The poll on what is your favorite subject and the results 3rd place with 1 vote each are....................Gym and Social Studies!!!!!!!! In second place with 2 votes.............Art! And tied for first place...............drumroll please..............Industrial Tech and Band!!!! Thanks for voting and please participate in my new poll "how much do you like band?"

random stuff about my day

1. the new blog i added to my list is my mom's
2. we have a math quiz on thursday (boo)
3. i presented my disease project in science, went very well
4. got hit in the eye really hard in the eye and head with a soccer ball during gym (i wasn't even playing it was my rotations bench turn and i turned my head and, BAM!)
5. LA was soooo boring 'cause i'm done with my story
6. french was really fun; our teacher started randomly singing when we were all quiet (she does that a lot) and then somebody laughed and she said really loudly "Es'cuesemwa?!?!" I'm pretty sure that not how you say it but it's how to pronounce Excuse Me in french.
7. my french teacher's plant is drooping and it needs a new pot.
8. If the plant dies, Fuzzywhisker says she will bring me to court for murder of it. (i'm in charge of the plant 'cause my teacher has killed all her other ones)
9. the rest of the day was just regular and boring


stinky scale factors

do you like math? i do- when we do cool stuff like algebra and long division. but scale factors? yuck!!!!!! oh well, band sectional next and then science. it's good to get the worst subject over with at the beginning of the day.

rainy day randomness

it is yucky and rainy out
i have math next
the quarter ends friday
the trophy is on display in the main office
i have home lunch
the announcement are going on now so i better get off now......


what happened yesterday

As you know yesterday was the state jazz festival and..........Mahoney won 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I can't belive that we missed a one (the best) by a 1/3 of a point. All our soloists got ones though so that is great. And great job to Rainfire's band getting 4th in their division.


it's today!!!!!!

today's the big day!!!!!!!!! I will be leaving to go to Mahoney in just about an hour. i'm soooo excited. rainfire-you've already left, i know, but good luck, i'll see you there! please cheer us on everyone! and also, earth hour is tonight from 8:30-9:30 so turn off your lights and power for an hour. they're trying to make the whole world go dark.


state jazz!!!!!!!!!

Well my friends.........tomorrow's the big day!!!!! It time for the state jazz festival! We are playing 3 songs. Sing Sing Sing, a fast heavy swing with lots of accents, and a tenor, trombone, drum and cornet solo. All Blues (My personal favorite) a medium swing with 3 cornet solos, one is with a harmon mute that totaly warps the sound and sounds oh so cool, and an alto solo. And lastly Caravan a fast paced latin/swing that I have 1st part on, and has a tenor and trumpet solo. So I'm going and so is Honeypelt (both for Mahoney) and the Rainfire is going for Greely. I obviously play cornet, Honeypelt (or Bellacat) plays flute and Rainfire (or HorseFeathers) plays bass. It's going to be a lot of fun, a long bus ride, good food, and lastly LOTS OF GREAT JAZZ!

(oh and our former student teacher is coming too. yay!! yippe skippe!)

Chorus Concert

We had our chorus concert last night. (I also had my parent teacher conference before. All 4's yay!) Anyway, I think we did really well. I know we messed up De Colores but I think select did really well doing In This Ancient House (boy was that Japenese hard!) and Come in to the Firefly Darkness was absolutly beautiful. Great job to all who participated!!!!!!!!


It was just kinda weird...........

Well I just got back from our half day wanderings and I thought that might be interested in hearing something random tyhat happened this morning. Me and Fuzzywhisker were sitting outside Mudshadow's homeroom with her this morning before homeroom. We couldn't get in because the door was locked. Anyway, Mrs. Barry comes up the stairs (with a ton of stuff) and says, "please carry this snare drum and stand and set it up on the stage for me. it's part of your punishment for yesterday" I said sure and take the drum and set off. After the drum is all set up I am headed back when I almost step on this random flute that is just lying there on the middle of the floor. Strange isn't it? And then of course I pick it up and go find Mrs. Barry who says "What are you doing now? Stealing flutes?" I wonder who's it was? First I find this drumstick in my locker, then I forget my cornet, then I almost step on a flute. Strange things seem to happen when I'm around.



yay it's a half day today!!! we are going to lunch in millcreek today. ahhhhhhhh.......done with all be math work so free time. yay......................



This is Spottedstar being very very forgetful........

