Elrania and The Cornet Crazie - a conversation

So, uh, Elrania is over here and we are going to a baseball game soon and she is *hopefully* sleeping over. So I'll write in green and she'll write in pink. K?

Yes, I love pink.

Unfortunately, I prefer to differ on that but do you like 8th grade?

I'm glad I have classes with my friends this year! =D

Yeah me too. We have quite an interesting band sectional. So many people! Of course, 2 are percussionists, so they won't be in there with us but somehow, something must've gotten messed up 'cause there are a million girls in this class and only 3 boys. Haha.

Poor Mrs. B**** having to deal with both of us in the same class.

Bwah-haha!!!!! Our evil plot is working! (just kidding)

I love french class. In high school I might be an exchange student and go to either France or England.

That would be very cool. I would like that, but I would have to check and make sure that the school had a band program first.

The only thing I have to say is, wroh[iesgnir[dogjnireo[girbohrig[ah wow.

Oh, do be quiet.

Oh whatever, bye now everybody! this is getting weird :)

NOOOOOOO. We are not going bye-bye now. This is just getting fun! What is your fave subject in 8th grade Elrania?

French. I don't like our Science class.

Yeah. Mr. C***** is kinda strange. His head is tiny!


Yeah. Our interview project in LA is fun. I like Mrs. R****

I have her for home room and Social Studies and LA

LUCKY! I have scary health teacher. Bad things about this- She's scary and she is really creepy acting and I'm allergic to her room and have asthma attacks whenever I go in there! *cough cough* I'm having one just thinking about it!

Yeah, okay people, and elves, NAMARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Namarie and Hannon Le for listening to us ramble on. Bye now!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well that was.... similar.... to what I usually do...

(Can you tell I'm working on not flipping out about copying?! U don't have to change it, it would just ride on my shoulders like a little dæmon if I didn't say something...)

Elránia said...

heehee that was fun =D


Bella said...