2 things

OK I have 2 things I will say, well perhaps more but i'll try not to.

#1. I didn't have to deal with a no band day!!!!!!!!! (I got to help out with 6th grade band =D )

#2. In my posts I will try not to talk about band quite so much. While that may seem impossible I think I can do it. Now remember this is just cutting back, not being completly devoid of it. K? K.

OK I do have more to say. (I knew I would, didn't I?!)

#3 As you may have noticed I have added some more blogs to my blog list. They are all great and you should check them out!

And lastly, #4 If you are new to my blog, hi I'm Spottedstar! (Hello Spottedstar, it's nice to meet you!) Thanks. It's nice to meet you too. Anyway, Please follow!


Mudshadow said...

i highly doubt that you will ever have to deal with a "no band day". anyway, check out the latest post on my blog!

Warriors of SunClan said...

ok i will!