Today is my only workshop. This means that I get to do my homework!! :) This is REALLY good 'cause I have field hockey AND marching band tonight! :o

This is a really random doodle that I drew in Math class. LOL.


Home Show Last Night

All I can say is- wow. Unbelievable. Marching onto that field on your home turf with so many people in the stands, so many of them friends from school and whatnot.........AMAZING. And we did really well too. We got almost all '3' ratings and ended up with an overall 3. We were again, the best band there!



Teen Girl's Daybook, Week One

Week One

Date... September 26 2009
Starting time... 10:23 AM
Mood... Content
Outside my window... Everything is still
I'm thinking... About the show today
I'm reading... The Fellowship of the Ring
I'm listening to... My brother yell
I'm wearing... Jeans and a band t-shirt
Yesterday, I... Went to school and the dance
I'm excited for... The show tonight!
I'm sad because... Last night's DJ was awful
I'm hungry for...Chocolate!
The song stuck inside my head is... "The Planets" ugh....
I want... no homework
I loathe... band quitters
This week, my goal is... to learn some new notes on the trombone
Did I meet last week's goal?... n/a
Ending time... 10:27 AM



So tonight was the first school dance! Here's where you go into something expecting it to be awesome and then it really isn't. Like 7th grade. Like the final all-city last year. Like the library sponsored dance. Yeah. It was fun; Super Gato, Elránia, Bella and all my friends (except my boyfriend :[ ) were there so that was cool. The bad part was that we had a HORRIBLE DJ! His equipment kept messing up (he even played 2 songs at once one time) and he didn't play any requested songs! Grrrrrr. This meant that Super Gato and Elránia and I couldn't do our awesome dance routine from last year's talent show. =[ Sad.

Other news is that Elránia found me my LoTR name. Get ready for this......

Eldénwen: Messenger of Mordor

Haha! I am EVIL!!!!!!!


awesome picture and question

Don't you LOVE this picture? I think it represents me well.

I'm still sick and at home, which means I'm missing my field hockey games. Sad. But necessary.

Finally, should I add a "I'm feeling....." to my side bar? I don't want to copy but I think it would be cool. I'm going to add it and also tell me yours thoughts in a comment.

Oh, THIS is the finally. Thanks Elránia for the awards yesterday! I'll put them on soon!



Well, I think that I might have what Olive Tree has. That's right. I'm sick. It's all around the school and everybody's getting it. We've had SOOOO many subs in the past week, it's ridiculous! Post more later when I feel better.....


The big 300!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a very special post. #300!!!!!!! I may just be the FIRST person in our little blogging branch to meet this feat! (yay me) So, as promised, 100 things, a tag by me, and awards for everybody!

