Sand and Sun (Guest post by Hannah G)

Hello readers! It's Hannah Here from The Caged Bird Sings. As you may have guessed today's topic is all about the beach. The beach is one of my favorite places in the entire world, because I can find so many treasures,creatures, and I can be free. Today I just  happened to take a grand adventure to the beach accompanied with some friends. Let me tell you the story.

As some of you may know it was a very hot and sunny Maine day. After quite a long and strenuous field hockey practice me, and two of my best friends headed off to the beach to soak up some sun! Even though we missed two buses, called the bus station 12 times, and stopped at multiple stops, we finally got to Willard Beach.!! Next it was time to tan, we hit up a great spot on the crowded beach and soaked up some sun. Well maybe a little to much.....

After looking through tide pools for mysterious things, picking up crabs, falling off pipes into the water, being burried from neck to feet in the sand, and getting to much sun it was time to head home. I had found some cool sea glass,and had fun with friends so overall was a good day.My friends are so great and I am glad that I have friends that will always be there to get sunburned with me :) . In the end  I did end up looking like a lobster...I hope someone doesn't mistake me for one. That would not be to good.

Thank you all so much for reading this post, and I hope you liked my little story. Do you guys like the beach as well? What is your favorite thing to do there? Since my favorite place in the world is the beach what is yours? I can't wait to hear your thoughts. have a happy blogging day!

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Hannah Marie said...

I <3 the beach! (I actually live right by Willard) But my favorite place in the world would either be the barn or Jewel Island.