π¬å¥ˆ˜© å®ˆø¨˜∂

Haha, Prize if you can decode this. It is very hard!

ßø≤ ∑˙ø ¬ˆ˚´ß çå†ß÷ ˆ ®´å¬¬¥ ∂ø˜æ† ¬ˆ˚´ †˙´≤ ˆ ¬ø√´ †˙´µ¡ Çå†ß å®´ ©®´å† çøµπ嘈ø˜ß≥ ˆ ¨ß´∂ †ø ˙å√´ å çå†≤ ∫¨† ß˙´ ∂ˆ´∂ ∑˙´˜ˆ ∑åß ˆ˜ ™˜∂ ©®å∂´≥ ß˙´ ∑åß ¡∞ †˙ø¨©≤ ˆ †˙ˆ˜˚≥ Å ˜ˆç´ ø¬∂ å©´ ƒø® å çå†≥ ∑˙å† å®´ ¥ø¨® å† †ø®ˆ´ß÷

Comment if you've figured it out!!!!

`†˙´ Çø®˜´¥ Ç®åΩˆ´`

(The Cornet Crazie)

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Anonymous said...

It's all option+letter, I don't feel like deciding it right now, but it has something to do with cats. I can read "for a cat"