100 random things about the Cornet Crazie-

  1. i like pie
  2. i really don't mind math
  3. i LOVE long division
  4. i like decimals and percents, but not fractions
  5. i have a lexile of over 1300
  6. that's high collage level!
  7. i support the red sox
  8. my second favorite team is the astros
  9. i love my macbook
  10. my favorite number is 28
  11. we came up with an awesome outfit for us to wear to school on game days
  12. we get to wear capes!
  13. i am horrible at origami
  14. i can barely make the simplest paper airplane
  15. i love to draw
  16. i love to write
  17. i love to read
  18. music is my passion
  19. i want to be a band director when i grow up
  20. i know clarinet, but can't play it
  21. i have the most awesome band director EVER!
  22. i am trying out for honors band
  23. i hope i get a higher placing for honors
  24. like first chair.....
  25. or second......
  26. i can't wait for jazz screenings to be over
  27. i really like our new chorus teacher
  28. she's sooooo much better then our old one!
  29. my mom never posts on her blog
  30. my brother never posts on HIS blog
  31. my dad doesn't understand blogger
  32. shame on him
  33. this was my last year in little league
  34. this makes me sad
  35. i have to write an essay today
  36. it was kinda boring
  37. there's a dance on friday
  38. i like dances
  39. they are very fun
  40. and super gato and elránia and i can do our sick nasty dance routine from last year
  41. i have an awesome outfit to wear for the dance
  42. it's my first dance with a boyfriend
  43. kinda scary
  44. i like snow
  45. 'cause that mean i can go skiing
  46. can you tell i like skiing?
  47. scratch that......i LOVE skiing
  48. i am eating haddock tonight
  49. tomorrow i am having mac 'n cheese
  50. yum!
  51. i love food
  52. food is good for your soul
  53. and chocolate is good for your heart
  54. and music is also good for your soul
  55. any girl who plays brass (excluding french horn) is totally awesome
  56. you girls rock!
  57. and olive tree also rocks 'cause she's a girl bass player
  58. my neck really hurts
  59. probably from all those goalie charges i did today
  60. field hockey is awesome!
  61. better then soccer
  62. but soccer is cool too
  63. i just like field hockey better
  64. flowers are pretty
  65. elránia was drawing flowers in science class today
  66. and bella played her piccolo on the bus
  67. they're so tiny
  68. treble clefs are the best symbol
  69. i was drawing LoTR towers today
  70. i'm re-reading LoTR
  71. i'm tired
  72. i also have math homework to do
  73. but not now 'cause i'm posting!!!
  74. this is my longest post.....
  75. i like candles
  76. they're pretty
  77. and i like running my fingers through the flame
  78. it feels all warm and ticklish
  79. i wear flip-flops from the first day of spring well into october
  80. i was a grape for my first halloween
  81. pilgrim lodge is the best summer camp
  82. it's so beautiful there
  83. i'm running out of ideas
  84. i like to run
  85. but it makes me have asthma attacks
  86. i hate asthma attacks
  87. i am allergic to almost everything natural
  88. saaaaaaaaaadnesss
  89. i am hungry
  90. i really am crazy.....
  91. very crazy
  92. but you probably had that figured out already
  93. i have 33 followers
  94. and a bunch of awards
  95. and lots of cool gadgets
  96. i really like my blog
  97. it's come a very long way since january
  98. i have a broken toe
  99. i have post conncussive syndrome
  100. the cornet crazie is done
A tag by me

What time is it? 6:59 pm

What kind of computer are you usuing? My awesome MacBook

How many blogs do you have? 3

What is your best blog? Treble Clef

Do you do band? Of couse! Who do you think I am?

What instuments do you play? Cornet, trombone, trumpet, piano

Do you like music? Hello? Life force!

Was this fun? Yep


Sorry that was short.......

Now for my awards!

Thanks Anime Lover!

The Irresistible Blog Award!

I give this to Silverstar (for StormClan) , Elrania, Bella and Olive Tree

Thanks Anime Lover!

I award this to Silverstar (for Randomness), Eskan, and Super Gato

Thanks Anime Lover!

I award this to you if you have been on blogger for a year or more

Thanks Olive Tree!

I give this to Super Gato and Olive Tree

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you have or want a reptile!

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you love cats, dogs or any other cute furry mammal!

Thanks Olive Tree!

I give this to Elrania, Bella, Silverstar, Emma, Olive Tree, and Moriah

Thanks Olive Tree!

Yay! Thanks Olive Tree!

Both of Bella, Olive Tree, Elrania and Emma

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you have read at least 6 Warriors books and liked them

Thanks Olive Tree!

All my followers!

Thanks Olive Tree!

To Silverstar, Elrania and Olive Tree

Thanks Olive Tree!

My best friends in real life, Olive Tree, Elrania, Super Gato and Bella!

Thanks me!

If you love school!

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you believe in dragons

Awesome Club!!!

For anyone who hates Twilight!

Thanks Moriah!

Super Gato

Thanks Moriah!

If you go to church

Earth Award!

If you are a follower or contributer of Ecosphere

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you love cats

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you are devoted to being green

Thanks Moriah!

All my followers are princesses!

Thanks HorseFeathers!

If you take band and love it!

Oh yeah...I read A TON!

If you read more than 100 books this past summer!

Thanks to myself for creating and awarding it!

If you could eat chocolate all the time!

Thanks Olive Tree!

If you like to write

Thanks Olive Tree!

If I am following your blog

That's it! Wasn't that an AWESOME post???? :) Comment!


