completely change your bedroom in one weekend or less

Hello, pretty people, this is olivia from of horsefeathers. My dear little (and I use that term with the greatest possible endearment) friend Sally asked me to guest post, so I started considering options for what you all would like to read about.

A little background: I am an incredibly flighty and indecisive human being. I like change so much it's almost a medical disorder. Unfortunately, I happen to still be in high school and thus live with my parents, so I can't hop around to different cities whenever I please. Instead, I have a bedroom.

This post has more detail than you need and each section is broken into two parts based on your personality.
Mellow Myra- you'd like to switch up your room and get rid of the frothy pink drapes, but once it's done you'll be happy for a long, long while.
Ever-changing Eva- you are like me; never happy with one scenery, you require constant change. I switch up my bedroom every month or so for a totally different vibe.

This tried-and-true weekend plan is not only quick and easy, it's also cheap. If you're lucky, you won't need to buy anything — that depends on finding furniture, art, paint, and fabric around the house, but even if you do have to buy those things I'm sure Goodwill and yard sales will suffice. Under a hundred bucks for a whole new room.

Ready? Let's begin, and hang on tight — this weekend is yours, baby.


Myra: Know what you want? Lovely. Sketch it out, plan where everything will go, be meticulous. Your room will be stable for a long while, you want it to be absolutely perfect.

Eva: I'm guessing you have no idea what you want your room to look like. I recommend going to Houzz and ApartmentTherapy and pulling photos you like onto your desktop for consideration. This will help you get a better idea of the style you want.


Both: Scared of the basement/attic? I hope not, because if you're lucky they will hold a treasure trove of furniture, lamps, art, etc. that you can use in your room. (My parents were, once upon a time, buyers and sellers of Danish modern design furniture, so we have loads of cool stuff in our basement I can bring into my room at any time.) If not, go yard sale diving! There will be lots this morning, and you can probably bargain for prices. Flea markets are a safe bet too.

Don't despair if it's not perfect, because your good friend paint will help you out. If you find the perfect shaped chair but it's a hideous green, just grab some paint and make that sucker white. Or yellow. Or aqua.

One of the biggest changes you can make to a room is painting it. Repainting your walls (and if you can, your floor — painted hardwood floors are the new big thing, but check with your parents first!) makes a huge difference. PS: You might want to sleep on the couch tonight, because paint fumes are sketchy stuff.

Myra: Choose a color that will compliment your preexisting color scheme — be bright, bold, neutral, dark, light, whatever floats your boat. You won't be switching things up too much, so you could even go for wallpaper or stencils or decals. Very chic.

Eva: Please please please paint everything white. Trust me. Fabrics and art can add color and be changed easily, but if you do your room in yellow then decide a month later that yellow is the worst color in the world (sheepishly raises hand) you'll have to repaint everything. Make your walls, furniture, and other permanent features of the room white. You will thank me later.


Myra: Time to move in the furniture. (I recommend getting some help; don't want to scratch anything.) You planned everything out, and chances are you're already pretty neat, so you won't need to spend a lot of time on this. Add art, rugs, bedspreads, etc, and you're done! Enjoy!

Eva: Before you move anything, organize your junk (ever-changing people tend not to be very neat; I know I'm not). Baskets and bookshelves are your friends. Once your room looks a little more acceptable, get someone to help you move in furniture. Play around with it a bit, then when you're happy with the arrangement add in art and textiles and all that jazz. All done! (The best part is that in another month, just move things around and change the art and add/remove some rugs and voilá! Whole new room in under a day.)

Cheers, everyone, and have fun! Here are my own redecoration posts over the ages. Notice how most everything is white, and I use art and rugs to switch things up.




Hello! I'm Haley, Sally's friend. As you all know Sally isn't here right now so she has people doing blogs for her! My blog is going to be about GINGERS

So here are some facts you may, or may not, have heard of!!!

