Four Down

Oh finals week...oh joy. 
Finals are extremely miserable and annoying and they take a long time, but at least once you're done, you're done.
With the way my finals schedule, I ended up having six finals (I have 8 classes but there obviously was no final for study hall and playing at graduation was our band final)
Yesterday my first final was French, and I'd say that that was probably my easiest final so far. It was basically a common assessment measuring speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing. It wasn't bad at all- although I don't have my grade for that yet...there's always the possibility that I will change may mind about it being bad or not ;)
Next I had a free block so I went and chilled in the library before my second exam which was English. That wasn't bad either, so yesterday wasn't bad at all in terms of test difficulty! (Although I don't have grades for either test yet, so...)
Today, goodness, today.
I began the day with a very hard history final. Way over 100 questions, multiple choice, matching and a TON of short answer/essay. It was brutal, but I got a 95 which made me really happy :)
I had the second test block free and my mom took me to this coffee shop place where I got this really delicious coffee/chocolate drink that had whipped cream and was quite marvelous. I also got a really yummy everything bagel with veggie cream cheese and I ate these wonderful food items in a squishy chair and read Harry Potter 7 and emptied my head of history. There is really not much that is better.
Later I headed off to my geometry exam which went quite well too, and which I got a 92 on, so I'm happy.
Four finals down, two to go tomorrow (gym and biology) and I'm not terribly stressed about either and at eleven tomorrow morning....I WILL BE FREE.
A sweet sweet feeling. To celebrate, my friend Haley and I are going to get ice cream, and then it is just sweet sweet summer. Yayness.
And my brother has to go to school the next day...and I am SO going to laugh evilly at him on Friday morning when he has to get up and go to school while I have to do absolutely nothing.

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