Today my backpack as 11.3 pounds. That's not too bad, but when you add the laptop, the cornet and the field hockey stuff it goes up to like 30 pounds. But, really not that much homework tonight so that's all good.

We got our tests/quizzes back in French and math. In French I got a 110 and in math I got 100. Yay! I detest tests, but I usually do well.

Dance on Friday!!!!! Yay! I'm really happy, it's the first one of the year and they are always fun.

Really, really close to the big 3-0-0!


π¬å¥ˆ˜© å®ˆø¨˜∂

Haha, Prize if you can decode this. It is very hard!

ßø≤ ∑˙ø ¬ˆ˚´ß çå†ß÷ ˆ ®´å¬¬¥ ∂ø˜æ† ¬ˆ˚´ †˙´≤ ˆ ¬ø√´ †˙´µ¡ Çå†ß å®´ ©®´å† çøµπ嘈ø˜ß≥ ˆ ¨ß´∂ †ø ˙å√´ å çå†≤ ∫¨† ß˙´ ∂ˆ´∂ ∑˙´˜ˆ ∑åß ˆ˜ ™˜∂ ©®å∂´≥ ß˙´ ∑åß ¡∞ †˙ø¨©≤ ˆ †˙ˆ˜˚≥ Å ˜ˆç´ ø¬∂ å©´ ƒø® å çå†≥ ∑˙å† å®´ ¥ø¨® å† †ø®ˆ´ß÷

Comment if you've figured it out!!!!

`†˙´ Çø®˜´¥ Ç®åΩˆ´`

(The Cornet Crazie)

at olive tree's

So yeah, the show went really well yesterday, and today I went to Olive Tree's! We had fun just hanging at first and then we went on an exploration. First we were on the normal trail. Then, we went on Olive Tree's newly discovered trail. Next, we went into uncharted territory. Then we got lost. Finally we found the trail which unfortunately happened to be a private property trail. (oops) But, no one saw us. :) So we made our way back to her house. All in a days work. Also, Olive Tree gave me a great new pair of skinny jeans! They look pretty good on me and I'm going to wear them to the dance on Friday. I think that's it for now!


Slow new laptop that's supposed to be fast

Yeah. BRAND NEW MACBOOK. It really shouldn't be this slow at all. But, there you are. SLOW!!!!!! Grrrrrrr.

Getting very close now to 300! About 4 more posts to go!

Won our game 3-2 yesterday!

Show tonight......*bites nail nervously*


Easy Cheesy Math Quiz

Well, I'm on my school MacBook right now, in advanced math, after just taking a very simple quiz. Like, most of the stuff we've been doing is quite difficult, but this quiz was EASY! This makes me pretty happy. I really do not like test and quizzes in math.

Tomorrow is our first marching band show! I'm quite nervous, but it should be OK. My goal is just to remember all the sets and holds and play as much as possible. The only thing I don't like though is that we have to dress up really nice the day before a show. Now I don't mind dressing up, it's just that when there are only 3 of you, you only have 1 class with 1 of them and you're the only girl..... And no, we have more then 3 people in our marching band. It's just that it is the high school band and I'm still in middle school.

Today is also our first field hockey game of the season! We haven't had much practice, but unless the other team is supernaturally good, I think we stand a fair chance! I'll probaly play forward for about half and then goalie for half. Post more later!

(BTW I can take this laptop home now!)

~the cornet crazie~


Changes??? What do you want?

So, Treble Clef has been up and running for a long time now, and so I was wondering "What do you want? Or what would you like to see changed?"

A. Should I have 'topic posts'?

B. Would you like something like this?- I put a bunch of random words into a hat and every week or so pull one out and do a post about it.

C. More pictures

D. Less about my life

E. More contests, awards and tags

F. Other (please specify in a comment)

These are the options I am putting in a poll right now. Please vote, and you may select as many as you want!


Jazz! Field Hockey! Marching Band! Homework.................................

So Jazz started Tuesday- awesome, as always. Can't wait until screenings are done so we can really dive into the music!

Our first field hockey game is Friday! I'll probably play goal and forward. Depends.

First marching show is on Saturday. I'm actually kinda nervous about this one..........first one ever. Ya know?