Worst nightmare ok?.............I'm all set for school. Remembered everything; all that homework, and stuff for chorus practice and after school right? No. I get to jazz band and stop oudside my teacher's door and am talking to her when I realize something horrible! I left my cornet at my band teacher said in an e-mail to my mom (not about me forgeting, about the jazz festival, thank goodness!) "She almost had a coronary, but don't worry I got even-She had to use a trumpet instead!" So all in all not the best start to your day.........


Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter. In fact, I just finished watching the first movie. Yay! I like all the movies and all the books, but my favorites are the

7th, 6th, and 4th (in that order)
Just look at this blue sky! I love spring. My friend wore flip-flops to school today. She's crazy. It was freezing outside!

blah........math quiz

Just took a math quiz. Blah................ I hate quizzes. I have gym next. I think we are starting indoor soccer today. Anyway it's better that Korfball. Weirdest sport on the planet. Well I think I'm going to go work on my story now.



hey if you go to this site you can click on "video clips" or "sound clips" and you can watch/hear any song from concerts and the distict jazz festival. check it out!!!!

busy weekend

wow. been a busy weekend. yesterday, my brother's floor hockey game, shopping, and guests. today church, Harlem Globetrotters, and I don't know what else, probably work on the story I've started writing, Trumpet's Secret. It is fictional but the people, and places and some of the events are real. well I think I'm going to go have breakfast. mmmmmmmm........chocolate muffin.


Pirate day!!!!!!!

Arrrrrrrr! Ahoy me mateys! Yesterday was National Pirate Day. Me and some of my friends had eye patches, one earring, and parrots to celebrate. It was very fun. Sure pirates were mainly bad, but hey led very interesting and often tragic lives.


i woke up at 1am this morning and my left shoulder and arm hurt so bad i thought they were going to fall off! and they're no better this morning. ouch..............



boo hoo. our student teacher left today. we had a special thing in workshop. it was good. ms. tate loved the scrapbook and card we made her. i couldn't help but cry a little at the end. she was so good..............

boo hoo! :(

Boo Hoo! Our student teacher in band has to leave today. She's been really good, funny and kind and I think lots of people will miss her. I know I will. *Remember ALL Mahoney band members to auditorium for workshop!!!!!!!!! But be quick! We will try to surprise Ms. Tate!


for the people who are peasants in drama.......

yes i know it is sooooooooooo unfair but i have an idea. we have the smallest parts and are mostly going to be sitting around doing nothing pretty much all the time right? soooo why don't we ask Mrs. B if we can work on set and costumes. Then we'd be doing something and we'd be avoiding the last minute set frnzy. tell me what you think. if we can't do this, well..........let's just say id prefer not to have to cut my solo practice time short to do nothing.


(get it? Spotted, ::::, Star, *)


in science.....

i am in science class. we didn't really do anything much at all. we just cut paper in half so we could see how close we could get to the nanoscale. ok i guess but not that fun. LA next. ugh. and then health. quadrouple ugh. booooooo


Wow that was quite a concert last night! Great job all Mahoney band kids!!!!!!!!


7th/8th band

in 7th grade band i will be the MC yay! we are playing, Matrix, American Patrol, and Music from Pirates of the Caribbean. In 8th grade band we are playing 1812 Overture, (original form!) Normandy Beach and Crimebusters which is this awesome medly of Dragnet, Mission Impossible Theme, Get Smart and Secret Agent Man. Only 1 hr and 50 min till i leave my house to go to the high school!!!!!!!!

Performance Jazz

Tonight we wil be playing a song called Sing, Sing, Sing. It is a swing with a very very fast tempo and LOTS of accents. It is a piece where you don't want to not look at the concuctor because there are weird rests and entrances. I have second on this which I don't mind because I found out at the beginning of the year that 1st has the high notes and 2nd gets the solos. So I went with high notes for Training and solos in Performance. (I did it this way 'cause in Training, Mrs, Barry let's ANYONE have a solo. Even the 1st trumpet!) I came up with a really neat solo with high notes, trills, mute, all that cool stuff and now it sounds awesome!
I CAN'T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've held back.......but now i HAVE to totally talk about band

Sorry but I NEED to talk about tomorrow's concert. Like Rainfire said I will be posting like crazy! I just can't help myself! I LOVE to talk about band! Any way our theme for tomorrow is Heroes. Now I will just tell you a little of what is happening in each band 'cause I can't control myself!

Training Jazz: This will be the first time that TJ will be performing! We are playing a song called First Class. I am lead trumpet (that's the PART I play NOT the INSTRUMENT!) or first but unfortunatly the part only differs in the coda. Booooooooooo. Hisssssssssssssssss. Oh well it's kinda fun.........
-..... *


new poll

i took the old poll of 'cause nobody was voting!!!!!! On my new poll please only vote once, like not on 2 different computers please, and please vote so i have accurate results!


