when she spoke it was in a robotic monotone. "there will be ones, who come from other lands, they will come, and it will be either great triumph for our race, or doom, obliviation. they are coming."

in horror, bella skye watched as a great cloud seemed to cover the sun and she her loud engines whirring above her. the strangers had arrived...

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[Laurea] said...

Haha I love your story! Feel free to give me some topics some time, I'm sure you will come up with some amazing ones. And I like your chicken prophecy.