Spirit Week And Homecoming

Wow. This week has just been really crazy- but really fun too! It's been our spirit week at the high school, and that means lots of competitions! (and the freshmen are losing badly...) Monday was college day, so I borrowed XanFan's UConn t-shirt, and Tuesday was class color day. Freshmen had to wear blue, which was quite simple, and sophomores wore green, but the juniors and seniors had to wear yellow and purple! Talk about hard colors! Yesterday was Tie (Dye) day and so I wore a tie-dyed shirt and a polar bear tie....snatched from XanFan's closet. Today was 'Decades Day' and I dressed as a hippie from the 60's. It was really fun.

Everything culminates tomorrow though with Red & White (school colors) Day, the big pep rally and the homecoming football game. Unfortunately, I will not be attending the football game....cause I'm going somewhere even better! Olive Tree's birthday is on Saturday and she's invited a few friends over tomorrow night for a sleepover. I'm so excited! I got her the most amazing present, but I can't tell you what it is, because I know she's really trying to figure it out. Maybe she'll post a picture of it in the post about her party though :)

Saturday night is a marching band competition and IMMEDIATELY after we perform, I head straight to the Homecoming Dance! Elránia and Bella will be there so it will be great. My mom and I picked out a really pretty dress, which hopefully I can get a couple pics of soon! ;)


On An Issue


Many of you have probably seen one of the buttons that seems to be popping up on many blogs over the past few days. 

What's this? You haven't seen it yet? Here it is:

Many bloggers say that they are willing to lose followers by putting this button up on their blogs.

Well, I'm willing to lose followers for stating my opinion.

So many posts with this button were cropping up, and I felt that I should right this post to tell you what I think.

In the grand scheme of things, it's all just love anyway.
Whether it's Male-Female, Male-Male or Female-Female, the principle it is the same.

Marriage is a union of two people who love each other enough to become lifetime partners.

Some of you say homosexuality is a sin, and the way that you know that it isn't right is because God says so. And because you're Christian, and believe in God, you know that it isn't 'right'.

Well, I'm a Christian.
I believe in God.
But I don't think that way.

In fact, I go to an amazing church that's open and affirming, meaning that we will accept anyone.

Shouldn't people have the choice of who they marry?

Denying that is just awful.

If two people love each other but can't be married because of laws that say that they can't, isn't that like denying them a basic right?

I'm not saying that all of you are wrong, but to say that it's awful, gross and repulsing, when it all just two people who love each other?

This is my opinion, and you have yours, but if you are with me, please take this:


A Short Tag From Elránia

When can you remember laughing the hardest?
Recently? When I pushed Elránia down a hill and she did a complete backwards flip. LOL.

What is one thing you're excited about for tomorrow?
Tomorrow? No clue. Band class?

How many posters are in your bedroom?
Um....a bunch.

What is one place you'd rather be right now?
How 'bout the SKI SLOPES.

What can you smell right now?
Homemade applesauce :)

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My mother. When I got home from school. LOL.

What is the corniest movie you've ever seen?
Lord of the Spoofs. The best LoTR spoof ever, by me Elránia, Olive Tree and Serena

If you could choose one food to live off the rest of your life, never mind nutrition, what would it be?
All the awesome stuff from Scratch bakery down the street :D

Where are you going next?
To read and then shopping for a Homecoming dress

I tag everybody who wants it!


Fall Traditions: Apple Picking

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This is a new series I'm hosting at Treble Clef called Fall Traditions (and will continue for each other season as well. Please think of YOUR favorite fall traditions and post them, and put the button on your blog!


(this is a post with just pictures- enjoy!)



It's been a pretty crazy week.

Of course, every week is, but as this is only the beginning, I still find myself crashing, and being really achy and tired.

Here was my week:


ODIM. So this is my alternate to TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday). ODIM- Oh Darn It's Monday. Monday's always hit me hard it marching band season because I'm still worn out from Saturday's show! And an added bonus to my happy Monday mood I got loaded on with the homework and I had marching band from 4:30-8! What I way to beat me down at the beginning of the week!


Always a busy busy day. Loaded downed with homework again, bells at 6, then choir until 9:15.....and then dinner.  *Snore*


What do you think is going to start this off? That's right! HOMEWORK!!! I also had jazz band after school and a trumpet lesson that evening. My lesson was awesome. I played my district honors audition piece and my teacher was like 'Holy crap, what happened to your sound? It's so nice and big and fat!' LOL. Not to mention studying hard for two, yes two, major tests the next day.


