More On Marching Band

It's FINALLY Saturday! I can't tell you how crazy excited I am for it to be the day of our first show :) As I'm kinda in a strain of posts where I teach you about all the wonders of marching band, today I'll catch you up on some marching band lingo, so that you actually know what I'm talking about, and then I'll talk more about today :)

Cornet Crazie's
Marching Band Dictionary

Horn Arc- An arc of the band (excluding drumline and pit) to do warm-ups during practice

Drumline- The snare, bass, and quad drummers. They marching with the band.

Pit- The cymbals, electric bass/guitar, and mallet percussion players. They stand right in front of the drum major's podium.

Drum Major- The student (usually a senior) who conducts the band from a podium at the front.

Drill- The visual movements and shapes made by the band on the field.

Set- 1. Each spot each member must get to within each drill movement 2. A short way of saying 'Band Ten Hut!' (Which basically means get your horn up to your face before I kill you)

Colorgaurd- The people doing visual movements with mostly flags, but also rifles and sabers.

Visual- Extra movements during a hold by the band such as a horn pop or horn flash.

Horn Pop- A dramatic bending of the knees to point your horn to about 45º instead of the normal 10º during a climatic moment.

Horn Flash- Often comes right before or after a horn pop, a quick bringdown of the horn to your waist and back to your face again. often down in three counts

Show- Competition with many other marching bands in a division.

So that's most on the lingo. And today is our first show! I have to be at the high school at 11:30 and then it's hard practice and our first performance and scoring. So excited :) Here's a pic of one of the last shows of last year: