Guest Post by Hannah Marie:

Hello everybody! It's Hannah Marie from Distant Hoofbeats. For those of you that used to follow my blog would probably remember that I deleted it not too long ago, but obviously I've started it up again! Though this time my blog will have much more photography than just random like ramblings. So what's my photography like? Here's a little sneak peak of what kinds of photography albums I'll posting on my "new" blog. 

I can totally imagine faeries living in these :) (yes yes i know, faeries)

This is Portland Head Light, Maine landmark!

Our garden grows the most beautiful Irises. Be expecting a post very soon on my blog with plenty of Iris photos like this one.

And of course, what would be my blog with horse photography? Yep, that's Jewel, I'm still riding her. 

This is one of my photos was featured in my Early Spring album. It has to be my favorite.

So yes, I am back on blogger and that's what my posts will be about. I hope you'll come and stop by my blog too. A big thanks to Sally for letting me guest post on her blog!

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Crescent Moon said...

I love thee of jewel, she beautiful and the shot is just stunning!