Less than four percent of the world's population has naturally red hair.
30% of women that die their hair choose red.
Red hair is a genetic mutation.(How I'm a mutant!)
A study in 2002 found that redheads need 20% more anesthesia than other people. They are also prone to waking up during surgery.(I had to get novacaine 3 times, and it still didn't work all the way)
Redheads don't get gray hair. They fade to blonde and then eventually to white.
When people call themselves "redheaded stepchild" they mean that they are treated badly.(Eek! I'm actually a redhead and I'm a stepchild!!!!!! But I'm not treated badly)
"You'd find it easier to be bad then good if you have red hair. Poeple who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." -Anne of Green Gables

Isn't that super cool??? By the way about the redheaded stepchild thing I'm not mistreated in any way, shape or form!

There are some very, very famous gingers out there! Such as Fred Weasley! Just so you know he is my absolute favorite character in the Harry Potter Series. I don't like the look of the actor very much but that's who he is! Thank you for reading my guest blog! Now I have to got to take my casserole out of the oven.


Sand and Sun (Guest post by Hannah G)

Hello readers! It's Hannah Here from The Caged Bird Sings. As you may have guessed today's topic is all about the beach. The beach is one of my favorite places in the entire world, because I can find so many treasures,creatures, and I can be free. Today I just  happened to take a grand adventure to the beach accompanied with some friends. Let me tell you the story.

As some of you may know it was a very hot and sunny Maine day. After quite a long and strenuous field hockey practice me, and two of my best friends headed off to the beach to soak up some sun! Even though we missed two buses, called the bus station 12 times, and stopped at multiple stops, we finally got to Willard Beach.!! Next it was time to tan, we hit up a great spot on the crowded beach and soaked up some sun. Well maybe a little to much.....

After looking through tide pools for mysterious things, picking up crabs, falling off pipes into the water, being burried from neck to feet in the sand, and getting to much sun it was time to head home. I had found some cool sea glass,and had fun with friends so overall was a good day.My friends are so great and I am glad that I have friends that will always be there to get sunburned with me :) . In the end  I did end up looking like a lobster...I hope someone doesn't mistake me for one. That would not be to good.

Thank you all so much for reading this post, and I hope you liked my little story. Do you guys like the beach as well? What is your favorite thing to do there? Since my favorite place in the world is the beach what is yours? I can't wait to hear your thoughts. have a happy blogging day!


Guest Post by Hannah Marie:

Hello everybody! It's Hannah Marie from Distant Hoofbeats. For those of you that used to follow my blog would probably remember that I deleted it not too long ago, but obviously I've started it up again! Though this time my blog will have much more photography than just random like ramblings. So what's my photography like? Here's a little sneak peak of what kinds of photography albums I'll posting on my "new" blog. 

I can totally imagine faeries living in these :) (yes yes i know, faeries)

This is Portland Head Light, Maine landmark!

Our garden grows the most beautiful Irises. Be expecting a post very soon on my blog with plenty of Iris photos like this one.

And of course, what would be my blog with horse photography? Yep, that's Jewel, I'm still riding her. 

This is one of my photos was featured in my Early Spring album. It has to be my favorite.

So yes, I am back on blogger and that's what my posts will be about. I hope you'll come and stop by my blog too. A big thanks to Sally for letting me guest post on her blog!


And On That Note...

Well here we are, June 26, the day that I head off to camp and leave this blog at the mercy of the guest posters.

I'm very excited for camp today, I'm pretty sure that I've been bouncing off the walls for about a week, and today I've been even worse. Maybe it isn't such a great idea to let me drive to camp...I'm so excited, I might just floor the gas pedal which would NOT be so great at all...I'll try not to do that...I'd like to get to camp in one piece.

I also performed a solo in church this morning, a very nice arrangement of a hymn that I have always had a soft spot for, Shine, Jesus, Shine. I was very happy to find that it was in a book of trumpet and piano hymn arrangements that I bought last summer and decided that it would make a good solo piece. By the way, it went very well, thank you for asking.

So now that I am about an hour away from leaving, I suppose I should say goodbye now and go have some lunch...I'll miss you guys but don't worry! You haven't seen the last of Sally. I'll be popping in over the course of the next month whenever I come in reach of a computer to update you on my life and travels, but as you recall, the blog will not be lying inactive in my absence! I've got about twenty-five totally AWESOME guest posters to write and share some stuff about themselves on here and I expect that you show them all your very best behavior while I'm gone, LOL. While they're posting comment moderation will be off as they do not have the power to moderate comments, but word verification WILL be on, just to prevent spamming. OK?