Yesterday, I had two big tests. One in honors biology and one in geometry. :P Tests are yucky and high school tests tend to be exceedingly long with a million essay questions. Gross. THEN when I got home, I was really happy because I had no homework. And then I went one facebook. Right away, I saw a post from one of my friends 'Ugh, so much homework, and I still need to do my new drill book'. My drill book! I'd completely forgotten! I had the drill already in a binder and all the details  in a dot book, but the staff wanted us to put the actual drill into a smaller version of the binder. Well, this was quite the predicament. All of my drill was double sided, which worked great for the binder- but not so much for the smaller book I needed to create. So thus was the trip to FedEx to use the copy machine to turn all 52 drill sets into one sided pages. Then we brought out the highlighters, paper cutter, hole punch, pens and yarn and I set to work. It took forever, but I soon had a good drill book. Phew!

And today was Friday. :) Happiness.

I probably won't be able to post tomorrow as I will be gone all day at marching band (show is three hour drive away) but I will post on Sunday sometime....provided that I am awake.


Hello Fall

Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody! (I said that to everybody in school today and they're all like 'Autumna-whata?') In other words, it's the first real day of fall! This makes Cornet Crazie happy. *psycho look* Now this is the really ironic thing: it's been like real fall weather the past few days. Sixties, mild, windy. very cool, very fall. And then there's today, the equinox, and it's EIGHTY degrees outside. Crazy!
Anyway, here's an update of what I've been doing:

I have my first tests tomorrow
I've had a couple French quizzes already, and a math quiz every day, but my first real tests or tomorrow in honors bio and geometry. I've been studying a lot so I think I'm ready.

We have a full marching band show
At practice on Monday we finished our show! (it wasn't complete before) We did a run-through of the whole production at the end and it was AWESOME. I can't wait for this week's show, which is a three hour drive away!

I'm running for Class Vice President
The winner will be announced on Friday morning and I'm really excited!!!!

Ahh....I love fall. It makes me happy :)

Plus I'm liking this fall better then last year's so far. Remember last year? Asthma attacks, balancing field hockey and marching band, not great teachers, swine flu...

And there's only a couple months until it'll have been one year since I got my pro horn.

Now that's something to be happy about :)


And this is why....I'm a band geek

So I was just looking around facebook, and one of my friends had commented on this page. And the page was: 100 reasons why I'm a band geek. I read through them, and sure enough, most of them applied to me. I thought I'd share this list with you today because it's HILARIOUS, but I did edit it a bit, there are only 62 instead of 100. :)

1. When you hear music and you start marking time.
2. When you walk behind someone and you're in step with them.
3. When you try to guess the tempo of your favorite song.
4. When you point out key changes and dynamics while listening to the radio.
5. When you like wearing your uniform.
6. When people ask you about your social life and you say, "Oh, you mean my flute/trumpet/drum/etc.?"
7. When you consider your drill book a fashion accessory.
8. When you never want to put down your instrument- it literally has to be taken from you.
9. When you practice your instrument more than you talk to people.
10. When people worry when they see you without you instrument.
11. When "armed guard," means a girl with a pole instead of a guy with a gun.
12. When band camp is the best part of you're summer
13. When you respond to "hey band geek!"
14. When someone says the word "box 5" and you automatically put your head up and start marching.
15. When you remember flats and sharps more easily than your name.
16. When you dress the lunch line, and urge others to do the same.
17. When you're alone and you suffocate because there's no one little comma you to breathe.
18. When your instrument has a name other than 'clarinet/trumpet/drum/etc'.
19. When you remember your instrument's birthday and forget your mom's.
20. When back marching no longer reminds you of ballet.
21. When you give your instrument a birthday party.
22. When Aussie feathers become a fashion "do".
23. When you see your section more than you see your family.
24. When everyone wants to kill the other football team...and you want to kill the other band.
25. When you think evening practices should last a half-hour longer.
26. When you can sight-read with no problem whatsoever.
27. When you can put on you uniform in less than 10 minutes.
28. When reeds taste good.
29. When marking time is your favorite form of exercise.
30. When you have a neck strap/harness/dot book tan line.
31. When you subconsciously start practicing your conducting with a pencil.
32. When numbers past 8 aren't important.
33. When you roll-step through the cafeteria so you don't spill your lunch.
34. When you'd rather practice than read this list.
35. When letters past G aren't important.
36. When you hear music and start conducting.
37. Your social life includes memorizing music.
38. You memorize tunes for fun.
39. You don't mind singing on the bus so long as it's the show music.
40. You step on the field again after summer vacation, kiss the ground and yell "I'm home at last!"
41. You can sing not only your show from three years ago, but the other band's show that beat you.
42. You invest in a mouthpiece warmer.
43. Wide open spaces urge you to march your show.
44. You have at least 2 instruments - a junky one for marching and a good one for concert band.
45. Dreams of marching are constantly in your head.
46. You wear your marching shoes to school.
47. The most exciting thing in your life is marching band.
48. You start to call the "football field" the "marching field".
49. You no longer think of yourself as a person, but as a dot on a drill book page.
50. You remember each year of high school by the show that you marched in and not the grade.
51. You sit in ready the dinner table.
52. You march in the summer to keep up good marching skills.
53. You have good marching skills.
54. You miss homecoming for a band function and don't mind.
55. Your band locker has more of your personal items in it than your closet.
56. You forget your sister's name but remember the first, middle, and last name of everyone in your +200 member band.
57. You add "Boston Crusaders Drum Corps" to your job choices after you graduate high school.
58. Changing your oil means opening up your case.
59. You see a piece with lots of high notes and say 'Yay!'
60. You forget how to walk normally
61. When you stand, you're feet are always in closed first position
62. Normal words like 'set, and drill' have totally different meanings then what everyone else thinks.

