SO BUSY........*new laptops!*

So I'm VERY sorry not to have posted yesterday but I left the house at 6:55am and got back at 8:30pm. THEN I ad a bunch of homework. Phew!

Today has been a basic day at school and I'm actually at school now on the *brand new school laptops!!!!!!*

Possible that I may not be around this weekend to post as Elránia has invited me away, but if that happens I will update.


Anonymous said...

We have MacBooks, do you? We got them yesterday.

Emma said...

When do you get out of school, Cornet???
Also I added your blog to my blog list on Select 3 if you wanted to know.... there's also a poem contest going on that you may want to enter in =]

The Cornet Crazie said...

yes every 7/8 grade gets macbooks

Anonymous said...

Oh, here only we 8th graders get them, the 7th graders get the old iBooks, teehee.