Homework? Enough said. Getting off now so I can do it.


Field Hockey, school, etc.

Today is my first field hockey practice! Yay, I can't wait to get back into my routine of goalie-ness. :)

School......hmmm, no band.....what will happen to that! At least I have chorus with our AWESOME new teacher.

Might be able to post more later today as we very well might get some 'laptop time' in class. :) :) :) So, yeah. I think I might go on a camera craze after my homework is done so I'll have some cool pics to post.


Thoroughly awesome blogs


Create your own banner at!

If you have a blog with a button, tell me and I may very well like it and put it on here!


Great Weekend so Far

So Elrania went to a camp this weekend and had a lot of fun. We stayed up in the loft which was really fun, but it was hard going up and down the ladder at night! We went on some trails, did some boating, and talked and talked and talked. It was fun! I think she'll be posting some pictures from it soon.

Tomorrow I have church and who-know's-what-else-it-certainly-isn't-me. hAhA. Oh, French flashcards. THAT'S what I'm doing.

I love my French name. It's Aicha, except that there really is a 2 dot umlat over the 'i', but I can't do that on my computer. :( It's pronounced I-E-SHA.


SO BUSY........*new laptops!*

So I'm VERY sorry not to have posted yesterday but I left the house at 6:55am and got back at 8:30pm. THEN I ad a bunch of homework. Phew!

Today has been a basic day at school and I'm actually at school now on the *brand new school laptops!!!!!!*

Possible that I may not be around this weekend to post as Elránia has invited me away, but if that happens I will update.



So 2 minutes after I got up this morning I stubbed my little pinky toe REALLY hard on the corner of my bedroom door. No pretty unless you consider me hopping up and down screaming in pain, pretty. Yeah, and you may be thinking 'a stubbed toe? Big deal.' Yes big deal. It's STILL throbbing. But on a happier note.......

FIRST DAY BACK WITH INSTRUMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was obviously awesome. Had sectional and played both trombone and cornet. That was cool because it was the first time my band director had actually heard me play trombone and she was really impressed! Then I helped out during 6th grade band rushing around fulfilling Mrs. Barry's every need.....yeah. So that was basically my day, bar all the homework I've had to do and my trumpet lesson.

~the cornet crazie~


School and tag

So what was the first question you were asked when you got home from school today? Yep. How was your day? Well, I'll tell you.

Fun French!

Stupendous Social Studies!

Silly Science!

Hated Health!

Love the Lunch!

Murderous Math!

Lovely Language Arts!

Cool Chorus!

Yeah.........first hanbells tonight. :) now for a tag from Moriah.

Piano or Violin? It depends, but I'd say piano

Puppy or Full grown dog? Puppy

Cat of Kitten? both are great but i LOVE kittens

Milk chocolate or White? Milk, but I prefer dark over anything!

Blogger or Gmail? WAY to hard....BOTH!

Chicken or Ham? Chicken

(for the girls) Washing the dishes or Washing clothes? Clothes,I guess. Not as messy.

English or Math? English, though at our school it's LA

Tomatoes or Potatoes? Potatoes

This one is weird. Shot in your mouth or on your arm? Arm. Mouth? *Ouch*

I tag:

Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning of this summer!


Back and talk of 300

So I had a good weekend up at camp, but now I'm back and working on homework. :( Oh well...I still love school, even if I don't love the homework, and unfortunately the 2 come together!

This is my 286th post! This means that Treble Clef is with 15 of it's 300th post!!!!!! Yay! So I am setting up a poll for you to vote on for what you want my 300th post to be! Here are the options-

Option A- 100 random things, a tag I make, and giving aways all my awards.

Option B- 100 random things, and a tag I make.

Option C- 100 random things and giving away away all my awards

Option D- A tag I make and giving away all my awards

Option E- I don't care, you choose

So vote on the poll, this will only be open for 2 days!


Elrania and The Cornet Crazie - a conversation

So, uh, Elrania is over here and we are going to a baseball game soon and she is *hopefully* sleeping over. So I'll write in green and she'll write in pink. K?

Yes, I love pink.