 And the sad thing? Pretty much all of these 62......Apply to me. Isn't tat GREAT? :) Now you know how insane I really am. Do any apply to you?

(School today was good! French class was hysterical- we were doing contractions à and de with masculine/feminine/plural and I think the funniest quote was from Bella to me and Elránia "The supermarket is a boy, you guys. And bakery is a girl." Haha.)


Featured Blogger: The Golden Eagle

Enter.....The Golden Eagle!

TGE is the author of the lovely blog The Eagle's Ariel Perspective and she posts often and her posts are fun to read too! Her look is very nice as well. 

What is your blogger name and why?

My blogger name is The Golden Eagle. I chose that name because birds of prey--especially eagles--are some of my favorite animals. :) They're proud creatures and I love to watch them fly.

What is the title of your blog and why?

The Eagle's Aerial Perspective is the name of my blog because I wanted a name that indicated a certain view of the world, since I started my blog to share my thoughts.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Well, I live with five cats but I think I'd rather have a single dog. (My mom wants a bichon frise.)

Describe your dream future life.

I'm a scientist working in the field discovering new species and new possibilities about Earth.

How long have you been on blogger?

I've been on blogger since February 27th, 2010. So almost half a year.

Do you have any pets?

Five cats.

Do you have any siblings?

Nope! Sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a brother or a sister, but I think I like my only-child status. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is your dream vacation?

Going to Kyoto, Japan in the spring to see all blossoms and exploring the city.

What is the quote that speaks to you the most?

"Live as if you'll die tomorrow, learn as if you'll live forever."--Mahatma Ghandi.

What are your favorite song lyrics?

"Here I am. This is me. I come to this world so wild and free. Here I am, so young and strong, right here in the place that I belong."--Here I Am by Bryan Adams.

Of these, which describes you best: Musician, writer, athlete, photographer, scholar, or artist?

Scholar, I suppose. I love writing . . . but I also love learning. :)

What faith do you practice (if any) ?

I don't practice any faith. I'm more of a person who focuses on rights, not religious reasons.

What are some of your favorite foods?

Chinese food. :) I'm Asian, so that might have something to do with it, but I adore Sesame Chicken, Lo Mein noodles, and egg rolls. Also, vegetable stir fry can be good. And those kebabs that I can't remember the name of . . .

How are you educated?

I'm homeschooled, and I love it.

What are your favorite subjects in school?

Science, Math, and History.

If you had a dog, what breed would you like it to be, and what would you name it?
I'm not fussy about breeds, really. If I was going to get a dog I'd probably go to my shelter and see what was there before thinking about a breed. But maybe something small with a good temperament like a Maltese. They're cute. As for names . . . well, that would depend on the dog and its personality.