Bye, everybody! Have fun with all the guest posts!


Rainy Day Thoughts

It's actually pretty quiet in my house for once.
My brother and dad are off at baseball practice, my mom is in the living room playing some chill music and I'm just sitting here listening to the music, writing this post and watching the rain lightly fall down.
It's pretty nice to have a bit of relaxation.

Yesterday Olivia came over to spend the night. The original plan was to go to the beach today after our sleepover but we went nix-nay on plan A when I saw the weather forecast...and I'm glad we made that decision. Beach + rain = miserable.
So instead we hung out here and we ate enchiladas for dinner and jammed out for quite some time on guitar and vocals (Olivia) and trumpet (me). It was really fun. We also watched a couple of horror movies. Last night we watched  the 1983 film 'The Poltergeist' which was VERY VERY awesome-ly freaky, creepy, and scary, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes those kind of movies. And also don't be fooled by its rating of 'PG'. It is most certainly more like PG-13 scary.
And my words of wisdom on the motto of this film:


This morning we also watched the more recent movie 'The Haunting In Connecticut' which is actually a true story and wicked creepy. It was very scary, but enjoyable. It included some pretty creepy stuff though like post-mortem photography (WHY would anyone want to take pictures of dead people?) and cutting off eyelids for necromancy and stuff. Very well done and a really gripping and suspenseful story, I highly recommend it to you as well.
And again, my words of wisdom to you:


Quite simple things to follow actually, when you move graveyards, move the bodies, and don't do creepy stuff. This is what I learned at my sleepover last night.

Since Olivia went home, things have been pretty chill around here, like I said before. I had some practice up at church for a piece that I'm performing on Sunday, and I went to the library to get a bunch of books (obviously...) and I guess when I'm done I'll work on my packing for Pilgrim Lodge, which I am SO SO SO SO excited for and to which I wish I was going tomorrow instead of Sunday, but oh well. At least I don't have to wait until August, which would be torture. 

So yeah. Those are my rainy day thoughts.

Please take my words of wisdom to heart.
You don't want to get caught up in a horror movie.


Of Trampolines and Friendly Toes

Hello everyone! Yesterday, well, last night actually, I spent the night at my dear friend Lucy's house. As always we had lots of fun bouncing on her trampoline and naming a photograph 'friendly toes' among other things. She was feeling a little left out that she was going away and not going to be around during the whole guest post fest this summer, so we thought we would do a little conversation post for today because we haven't had one of those in a while. I will type in black and Lucy will type in purple. Why don't you say hello, Lucy?

Hello, Lucy.

Lucy, I'm pretty sure that I am Sally, not Lucy, YOU are Lucy, although we do get mixed up sometimes....

Pshhh, ladeeda. I'm hungry. GIMME A STRAWBERRY.

They're out in the kitchen and for the taking......

Your brother is a very boring person to text, Sally. Have you ever noticed that?

LOL, no, but I can imagine. So Lucy, what are your plans for the day after we eat strawberries, finish this post and do some trampolining?

I'll morph into a potato and sit on the couch doing something completely unproductive. Ya know, the usual.

Oh Lucy...I think I will do lots of trumpet playing (the usual), I need to practice a piece that I'm playing in church on Sunday, an audition and solo piece I need for band camp, and also Bring Him Home for next week at camp. Oh and I'm getting this reiki attunement thing which is like opening up a channel in you for energy to flow and I can like send good energy to people through my hands. It's pretty cool.

So you could send good happy energy to say, our dear friend Ttam? 

Who is Ttam? Wait, I don't wanna know.....SUBJECT CHANGE!

He's in your section, silly goose. But how about we change the subject to cheesecake?

I am pretty sure that on every conversation post we've ever had you have changed the subject to cheesecake. Now how many times do I need to tell you that I HATE CHEESECAKE! Although I do find Louie Armstrong's song 'Cheesecake' quite entertaining.

Ttam likes cheesecake. 

Lucy, you are not prolonging the lifespan of this conversation. Besides, I am getting very hungry for strawberries.
Let's show them the Friendly Toes and wrap this up.

Okey dokey. By the way, I took this picture last summer and the toes belong to my friends Hannah, Molly, Molly, and me. 


Bye guys!

