Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was having a busy day! First was a great day at school. In LA we have started a fun interview project. We also had our first full band and band sectional. We don't bring our instruments in until next week, but it was fun anyway. I also get my school trombone next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yay! Also had our first marching band practice on the football field. Fun. Actually confusing because our spots aren't marked on the ground. But we got through the whole show! Our first show is in 2 weeks. Wow.

Elrania and I are going to a Sea Dogs (AA minor league baseball team, affiliate of the Red Sox!) game tonight and then I'm heading out early to my aunt and uncle's camp. So I won't be posting over the weekend but I'll post about it when I get back and probably sneek in a post before we go.

Cool Quote!

"Don't play what's there, play what NOT there."
~Miles Davis

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Elránia said...

See you this evening!