You've already been on blogger for half a year, do you hope to continue?
Yes! I want to stay on Blogger for a while, definitely for over a year. I love the blogger community and all the different things that are going on online! Tags, awards, memes, themes, hops, parades, giveaways, contests . . . :D

What are your cats names?
Ah, the cats. Four of them are siblings aged 13 months or so who we've had for over a year, and another, older cat who we've had for over 7 years. The siblings are Cato, (she's very fluffy--sometimes I even call her that out of an old habit from when she was kitten and unnamed), Monet, (she's a girly-girl--except when she's around her brother, LOL), Tilcie, (pronounced TEEL-see--it's a take on TLC since she was a mess when we found her as a kitten and needed help. She had a wrinkly bald head, huge eyes, a spotty nose, and she wouldn't stop crying for milk), and there's the only boy, whose name is The Duster (named that because he's really, really furry and there was way in the past a group named The Dusters.) The cat we've had for over 7 years is name Hendersen. (Spelled with an "E"! I love names that are uncommon, and this seemed to fit his attitude.)

If you had siblings, would you want a brother or a sister? Older or younger?
I'd probably want a younger brother if I could choose. Mostly because I think I'd enjoy having playing with him. :)
So this is The Golden Eagle! If you'd like to visit her blog and become her latest follower, simply click on the button below!

*Want to be featured here on Treble Clef? Email me at


I'm On Top Of The World

You know the feeling.
When nothing can pull you down,
when nothing can stop your climb,
when you feel like everything is so perfect,
when you feel like you can fly?

It's the best feeling in the world.

And that's what a marching band show can do to you.

Last night, I felt so amazing.
The adrenaline rush before the performance was just right.
Not too much so that is was unbearable,
but the perfect amount.
The excitement building up to a swell,
marching onto the field.

Throughout the show,
I felt incredible.
Completely indestructible. 

And it went well, too.
The sets lined up,
people knew the music.
The colorguard was just great.

And even though it was only the first show,
our score was something to really be proud of.

We rate in stars.
One to five,
lowest to highest.

And to tell you the truth?
I was more nervous during the scores,
then I was doing the show.

As background information, 
in the first show,
nobody really does that well.
One star. Two stars. A three star? 
In one category, maybe.

And finally the judge spoke those blessed words.

Drum Major: 3 Stars.
Colorgaurd- 3 Stars.

I held my breath, not daring to believe these words.

Percussion- 3 Stars.
Music- 3 Stars.

It wasn't true...was it?

Visual- 3 Stars.
Overall band rating for _____ ________ High School: 3 Stars.

I let out my breath. We did so well, and on our first show too.

We can only improve from here.

If that was the first show,
Then I can't wait,
for finals.


More On Marching Band

It's FINALLY Saturday! I can't tell you how crazy excited I am for it to be the day of our first show :) As I'm kinda in a strain of posts where I teach you about all the wonders of marching band, today I'll catch you up on some marching band lingo, so that you actually know what I'm talking about, and then I'll talk more about today :)

Cornet Crazie's
Marching Band Dictionary

Horn Arc- An arc of the band (excluding drumline and pit) to do warm-ups during practice

Drumline- The snare, bass, and quad drummers. They marching with the band.

Pit- The cymbals, electric bass/guitar, and mallet percussion players. They stand right in front of the drum major's podium.

Drum Major- The student (usually a senior) who conducts the band from a podium at the front.

Drill- The visual movements and shapes made by the band on the field.

Set- 1. Each spot each member must get to within each drill movement 2. A short way of saying 'Band Ten Hut!' (Which basically means get your horn up to your face before I kill you)

Colorgaurd- The people doing visual movements with mostly flags, but also rifles and sabers.

Visual- Extra movements during a hold by the band such as a horn pop or horn flash.

Horn Pop- A dramatic bending of the knees to point your horn to about 45º instead of the normal 10º during a climatic moment.

Horn Flash- Often comes right before or after a horn pop, a quick bringdown of the horn to your waist and back to your face again. often down in three counts

Show- Competition with many other marching bands in a division.

So that's most on the lingo. And today is our first show! I have to be at the high school at 11:30 and then it's hard practice and our first performance and scoring. So excited :) Here's a pic of one of the last shows of last year:


There's Just Something About It...

That makes marching band so addicting! Something that even though it's very physically and mentally challenging and sometimes draining that makes you keep coming back. And back again. People ask why I would ever want to have 4 hours (and sometimes more!) of practices, and not complain. To tell you the truth, I don't really mind the long practices- we get so much done and improve a lot with each one! Besides, everyone can have a laugh during breaks, even if the breaks ARE two minutes long.

In marching band, there's so much to keep in your head, and on top of that, each season it's completely different! To start, there's the music. And at least in my band, the music is hard. This year in particular. It's usually anywhere between three to five pages in length and very complex. After the first couple rehearsals you've usually got it down as you're reading it, but remember, in a show, it has to be completely memorized. 200-300 measures of music- all in your head!