I just got back from bowling with my YM church group. I was very fun. I came in 2nd with 105 points. Not bad............for me. Yeah the people who bowled with me last year on our end of year trip will remember me as being a terrible bowler. Please do not think of me this way. If you reflect back you will remember that MY RIGHT ARM WAS IN A SLING AT THE TIME. Oh well i gotta go give my cornet a bath so that it will sound really good on Teusday at the concert. But more about that later......

Why July and August are in the Calender

So most of you probably know that a long time ago there were only 10 months in a year. If you didn't, well now you do. But then see, Augustus Cesar comes around and says "I want a month named after me." And so the month August came to be. So of course when Julius takes over he says "Well I want a month named after me too!" And that was the beginning of July. Those stinkn' Roman the way I am posting this because Augustus was assassinated on the 15 of March. (Today)


Randomness at 8 o'clock in the morning

This is weird. My brother just says, "Do you know what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets when he died?" Well I didn't know, but the answer is this, a pocket knife, papers, pen, pencil and more papers in his hat. Strangeness..........


strange happenings at my locker

Something very bizarre happened this afternoon. (I'm sorry it does have to do a little about band but not in the way that you think) Anyway after drama Mudshadow and I went to my locker. I got everything out except for my back pack because one of the straps was caught on something in the little slot on the left hand side of the locker. (Mahoney kids you know what I'm talking about.) Anyway I kept pulling and it finally came out. But in had also dislodged a piece of thin round wood. I pulled it out and much to my surprise I found a drumstick! How weird is that? Something for percussion in a cornet player's REGULAR locker. NOT my BAND locker my REGULAR one. Strange things happen at Mahoney.............


2 things

OK I have 2 things I will say, well perhaps more but i'll try not to.

#1. I didn't have to deal with a no band day!!!!!!!!! (I got to help out with 6th grade band =D )

#2. In my posts I will try not to talk about band quite so much. While that may seem impossible I think I can do it. Now remember this is just cutting back, not being completly devoid of it. K? K.

OK I do have more to say. (I knew I would, didn't I?!)

#3 As you may have noticed I have added some more blogs to my blog list. They are all great and you should check them out!

And lastly, #4 If you are new to my blog, hi I'm Spottedstar! (Hello Spottedstar, it's nice to meet you!) Thanks. It's nice to meet you too. Anyway, Please follow!


When there's no band.......

Mudshadow asked what I would do on a day without band. Well, I'd obviously not be the happiest camper ever, but I mean look on the bright side! There's still plenty of time for at home practice! Plus there's that 3 band Tuesday or Thursday to look forward to for the next day......

last 4 band tuesday........

because honors is over there is no more practice. but we have a long jazz rehearsal after school! yay!


it's suddenly gotten a whole lot louder around here......

Well as if one brass player wasn't enough for this family. Nope it wasn't. my brother will be in 5th grade next year (old enough to play in band) and he got his trombone yesterday. *headache* *runs to get earmuffs* Got a slide position chart off internet. Trombones are actually pretty cool. I tried to play it and you wouldn't believe how huge the mouthpiece feels compared to my cornet one. I have a size 4 Conn and a size 5C Bach and the trombone one is a size 12!


So my "GREAT FRIEND" Rainfire take the picture of my cornet of my blog and photoshops it. And this is what the results are. THANKS A LOT. no it's funny. hahaha. You did a nice job. I'll show it to Mrs. Barry on Monday.


my cornet!!!!!!!!

this is my cornet sitting on its case. sorry my knees are in the pic i'm not that great with a camera. (unlike rainfire) it is 37 years old but the case is brand new. it was my dad's old cornet. notice the compactness, and the conical tubing. it is a great instrument and i hope to play it for years to come.


pros and cons of tomorrow being a snow day

let's start with the bad shall we?

* it's our 6th snow day

* i won't have an even day tuesday/thursday again

* i will miss my friends and teachers

* i left all my band music at school

* i will miss french


* there will be a lot of snow to play in

* we will mis the first day of MEA's

* i won't be missing any band

OK snow BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poll update

well my first poll is over. it seems that the majority of people play piano, but some others voted, flute, cornet, alto sax, and clarinet. thanks to those of you who voted. i still want to know who plays the alto sax by the way. if you have any ideas for polls please let me know in a comment.