¡Adios, mi amigos penguinos!

Oh Lucy...what am I ever going to do with you?


i'm permitted!

Yes, that's right.


It's very exciting, I must say. I got a 98 which means I only got one question wrong which I am very pleased about and my mom actually let me drive home without screaming so I'm proud of her too. *round of applause*
Anyway, now I can legally drive with a licensed driver over the age of 20 in the front seat until I'm 16 and can apply for my road test. Woot!

That's really the only exciting thing that happened today....
Some neighbors of ours came over for coffee and banana bread (very very good banana bread) this morning which was fun, and I also began doing my major laundry for camp which was....not fun. Actually I don't mind the laundry itself, I just despise folding it, LOL.

Just another lazy summer day I guess...


Hello Baseball, I See You've Taken Over My Life

Goodness gracious there seems to be a lot of baseball action going on around here lately!
Which is why I suppose, if it seems to be taking over my life, I should do a little post about it.
I guess we all like baseball in this family.
I played softball for several years.
My brother has played on several teams throughout his life.
My mom has come and cheered on every game.
My dad has coached teams of both me and my brother.
We all love the Red Sox and our AA team the Sea Dogs.
Yeah, we like baseball.
And yes, it seems to be taking over my life at the moment.

Over here at least, we're quite happy that the Sox have turned things around and have been pretty much demolishing the other team in the majority of games that they play which is pretty awesome. Turning on the TV to watch the game can be pretty fun.

My brother, X, has always played baseball at some level, and yesterday was his Little League championship game which was very exciting! X pitched the whole game and his team won the game and the championship with a score of 4-0. He had a good pitching outing and also got a wicked hit, a double, and ended up stealing third and scoring the first run on the next hit. Go team!

Today, although Father's Day, (Yay to all the dads out there!) is also baseball-infused. X has two games for his AAU team and my little adorable cousin, Sammy, has been playing t-ball this year and we're going to go to his game too, which is sure to be adorable.
Plus to add on top of all the baseball craziness, X also is starting on his all-star team! The baseball season seems to never end....

Yesterday we also had some excitement in the form of an early evening thunderstorm. It was kinda weird because while it was a large, severe storm, the sky never did get really dark. It was pretty intense though, because there was so much hail! Seriously, the hail just kept on coming, and coming, and coming. And it was pretty big too. Some pieces were quarter size and most were 1/2 to 3/4 of that.

Finally, I go for my driver's permit tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)


In the Midst of Summer

Being on summer vacation is a truly excellent feeling.
Yesterday was my last day of finals, and my last day of freshman year. I'm happy to say that I passed all my classes with high honors and am excited for a challenging sophomore year come September!
For now though, I sure am enjoying the summer.
After school was over yesterday, my friend Haley and I hopped on the bus and headed down to the local ice cream shop where we treated our selves to large amounts of chocolate ice cream topped with Reese's and plenty of whipped cream. Needless to say, it was a great start to summer vacation. I spent the rest of yesterday lounging around and playing badminton with my brother and my mom and I went shopping in the evening, which was good because I needed a few more summer clothes.
Got some orange plaid shorts a couple tank tops, and also the lovely outfit I am sporting today, some gray jean shorts and a aqua-green and white striped shirt. Very summery and awesome.

Today I simply relished being able to sleep in until eight, which is so much better than having to wake up at five-thirty every morning to a shrill alarm clock. Best part of summer- no annoying alarm clock.
This morning I went to my brother's final assembly at the middle school at which he received a number of awards, and then came here and finished ready Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows out on my front porch. I figured that I had to read it again before the epic second half of the movie comes out in July :)
I also had a practice up at church for trumpet, and soon I am heading out to my final driving lesson! I'm very excited...I take my permit test of Monday and should have that permit in my hands by 3pm, at which time I can legally drive. Bwahaha.
I'm also going out to dinner with my extended family tonight to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.
All in all, it's been a busy and fun first day and a half of summer vacation!
What have you done so far with YOUR summer?