Then, there's the drill. Somewhere between forty and sixty drill sets, all with different counts to get there, holds, visual movements, spots on the field, and forms to create. And putting that with the music, with only the lines on the field and the people around you. All while staying exactly in step with the other seventy people in the band, marching with the drum majors hands, playing the music, and remembering where each spot is on the field, how long you have to stand there, the visual movements coming up, horns up/down, etc. Not to mention whether you're doing a forward slide, backwards slide, jazz run or backwards jazz run. And one of the most important things? Shoulders flat to the front. Even if you're walking in a line perpendicular to the endzone, your shoulders have to be parallel to the front. Ouch!

But that's marching band. You may think 'Wow. That sounds pretty impossible.' , and really, it's the certainly the most challenging extracurricular I do, but it's one of my favorites to. There's such an amazing swell of pride and accomplishment when you finish a show. It's so much fun to be in full uniform. There's just something about it that's totally addicting.

At least in the fall,

I do marching band.
I think marching band.

I breathe marching band.
I LIVE marching band.


Praying For A Friend

Olive Tree told me about her soon-to-be grandfather a couple weeks ago, right around the time he proposed to her grandmother.
I hadn't heard anything else, so I thought things might be OK for now.

Yesterday, I was at church from 6-9 in the evening for choir and handbells. 
I wasn't there to get her call when she rang my house.
But I got her message, and that's when I knew something was wrong.
Anyone who is friends in real life with her knows this:

She's not one for leaving messages like this: 
"Hey Cornet Crazie! If you can just give me a call back, that would be great. Bye!"

No, Olive Tree is one who forgets that it's a message and not a phone call.
Her messages are usually really long and rambling. And it wasn't like that.

And so when I found out what was wrong it was like a punch in the stomach.

I had never met Dodge, but I know what it's like to lose someone you love to cancer.

Hey. It's only been May since I went through this.

Pray for Olive. Pray for her grandmother. Pray for Dodge. Pray for their family.


Homework Free

It is a great feeling when you come home from school and only have a couple geometry problems for homework. You can breeze through them real easily, and then just chill and relax. Or even, just fool around on Acorn.

As the above picture states quite well, I can just relax. For me, that means lazily blogging about relaxing,  playing with Acorn and Photoshop, snapping random pictures in Photobooth, reading and eating popcorn. It's good, very good. And I'm happy, or at least I was until I snuck a peek at my planner. And it turns out that Cornet Crazie isn't quite as homework free as she thought, and she still has some biology stuff to do. Yay.....

Going to handbells with Elránia and choir after soon. YAY!


School... {a random post}

Yawn. You know what you guys? It is FREEZING cold here.

So maybe, 61º really isn't all that bad, but after a summer where days in the 90's were frequent, it's more then chilly. I *thought* I had dressed for the weather this morning when I put on jeans, a nice long-sleeved shirt, long socks and my converse, but I was so cold in all of my classes! Bella seemed to be quite cold as well, but Elránia...good grief. She was in a tank top and capris, and was complaining of the heat! 

The school day seemed to go slowly because of the cold too. Study hall was very long and boring (and there was a window open too!), in English we did a bunch of stuff (but there was still an open window) and then I met up with Bella and Elránia in French and rounded off the day with (:P) Geometry. After school I went to a meeting for our school newspaper, and guess what! I'm gonna be a photographer! I'm really excited, this should be really fun.

Other news I guess is that our first marching band show is on Saturday! I'm really happy, I've been waiting for so long it seems like. So I thought you might want to hear what the original music sounds like- and now imagine it in marching band style. It's pretty sweet. (These are actually it the order of the show.

2010 Marching Band

1st half of opener: Have You Heard

2nd half of opener: See The World

1st half of closer: It's Just Talk

(Drum Solo)
2nd half of closer: Minuano


Feeling Fall

Today is one of those days that feels decidedly fall-like.

It's between 54º and 60º outside, so there's a bite to the air.

The air itself even smells different. I'm not exactly sure what exactly it smells like, but it has the distinctive markings of autumn.

It's a day for sweatpants and long-sleeved shirts,

For steaming mugs of hot chocolate,

And bowls of buttery popcorn.

A day for church in the morning, a chilly soccer game of XanFan's in the early afternoon, Geometry homework and hot lentil soup for supper.

A day of low gray clouds and cold breezes rippling the grass as you watch from inside.

A day for turning up the radio and curling up by the fireplace.

Some people hate these kinds of days.

