School... {a random post}

Yawn. You know what you guys? It is FREEZING cold here.

So maybe, 61º really isn't all that bad, but after a summer where days in the 90's were frequent, it's more then chilly. I *thought* I had dressed for the weather this morning when I put on jeans, a nice long-sleeved shirt, long socks and my converse, but I was so cold in all of my classes! Bella seemed to be quite cold as well, but Elránia...good grief. She was in a tank top and capris, and was complaining of the heat! 

The school day seemed to go slowly because of the cold too. Study hall was very long and boring (and there was a window open too!), in English we did a bunch of stuff (but there was still an open window) and then I met up with Bella and Elránia in French and rounded off the day with (:P) Geometry. After school I went to a meeting for our school newspaper, and guess what! I'm gonna be a photographer! I'm really excited, this should be really fun.

Other news I guess is that our first marching band show is on Saturday! I'm really happy, I've been waiting for so long it seems like. So I thought you might want to hear what the original music sounds like- and now imagine it in marching band style. It's pretty sweet. (These are actually it the order of the show.

2010 Marching Band

1st half of opener: Have You Heard

2nd half of opener: See The World

1st half of closer: It's Just Talk

(Drum Solo)
2nd half of closer: Minuano


Alex said...

Lol, apparently Elránia is warm blooded. I complained of the freezing cold air in my English class and my teacher told me to get some blood.

The Golden Eagle said...

It's been colder here, too--some nights it's down into the 40s!