September means it's autumn, right?

Technically, autumn (or fall) doesn't start until somewhere around September 21, but people always talk about September being 'fall'. (Just like December=winter even though most of it is really fall) Well, I don't know if it's fall-like where you live, but today marked day four of another heat wave. (It's hard to believe that a week before I was out on the marching band field, ankle deep in ice water, being drenched by freezing rain.) It's been over 90º for the past few days and a couple of them we broke 100! That's fairly rare.  It's not like Arizona or anything where that's normal. And then, tomorrow night, we're supposed to be hot by Hurricane Earl. This isn't...normal. But then again. What really is? You all read my blog. Does anything normal really ever happen? I guess not. Or not often anyway :) Something strange is ALWAYS happening. But even though, it's 90º outside, even though tomorrow we're gonna be hit by a hurricane, the leaves ARE changing color, and it IS turning into autumn. So I made a couple sidebar buttons that you can click on, save to your desktop and put on your blog's sidebar. I hope you like them!

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