But me?

i couldn't be happier.


9/11 {9 years today}

I think we all know what today is.

The 9th anniversary of the Al Queda terrorist attacks on the United States.

When two planes flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

One made it's way to the Pentagon, and slammed into one of the walls there.

And when terrorists hijacked flight 93, the passengers decided it would be better to crash the plane themselves into a field where they would be the only ones who lost their lives, rather then have the terrorist plot unfold and crash the plane into the White House.

I'll tell you a little story.

I was five years old. I had just started kindergarten. I remember walking down the hallway in a line as we went out for an extra recess we'd earned when we were stopped by my principal. He whispered into my teacher's ear, and we had to go back to class. I don't remember much else, like I said, I was five. It's hard for a five-year-old to be able comprehend big complicated events like this! 

I always thought one of the scariest things was learning that the terrorists stayed overnight the day before in a town very close to mine.

And the planes left the airport in that same town.

That's freaky.


We Remember.


Tag (x2)

Yesterday Eldarwen posted a couple tags, neither of which I had done before, and she tagged anyone who wanted to do them!

(1) Would you rather have a cat or dog? A cat! Though I can't have either :(
(2) Do you like to cook? Yes, I find it quite fun and I like baking too.
 (3) What would you do with 1 million dollars? I have no idea. I'd probably start by buying some instruments.....

(4) Do you prefer being outside in the sunshine or inside reading? Both, it depends on my mood.
(5) Do you read my blog often? Um...what?
(6) Do you like big houses or little houses? Well, compared to many my house is on the bigger side but it's far from huge. I think it's the perfect size, so somewhere in the middle.
(7) Do you like starting your own tags or getting tagged? Getting tagged!

(8) If I dropped $10 by accident would you (a) return it to me? (b) go to a store and by as much stuff as you can get? or (c) donate it to charity? I'd return it of course!
(9) Do you like Janette Oke books better or Laura Ingalls Wilder? I've never heard of Janette Oke, but I love Laura Ingalls :)
(10) Brownies or cupcakes? Mmm...I can't decide.
(11) Have you ever had some beverage come out of your nose? Not a liquid of some sort, but my parents have mentioned that when I was little, some spaghetti came out my nose once.

(12) What's one embarrassing thing that has happened to you? 
Last April when I flipped out at my social studies and LA teacher when she picked up my pro trumpet....
and the second tag...
1.What's your favorite book of the Bible? I happen to like Psalms a lot.
2.What's your life verse? I dunno...

3.What's your favorite Bible name? Bartholomew. It makes me smile. :)

4.Ruth or Esther? I'll say Ruth though Esther is also awesome.

5.Abraham or Noah? Noah.

6. Who's your favorite disciple? The Beloved Disciple who we never learn the true identity of.

7.What's your favorite story in the Bible? Noah's Ark and the Creation

8.What's your favorite hymn? You expect ME the MUSICIAN to choose ONE? Are you out of your MIND?

9.Who's your favorite Christan author? No clue.
10.What is your favorite miracle that God performed? Me likes the Resurrection.
Anyone who wants to do these tags is welcome to them! 


The New Routine

After four days of high school, I'm really starting to get it.
Leaving at seven, first block starting at 7:30, school getting out at 1:50, catching the bus home, diving into my homework for most of the evening, (usually broken up by an activity such as trumpet lesson, bell choir, or marching band) and then crashing on my bed by 9:30. 

And today, my backpack weighed SO MUCH.
I had 4 binders, 1 homework organizer, 2 thousand page, hardcover, 15 lb each textbooks, 1 pencil case, 1 paperback copy of Of Mice And Men, and my planner. It was heavy!

But the nice desk I made this summer works great! As shown above, it's great for storing my binders and textbooks,

And I do seem to this miscellany corner where lucky pencils, earrings, coasters, bobby pins and my cactus end up...

And as it's a desk, it's perfect for doing homework! (which we have a ridiculous amount of)

I like most of my classes, I really do! I made a copy of it in Acorn with comments so you could see:

 So the biology is an honors sophomore class.
World history and English are CP courses, but I'm doing this thing called 'honors challenge' and so if I pass with that it goes on my transcript as an honors class.
French II is the sophomore class; I took French I last year.
Geometry (Math II) is a sophomore class too, because I took Algebra (Math I) last year. I get honors credit for this too!

So that's that. That's high school.

*pictures taken in photobooth and are not my highest quality*


Crazy Eights {a tag}

I've been tagged with this several times recently, so I thought I do it!

