Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter. In fact, I just finished watching the first movie. Yay! I like all the movies and all the books, but my favorites are the

7th, 6th, and 4th (in that order)
Just look at this blue sky! I love spring. My friend wore flip-flops to school today. She's crazy. It was freezing outside!


Mudshadow said...

cool. how many PG-13 movies have you seen?

Spottedstar said...

erm. i duno?

Anonymous said...

sad. I've seen an R movie. Just one. (life of Brian)

Mudshadow said...

i've seen 4 or 5 PG-13 movies. and 1 R. Pan's Labryinth. didn't spell that right

Anonymous said...

OMG, just 4 or 5?! Jeez! I've seen more than that... and I thought MY parents were strict u poor thing!