Hello Baseball, I See You've Taken Over My Life

Goodness gracious there seems to be a lot of baseball action going on around here lately!
Which is why I suppose, if it seems to be taking over my life, I should do a little post about it.
I guess we all like baseball in this family.
I played softball for several years.
My brother has played on several teams throughout his life.
My mom has come and cheered on every game.
My dad has coached teams of both me and my brother.
We all love the Red Sox and our AA team the Sea Dogs.
Yeah, we like baseball.
And yes, it seems to be taking over my life at the moment.

Over here at least, we're quite happy that the Sox have turned things around and have been pretty much demolishing the other team in the majority of games that they play which is pretty awesome. Turning on the TV to watch the game can be pretty fun.

My brother, X, has always played baseball at some level, and yesterday was his Little League championship game which was very exciting! X pitched the whole game and his team won the game and the championship with a score of 4-0. He had a good pitching outing and also got a wicked hit, a double, and ended up stealing third and scoring the first run on the next hit. Go team!

Today, although Father's Day, (Yay to all the dads out there!) is also baseball-infused. X has two games for his AAU team and my little adorable cousin, Sammy, has been playing t-ball this year and we're going to go to his game too, which is sure to be adorable.
Plus to add on top of all the baseball craziness, X also is starting on his all-star team! The baseball season seems to never end....

Yesterday we also had some excitement in the form of an early evening thunderstorm. It was kinda weird because while it was a large, severe storm, the sky never did get really dark. It was pretty intense though, because there was so much hail! Seriously, the hail just kept on coming, and coming, and coming. And it was pretty big too. Some pieces were quarter size and most were 1/2 to 3/4 of that.

Finally, I go for my driver's permit tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)


Jennoelle said...

I have a deeply rooted love for baseball. I was raised on it, with the Cleveland Indians being my family's favorite team. Though I don't follow it as much now, I still enjoy watching a game, despite some of my friends' protests that it's boring. ;P I played softball for years when I was younger, and all of my siblings have done t-ball/baseball/softball at some point.

Hoorah for baseball lovers. =)


Izori said...

*gasp* Driver's permit?

I love baseball. If it took over my life, would it also take over my algebra?