Four Down

Oh finals week...oh joy. 
Finals are extremely miserable and annoying and they take a long time, but at least once you're done, you're done.
With the way my finals schedule, I ended up having six finals (I have 8 classes but there obviously was no final for study hall and playing at graduation was our band final)
Yesterday my first final was French, and I'd say that that was probably my easiest final so far. It was basically a common assessment measuring speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing. It wasn't bad at all- although I don't have my grade for that yet...there's always the possibility that I will change may mind about it being bad or not ;)
Next I had a free block so I went and chilled in the library before my second exam which was English. That wasn't bad either, so yesterday wasn't bad at all in terms of test difficulty! (Although I don't have grades for either test yet, so...)
Today, goodness, today.
I began the day with a very hard history final. Way over 100 questions, multiple choice, matching and a TON of short answer/essay. It was brutal, but I got a 95 which made me really happy :)
I had the second test block free and my mom took me to this coffee shop place where I got this really delicious coffee/chocolate drink that had whipped cream and was quite marvelous. I also got a really yummy everything bagel with veggie cream cheese and I ate these wonderful food items in a squishy chair and read Harry Potter 7 and emptied my head of history. There is really not much that is better.
Later I headed off to my geometry exam which went quite well too, and which I got a 92 on, so I'm happy.
Four finals down, two to go tomorrow (gym and biology) and I'm not terribly stressed about either and at eleven tomorrow morning....I WILL BE FREE.
A sweet sweet feeling. To celebrate, my friend Haley and I are going to get ice cream, and then it is just sweet sweet summer. Yayness.
And my brother has to go to school the next day...and I am SO going to laugh evilly at him on Friday morning when he has to get up and go to school while I have to do absolutely nothing.


Hello to Goodbye

Hello end of school! Goodbye classes! Hello summer! Goodbye to school!
Today is my final day of freshman classes before three days of finals (which I'm really not that worried about) and summer. Finals though aren't even really days of actual school though because you only have to  go for your test blocks, etc.
I had my last biology, band, history, and gym classes last Friday so today is my last study hall (which I am sitting in right now), and last english, french, and geometry classes. 

Now, I often like to compare what I thought of my classes and teachers at the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year. Some of you may remember this chart that I had made and put on here after four days of classes.

So, a comparison. 

Honors Biology
Fall: Lots of homework, but good teacher and great class!
Spring: My first impression was pretty much correct. Bio WAS a lot of work, but my teacher really knew what she was talking about and I learned so much. Though I am kind of glad that I am done with the class just because it was a lot of work and I'm ready for summer, I really did enjoy the majority of this class.

Concert Band
Fall: Awesome! Only two trumpets and I get to play first.
Spring: Well, there did end up being four trumpets, but I still was the sole lead. I really did love playing first all the time and of course talking to my band buddies was a lot of fun. My teacher? Eh...really didn't like him much although he was much better from the end of March on. It was still good though because it was fun to play with some other really great players and friends.

World History
Fall: Seems good. Like the teacher.
Spring: Yes, history was a good class. We had a lot of really rowdy people in our class but I think I learned a lot and I really enjoyed my teacher. She was really great.

Phys. Ed.
Fall: Eh...not my favorite.
Spring: Gym was never my favorite class, but there were some things that were fun. Like badminton! And I did have a good group of friends in this class which was nice. Also I thoroughly enjoyed the time my teacher brought in cupcakes....she was a pretty good teacher.

Study Hall
Fall: Kinda boring for a whole 85 minutes
Spring: Same. Though sometimes I would get good work done, study hall was mostly just absolute boredom. Spent most of my time reading Harry Potter and trying not to listen to endless conversations about lacrosse.

Fall: Good class, not sure about the teacher.
Spring: Let's just say THANK GOODNESS NEXT BLOCK IS MY LAST ENGLISH CLASS. I will be celebrating so much afterwards. I was sooooo right about being unsure about the teacher because he was pretty awful. I won't go into details, but he was just awful. Which made the class not a good class. So happy to be rid of THIS class!

Fall: Love class, really good teacher.
Spring: Oh goodness...I was so wrong. Most boring class, very annoying teacher, also very very happy that it is my last class today. Too bad I have the same teacher for the rest of high school French. 

Fall: Not that bad, actually kind of fun!
Spring: Pretty much the same. Although it was not fun, it was a regular class in which I learned a lot and wasn't too stressful. It was good.

Ahh. I'm glad it's almost over.


Finally, A Final Product

Victory is mine.

