Once upon a time I was obsessed with the weather.
I wanted to be a meteorologist when I grew up.
This no longer really appeals to me, but I do still check the weather often because it does change so rapidly around here. I'm always on the hour-by-hour forecast, especially in the winter when I'm trying to figure out whether I actually need to do my homework because the next day might be a snow day.
I use it all year round too though and I find it really helpful. 
In the summer I'm frequently checking the thunderstorm forecast map, and the severe alerts map, and sometimes the doppler radar, although not as much.
This morning, I heard there where going to be some thunderstorms tonight, and sure enough the hour by hour and thunderstorm map told me as such.
I was excited because I happen to enjoy these storms very much, although not the really really bad ones. 
I was sad today in English when we heard thunder, but the storm didn't actually come.
Anyway, so I was it a good mood through school, la-dee-da, I went to driver's ed, then went to my trumpet lesson, no storm yet, la-dee-da, and got home and sat down at the computer and checked 
Hour-by-hour said thunderstorms.
It also said that I had a severe alert in my area. Thinking it was about the thunderstorm, I ignored it.
I checked the thunderstorm map.

OK, so severe thunderstorms. Alright, I can deal with that. Thunderstorms, no problem.
Next, I clicked the next bookmark on my nav bar to go to the severe alerts map.

OK, here's where we come to the problem. Those bright red rectangles there? Those are very scary rectangles.
They mean tornadoes.
And I don't like tornadoes at all.
I used to think they were really cool and awesome and still terrifying, but now they're just terrifying.
Long story short....I almost got run over by one at an amusement park on a band camp field trip last summer. Really scary. Pretty much something out of one of my nightmares. I do tend to have a lot of nightmares about tornadoes......and I'm always in the car and they just keep appearing everywhere and coming towards me....I can vividly picture about five different tornado dreams/nightmares. Eep. Anyhoo...the point here.
Thunderstorms. No tornadoes, k?

*UPDATE* no tornadoes yesterday....but we're still under tornado watch for today


❉╬▓rooke said...

Oh, wow. I've never experienced a tornado {and haven't ever seen one in real life} but they sound so terrifying. I've had dreams about them too. But being a Floridian girl some of my worst dreams are about being sucked into the ocean and drowning {even though I love the water}.
I really hope no tornadoes come. :( Keep safe girl! Maybe you could keep checking up and giving us updates? That's what I did when a tornado touched down in my area. :/

The Golden Eagle said...

There wasn't a tornado watch around here--but apparently a really bad storm hit the city nearby and the roof of the dance studio I go to was partially ripped off.

I hope there are no tornadoes where you are; and that the watch ends. Stay safe!