So tonight was the first school dance! Here's where you go into something expecting it to be awesome and then it really isn't. Like 7th grade. Like the final all-city last year. Like the library sponsored dance. Yeah. It was fun; Super Gato, Elránia, Bella and all my friends (except my boyfriend :[ ) were there so that was cool. The bad part was that we had a HORRIBLE DJ! His equipment kept messing up (he even played 2 songs at once one time) and he didn't play any requested songs! Grrrrrr. This meant that Super Gato and Elránia and I couldn't do our awesome dance routine from last year's talent show. =[ Sad.

Other news is that Elránia found me my LoTR name. Get ready for this......

Eldénwen: Messenger of Mordor

Haha! I am EVIL!!!!!!!

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