I finished the main writing of this piece a little while ago but then I had to format it for all the parts. Like the score only has the four basic parts, but there are a LOT more. I've got trumpet 1, trumpet 2, clarinet 1, clarinet 2, flute, oboe, alto saxophone, french horn, and trombone/tuba/other bass instruments.
I am extremely please at how it turned out, and I cannot wait to play it at camp in about two weeks. It also serves a dual purpose for camp because we're supposed to bring something that we've created and I'm just going to bring this instead of slaving over a painting or something. I've already slaved over this.....although it was not really work for me because it was very fun.
Anyway, the main point is that I am very happy with it. Yay me.

Also, today was the last day for half my classes! Woot! Except for the final, no more biology, no more band, no more history and NO MORE GYM. (The last one in particular makes me very excited)
I can't believe freshman year is almost comes SUMMER!


Standing At The Brink

Yes, this blessed time of year has come, the time of year when there is only one week of school left before it is SUMMER.
Sure, there are finals next week which won't be pleasant, but after 11:30 next Thursday...
I. AM. FREE!!!
No more freshman year, just ready for a really awesome summer, which I am pretty much already prepared for, because i happen to plan things ahead. A lot....

Of course, either like this weekend or right after school gets out I need to do a bit of shopping because I am finding that I am kinda low on good summer-wear. I think a trip to Goodwill is in order, plus a haircut would be nice too.
And as soon as school gets out, I am ready to have some FUN.
My first big thing is of course the fact that I get my driver's permit on JUNE 20.
On the 26th I head off to Pilgrim Lodge, then band camp, the Pilgrim lodge again, then a mission trip, and during that time you guys get to enjoy no less than TWENTY-FOUR amazing guest posts by twenty-four amazing bloggers. Pretty sweet, right?
I'm pumped for PL, especially this first week because that's what I arranged Bring Him Home for, to use in my instrumental music workshop. It's gonna be fun. Band camp too, I've been working like crazy on my audition pieces because honestly, I REALLY want lead trumpet...and well, I would really REALLY like first chair....
We're also doing a bunch of planning and getting ready for out mission trip which will be great too. 
After that I come back to blogging, and I'm not sure what is happening the first few weeks of August, but on the 22nd....the 2011 marching band season begins! It is going to be a really awesome summer, but I really wish it was here right now instead of in a week though. I wish it was here instead of me just standing on the brink looking at finals.


When Allergies Attack

Now, if you've been reading with me on Treble Clef for a while, even back to its very beginning as Cornet Crazie in Action (What was I thinking????? Treble Clef is soooo much better) or even if you are a newer reader you may have gotten the impression that I'm not the healthiest person ever. 
No, I eat fine, I try and stay active, I'm thin and fit.
But I get sick. A lot.
But you know what?
This year has been pretty good actually, health-wise.
No swine flu, or concussions, or tendonitis, or bronchitis, or really bad asthma attacks, or pneumonia, or the regular flu, or sinus infections, or weird things that the doctor doesn't know what they's been good.
I was out sick a couple of times but just because of little 24 hour stomach bugs and stuff. 
These past few weeks my allergies haven't even been that bad, though the pollen level was high. My meds were working like they're supposed to, everything seemed under control.
However, yesterday, my allergies decided to gather the troops and pull a full frontal attack on me. Those nasty, lousy, sneaky, evil allergies.
It started in the morning.
I was a little stuffier than usual and it was affecting my singing in church just a bit. At graduation (which was awesome, although they forgot a word in the Pledge of Allegiance {oops...}, and it was also kinda sad leaving some friends) we were outside and had just mowed and stuff so I was more stuffy and was sneezing a bit. 
Things got worse after I got home and did some work in the garden and by dinnertime I had a killer sinus headache. (hate those so much)
Getting to sleep was an adventure. Bloddy nose, not able to get anything actually out of my nose, I was a mess. (And it didn't help that my eye makeup came off my eyes OK, but refused to come off my face making me look like a legit raccoon) 
Let's just say it was an ordeal.
Today, was even worse.
Today the allergies continued their evil attack on me, much to my displeasure, and seemed bent on destructing my day.
It all started when I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.
Oh and the fact that my nose wouldn't stop being so awfully stuffy.
And I really didn't appreciate how the Sudafed that I took didn't help one bit.
First block biology was pretty chill and we didn't have to do much of anything so I got through that OK.
Band pretty much condemned me. Our teacher made us play, and of course, being lead trumpet takes a lot out of you even when you're at the top of your game.
By the end of that class, I was pretty much equal to a slug.
My head was pounding with a sinus headache, blowing my nose made things worse, I was coughing occasionally, and also sneezing, my voice was deep and slurred, and there were really dark circles under my eyes that had nothing to do with my makeup-raccoon disaster last night.
I stumbled through the first part of history and then lunch, barely listening, and then I seriously totally zoned out and pretty much fell asleep during the second half. 
WHAT???? I never ever fall asleep in class. It's just not something I do. I'm usually the one who is always chipper and raising my hand all the time.
Thank goodness for understanding history teachers....
After history was gym which was torture because it was outside and also my nose decided to have a rather bloody revolt getting blood all over my face. Not cool.
And then I had three hours of driver's ed.
And my brother's baseball game.
And now I'm dreading the night and and even more vicious attack of the allergies tomorrow.
Allergies. Oh you evil, evil allergies...