8 books I've read recently:
Crank - Really Good, yet heart-wrenching

3 Willows- Not as good as the original Sisterhood series but a fun read.
Prom- Laurie Halse Anderson...You just gotta love her!
Speak- Same deal.
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart- Deb Catelli, another favorite. Very funny characters!
Th1rteen R3asons Why- Amazing book. HEARTBREAKING.
Bad Kitty- Awesomely cool mystery book. So totally rockin'
The Wednesday Wars- One of my favorite Newbury Honor books. It's so funny!

8 Songs or Albums I listen to all the time (I'm doing songs):
Remember Me- James Horner
Breathe- Ryan Star
Requiem For A Dream- Lux Aterna
Someday- Rob Thomas
Fireflies- Owl City
If My Heart Was A House- Owl City
Vanilla Twilight- Owl City
Hallelujah- Shrek 
(and I'm cheating by doing nine...)
Thank You For The Music- ABBA
(or ten...)
Glitter In The Air- Pink
(I promise this is the last one!!!)
The Only Exception- Paramore

8 Things I love:
My shiny silver trumpet (and all thing music)
My lovely friends :)
My laptop
Writing free-verse poetry
My awesome family

8 Things I've learned this year:
How to play clarinet (That was interesting)
How it would be possible to sleep in class (*cough 8th grade science cough*)
How to make LoTR spoofs (Thanks Olive Tree and Elránia ;) )
Why you shouldn't pet your pet cactus. (OUCH!)
Hand-held pencil sharpeners don't work (ever)
How to take macro photography well (thanks to my new camera)
How to use Photoshop and Acorn (Yay)
How to create the best talent show act EVER (grab a couple friends, dress up as your teachers, come up with a hilarious skit and choreograph an awesome dance routine to Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok'.)

8 new recipes I want to try and make by the end of the year:
Spur of the moment idea #1
Spur of the moment idea #2
Spur of the moment idea #3
Spur of the moment idea  #4
Spur of the moment idea #5
Spur of the moment idea #6
Spur of the moment idea #7
Spur of the moment idea #8
8 Favorite online hangouts:
Treble Clef (redundant, I know)
And not much else

8 Projects I need to work on:

My world history homework
My math homework
My English homework

That's only 3....

8 people I think should do this tag:

Olive Tree


100 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Cornet Crazie's
100 Reasons Why
Fall is the Very Best Season

  1. School starting
  2. Temperatures are cooling
  3. Colorful foliage on trees- not just green
  4. The 'shush' sound of leaves blown by the wind on the pavement
  5. Chilly wind whipping through my hair
  6. Frost in the morning
  7. Sleeping with several blankets
  8. Cream of wheat for breakfast
  9. Apple picking with the family
  10. Hot apple cider in the morning
  11. A cup of tea after school, while doing homework
  12. Wearing jeans
  13. Wearing sweatpants
  14. Wearing sweaters
  15. Still dark when I wake up
  16. Late night marching band practices
  17. Competitions for marching band
  18. Getting dark early
  19. Putting up Halloween decorations
  20. Corn mazes
  21. Haunted hayrides with your friends
  22. Fireplaces
  23. Knit gloves
  24. Rosy red cheeks
  25. Soups and stews for dinner
  26. Cold rainy days
  27. First snowfalls
  28. Beginning to check ski reports
  29. No humid days!
  30. Honors band auditions
  31. Heavy low clouds
  32. Preparations for Thanksgiving
  33. Making apple pie
  34. Traveling to grandparents
  35. Or staying at home
  36. Homemade applesauce
  37. Capturing fall on camera
  38. Apple crisp
  39. Surprises for Christmas
  40. Out church fair
  41. Playing trumpet at above mentioned fair
  42. Less seasonal allergies
  43. Wearing my thick marching band jacket
  44. Marching band uniforms
  45. Beginning of jazz band
  46. Practicing Christmas carols
  47. Making Christmas lists
  48. Using candles and making the house smell nice
  49. Christmas playlist on my blog
  50. Putting my comforter on my bed
  51. Watching leaves swirl down
  52. Sticking a maple leaf in my ponytail
  53. Riding my bike through leaves on the street
  54. Seeing cute chipmunks with stuffed cheeks
  55. Slipping on acorns, and laughing after
  56. Scaring squirrels away from the bird feeder
  57. Sitting at my laptop by the fire
  58. Winning a gold medal at finals
  59. Plotting for my blogoversary
  60. Curling up on the couch with a good book
  61. Or curling up on my couch to blog
  62. Big, buttery bowls of popcorn
  63. Cinnamon and nutmeg
  64. And my mother telling me not to put too much of it into the apple pie/crisp/sauce
  65. And always sneaking around to put in more because you love it so much
  66. Loving the invention of UnderArmor
  67. Jean jackets!
  68. Corduroy hats with lots of pins
  69. Getting dark early
  70. Smell of woodsmoke
  71. Dreaming of the ski season
  72. The end of summer
  73. Watching pines and evergreens stay green
  74. Explosions of color
  75. All the yummy smells
  76. First quarter grades
  77. Meeting new teachers
  78. Albino pumpkins
  79. Pumpkins in the field
  80. Craving pumpkins
  81. Fond memories of old costumes
  82. Like the year you wear spaghetti and meatballs.
  83. Getting our laptops back
  84. Shivering as it gets colder
  85. Putting up Christmas decorations
  86. Changing the screen doors to glass
  87. Blowing on cold glass and drawing on it
  88. Christmas carols on the radio
  89. Little ice puddles
  90. Brand new school supplies
  91. A very busy schedule
  92. Prepping for the Christmas pageant
  93. Homecoming Sunday at Church
  94. New year in bell choir and singing choir
  95. Looking at decorations around the neighborhood
  96. Hot chocolate every day
  97. Wearing layers
  98. Loving chilly weather
  99. Celebrating fun holidays
  100. It's just that best. So HA!