Unfortunately, I prefer to differ on that but do you like 8th grade?

I'm glad I have classes with my friends this year! =D

Yeah me too. We have quite an interesting band sectional. So many people! Of course, 2 are percussionists, so they won't be in there with us but somehow, something must've gotten messed up 'cause there are a million girls in this class and only 3 boys. Haha.

Poor Mrs. B**** having to deal with both of us in the same class.

Bwah-haha!!!!! Our evil plot is working! (just kidding)

I love french class. In high school I might be an exchange student and go to either France or England.

That would be very cool. I would like that, but I would have to check and make sure that the school had a band program first.

The only thing I have to say is, wroh[iesgnir[dogjnireo[girbohrig[ah wow.

Oh, do be quiet.

Oh whatever, bye now everybody! this is getting weird :)

NOOOOOOO. We are not going bye-bye now. This is just getting fun! What is your fave subject in 8th grade Elrania?

French. I don't like our Science class.

Yeah. Mr. C***** is kinda strange. His head is tiny!


Yeah. Our interview project in LA is fun. I like Mrs. R****

I have her for home room and Social Studies and LA

LUCKY! I have scary health teacher. Bad things about this- She's scary and she is really creepy acting and I'm allergic to her room and have asthma attacks whenever I go in there! *cough cough* I'm having one just thinking about it!

Yeah, okay people, and elves, NAMARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Namarie and Hannon Le for listening to us ramble on. Bye now!!!!!!


Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was having a busy day! First was a great day at school. In LA we have started a fun interview project. We also had our first full band and band sectional. We don't bring our instruments in until next week, but it was fun anyway. I also get my school trombone next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yay! Also had our first marching band practice on the football field. Fun. Actually confusing because our spots aren't marked on the ground. But we got through the whole show! Our first show is in 2 weeks. Wow.

Elrania and I are going to a Sea Dogs (AA minor league baseball team, affiliate of the Red Sox!) game tonight and then I'm heading out early to my aunt and uncle's camp. So I won't be posting over the weekend but I'll post about it when I get back and probably sneek in a post before we go.

Cool Quote!

"Don't play what's there, play what NOT there."
~Miles Davis


Check this out!

I have decided to make a new blog! This is my Eco Earth-friendly *green* blog. I'm hoping to get lots of my friends to help out and be contributers. Click on the link to check it out!

Quite a first day...

Phew! Well, the first day is over! Only 274 days left. Haha. Quite a confusing day with a not so great homeroom teacher, schedule changes, assemblies, confusion, health*blah*, field hockey meetings, chatting etc. And HOMEWORK. Yeah. On the first day. And not just some little thing like a little 'about me' thing. No. FRACTIONS. And an ESSAY. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. NOT. I love school, but I'm really not that fond of homework. But I have my first French class and first sectional and full band tomorrow!!!!!!!! And Mrs. Barry says I can use a school trombone as long as I help out with 6th and 7th grade band on days 3 and 5. Ahhhh, the band life is a good life. Oh and JAZZ BAND STARTS NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome Tag From Olive Tree

OK so 3 characters

#1. Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter

Comes out of retirement in Half-Blood Prince to teach Potions at Hogwarts

He has his eye on Harry as his 'prized item'

Told Voldemort that it was possible to create multiple horcruxes

#2 Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Sorry, this is the best pic I could get. Annabeth is on the top left.

First came to Camp Half-Blood when she was seven

Child of Athena

Still in love with Luke even after Kronos takes over his body

#3 Yellowfang from Warriors

Yellowfang_b.gif image by Lady_Griffin

Formally med. cat of ShadowClan, came to ThunderClan in Into the Wild

Mother of Brokentail/star and mate of Raggedpelt/star

Died saving clanmates from fire

I tag


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you! Tomorrow! It's only a day away....

YES YES YES!!!!!!! I got back from New York (again) late last night. And tomorrow is a special day. 'Cause.........................................................SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advanced courses (French and Math and SHOULD be reading but we don't happen to have a stinkn' anvanced reading in middle school :P ), *Band!*, JAZZ!, laPtOPs, EVERYTHING!

So that was my ode to school. Good Bye.