Easy Cheesy Math Quiz

Well, I'm on my school MacBook right now, in advanced math, after just taking a very simple quiz. Like, most of the stuff we've been doing is quite difficult, but this quiz was EASY! This makes me pretty happy. I really do not like test and quizzes in math.

Tomorrow is our first marching band show! I'm quite nervous, but it should be OK. My goal is just to remember all the sets and holds and play as much as possible. The only thing I don't like though is that we have to dress up really nice the day before a show. Now I don't mind dressing up, it's just that when there are only 3 of you, you only have 1 class with 1 of them and you're the only girl..... And no, we have more then 3 people in our marching band. It's just that it is the high school band and I'm still in middle school.

Today is also our first field hockey game of the season! We haven't had much practice, but unless the other team is supernaturally good, I think we stand a fair chance! I'll probaly play forward for about half and then goalie for half. Post more later!

(BTW I can take this laptop home now!)

~the cornet crazie~

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