It's been a pretty crazy week.

Of course, every week is, but as this is only the beginning, I still find myself crashing, and being really achy and tired.

Here was my week:


ODIM. So this is my alternate to TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday). ODIM- Oh Darn It's Monday. Monday's always hit me hard it marching band season because I'm still worn out from Saturday's show! And an added bonus to my happy Monday mood I got loaded on with the homework and I had marching band from 4:30-8! What I way to beat me down at the beginning of the week!


Always a busy busy day. Loaded downed with homework again, bells at 6, then choir until 9:15.....and then dinner.  *Snore*


What do you think is going to start this off? That's right! HOMEWORK!!! I also had jazz band after school and a trumpet lesson that evening. My lesson was awesome. I played my district honors audition piece and my teacher was like 'Holy crap, what happened to your sound? It's so nice and big and fat!' LOL. Not to mention studying hard for two, yes two, major tests the next day.


Yesterday, I had two big tests. One in honors biology and one in geometry. :P Tests are yucky and high school tests tend to be exceedingly long with a million essay questions. Gross. THEN when I got home, I was really happy because I had no homework. And then I went one facebook. Right away, I saw a post from one of my friends 'Ugh, so much homework, and I still need to do my new drill book'. My drill book! I'd completely forgotten! I had the drill already in a binder and all the details  in a dot book, but the staff wanted us to put the actual drill into a smaller version of the binder. Well, this was quite the predicament. All of my drill was double sided, which worked great for the binder- but not so much for the smaller book I needed to create. So thus was the trip to FedEx to use the copy machine to turn all 52 drill sets into one sided pages. Then we brought out the highlighters, paper cutter, hole punch, pens and yarn and I set to work. It took forever, but I soon had a good drill book. Phew!

And today was Friday. :) Happiness.

I probably won't be able to post tomorrow as I will be gone all day at marching band (show is three hour drive away) but I will post on Sunday sometime....provided that I am awake.


Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Uh. Are you going to leave your caption..? on my blog? It's been there for..a while..Computer was mucked up so I couldn't anounce the winners and now I realized you didn't give your caption. Do you still want to? Anyhoo: Exiting week! It's so cool you get to do the Cornet stuff and band music and all that. :D Must be so much fun! Tireing, but fun.

Izori said...

That sounds absolutely chaotic! A bit like what I do. I wish there was a gentler transition between summer--doing nothing--to fall--doing everything.