I hate you. And to take a line from Sue Sylvester, the evil cheerleading coach on Glee,
Allergies, you must be 'annihilated into oblivion'. NOW.


SAT (i survived)

As you can see, because I am typing this....
That makes me quite happy. Now I just hope that I got a god score....I would love to get a 700 or above, we'll see if that actually happens.
The test wasn't that bad though. There were some questions I had no clue what the answer was but for the majority of them I knew the answer or could eliminate several choices and then make my guess.
I'm pretty relieved that it's I have to study for finals because those start in a little over a week.

Also later today is my second actual driving lesson on the road. I had my first one on Thursday, and it went very well! I drove all around and didn't hit anything which is always good. After today....6 more driving hours and 21 more classroom hours, and that permit should be in my hand by 5:30pm on June 20th.

Also, I can't believe how soon the school year is to ending! I mean, finals in a week or so, SAT today, last night I played Pomp & Circumstance with about 20 other people (in a space that was about 20 square foot area) for the senior awards night and tomorrow is their graduation which I'm playing at too.
The end sure is coming quickly!



Once upon a time I was obsessed with the weather.
I wanted to be a meteorologist when I grew up.
This no longer really appeals to me, but I do still check the weather often because it does change so rapidly around here. I'm always on the hour-by-hour forecast, especially in the winter when I'm trying to figure out whether I actually need to do my homework because the next day might be a snow day.
I use it all year round too though and I find it really helpful. 
In the summer I'm frequently checking the thunderstorm forecast map, and the severe alerts map, and sometimes the doppler radar, although not as much.
This morning, I heard there where going to be some thunderstorms tonight, and sure enough the hour by hour and thunderstorm map told me as such.
I was excited because I happen to enjoy these storms very much, although not the really really bad ones. 
I was sad today in English when we heard thunder, but the storm didn't actually come.
Anyway, so I was it a good mood through school, la-dee-da, I went to driver's ed, then went to my trumpet lesson, no storm yet, la-dee-da, and got home and sat down at the computer and checked 
Hour-by-hour said thunderstorms.
It also said that I had a severe alert in my area. Thinking it was about the thunderstorm, I ignored it.
I checked the thunderstorm map.

OK, so severe thunderstorms. Alright, I can deal with that. Thunderstorms, no problem.
Next, I clicked the next bookmark on my nav bar to go to the severe alerts map.

OK, here's where we come to the problem. Those bright red rectangles there? Those are very scary rectangles.
They mean tornadoes.
And I don't like tornadoes at all.
I used to think they were really cool and awesome and still terrifying, but now they're just terrifying.
Long story short....I almost got run over by one at an amusement park on a band camp field trip last summer. Really scary. Pretty much something out of one of my nightmares. I do tend to have a lot of nightmares about tornadoes......and I'm always in the car and they just keep appearing everywhere and coming towards me....I can vividly picture about five different tornado dreams/nightmares. Eep. Anyhoo...the point here.
Thunderstorms. No tornadoes, k?

*UPDATE* no tornadoes yesterday....but we're still under tornado watch for today