School and tag

So what was the first question you were asked when you got home from school today? Yep. How was your day? Well, I'll tell you.

Fun French!

Stupendous Social Studies!

Silly Science!

Hated Health!

Love the Lunch!

Murderous Math!

Lovely Language Arts!

Cool Chorus!

Yeah.........first hanbells tonight. :) now for a tag from Moriah.

Piano or Violin? It depends, but I'd say piano

Puppy or Full grown dog? Puppy

Cat of Kitten? both are great but i LOVE kittens

Milk chocolate or White? Milk, but I prefer dark over anything!

Blogger or Gmail? WAY to hard....BOTH!

Chicken or Ham? Chicken

(for the girls) Washing the dishes or Washing clothes? Clothes,I guess. Not as messy.

English or Math? English, though at our school it's LA

Tomatoes or Potatoes? Potatoes

This one is weird. Shot in your mouth or on your arm? Arm. Mouth? *Ouch*

I tag:

Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning of this summer!

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