Hello High School!

Well, I can now safely say that I made it through my first day of high school! Today was condensed though, so freshman only had to come from 10-1:50 and we ran a mini schedule, etc. Bella, Elránia and I have a lot of out classes together so the three of us were sticking with each other for most of the day. And wonder of wonders....I didn't get lost! I actually can get to all of my classes on time without asking for help! I mean, that is just awesome. :) So my classes seem good, my teachers seem nice, but then again, only time will tell!  But one of the best parts of school today? Getting out lovely MacBooks again. So I've been busy with making my computer 'mine' again; and I've got a couple of questions...

Where can you get/how can you install desktop backgrounds? (on a Mac)

How can you make your folder icons be pictures other than little blue folders?

If somebody could help me with this, that would be superb. But yeah, that was my first day back. Bloggers, how have your first day back been? (I know some haven't started/already started) I'd like to compare!


The Golden Eagle said...

Congrats on your first day of high school!

I don't know how you install backgrounds on a Mac . . . I know with Windows it's just a matter of right-clicking the image you want, saying "save", putting it into "Pictures" as a JPEG or whatever, then selecting it on Personalization but I don't know much about Macs.

Squeaks said...

I'm glad you had an awesome 1st day at school! I'm homeschooled so I've been working all through the summer :( So I don't really have a 1st day, although I am more focused now that summer is over (crazy that it's already gone eh?).

God Bless!


[Laurea] said...

:D My school doesn't start till the 14th this year. :)