And blustery it is indeed! The wind is whistling and blowing and is quite cold here at the campground. We went up to the pool where it was just a calm breeze and nice and warm, but me and my dad and aunt came back here to get the sailboat ready, but the way it looks now, it's too windy for a safe sail on our 17 footer. It's days like today that if we went out on the water, we'd want to rechristen our boat 'Scream' instead of 'Whisper'. It's an ongoing joke in the family.

But this windy, windy day also reminds me of a class for confirmation where we spoke about metaphors for God. And the one I liked best was God as wind, because the wind is ALWAYS there. Even when we can't feel it. And isn't that how you want to think of God? Always there, always present?

One thing's for sure if we take this to be true.

God is very, very, present with me today. ;)


Four Authors, One Post

Cornet Crazie

Hey readers! This morning, my family headed up to where my grandparents live. (Yeah, the same place I was over April break, 4th of July and 2 weeks ago) And we've got other family here too, including my cousins Ros449 and Lollipop. We didn't leave as early as we would have liked but we made it up here and picked up some lunch at Subway. Yum! Hurricane Earl wasn't really that bad after all so the day was nice and sunny- though admittedly VERY windy at the campground. We spent the afternoon lounging around the pool and swimming around, and now we're contemplating when to order pizza and maybe going out for a sail, as we brought out sailboat: Whisper. I'll turn this over to out next author now.


Cornet Crazie is so weird. Why am I writing on her blog?


I am very awesome and Cornet Crazie isn't so much I am awesome.


I like lollipops. Lollipops rock- but not more than XanFan. Today the water is wavey. 

 Cornet Crazie Again 

It's really nice to know what my brother and cousins think of me....


Meeting Earl

They say that Earl could be here any time between now and 4:30. In fact, looking out my bedroom window, I can see that he'll be here sooner rather then later. But Earl isn't a family friend, or someone I'm meeting for the first time. Earl is...a hurricane. And soon enough, we'll meet. Right now, this is what Earl is tracking as:

Still a hurricane when he hits us, not a tropical storm. 80mph winds. 80mph. That's windy!

It was all the talk at school yesterday. "Earl's coming." "Hurricane coming tomorrow!" "We won't have to evacuate, will we?"

But then again, we've known we might be hit for a while now.

We've known it's a fairly big storm, with a clear eye, or center. And if you don't know what a clear eye means, just check out this quote.

Sure, we are talking about Hurricane Andrew here in this quote, not Earl, and Earl is really no comparison to Andrew. But the eye is clear. It is still a serious storm.

But this is all in the past week. THIS is today.

"Hurricane Earl skirted North Carolina’s Outer Banks, with the eye of the storm staying 50 miles offshore. However, the Outer Banks were still hit hard by flooding and hurricane force winds.  Some local highways were closed, scattered power outages reported, and at least 400 people spent the night in shelters.

Now, Earl is moving towards New England.  Millions more people could be affected by this storm."

The hurricane is coming, that's for sure. The wind has been picking up just as I type this. We can expect Earl, very, very soon.