A Short Tag From Elránia

When can you remember laughing the hardest?
Recently? When I pushed Elránia down a hill and she did a complete backwards flip. LOL.

What is one thing you're excited about for tomorrow?
Tomorrow? No clue. Band class?

How many posters are in your bedroom?
Um....a bunch.

What is one place you'd rather be right now?
How 'bout the SKI SLOPES.

What can you smell right now?
Homemade applesauce :)

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My mother. When I got home from school. LOL.

What is the corniest movie you've ever seen?
Lord of the Spoofs. The best LoTR spoof ever, by me Elránia, Olive Tree and Serena

If you could choose one food to live off the rest of your life, never mind nutrition, what would it be?
All the awesome stuff from Scratch bakery down the street :D

Where are you going next?
To read and then shopping for a Homecoming dress

I tag everybody who wants it!


Alex said...

Awesome post, Cornet Crazie


Shadowflower said...

Cool! It was fun reading your answers! Im gonna take it!