awesome picture and question

Don't you LOVE this picture? I think it represents me well.

I'm still sick and at home, which means I'm missing my field hockey games. Sad. But necessary.

Finally, should I add a "I'm feeling....." to my side bar? I don't want to copy but I think it would be cool. I'm going to add it and also tell me yours thoughts in a comment.

Oh, THIS is the finally. Thanks Elránia for the awards yesterday! I'll put them on soon!


Cassie said...

I hope that you feel better soon!

That IS an AWESOME picture!!! Do you sing? I used to take vocal lessons, but they are on a hiatus right now. :D


P.S. I found your blog from HorseFeathers and since I adore music too, I LOVE your blog!

The Cornet Crazie said...

Hi Cassie! I saw you were following yesterday. I hope I'll be better by tomorrow, I want to go to our school dance! I do sing. I love my school chorus but I love instrumental music even more. I play cornet, trumpet, piano and trombone. music is TOTALLY my passion. I'm in every musical group at school possible! :) I'll probably go check out your blogs!

Olive Tree said...

Hmmm. I don't think you should do the emotions thing, maybe... OOHHHH! I HAVE A GOOD IDEA!
You can feel like a different instrument each day; when you're elegant you can be a harp and explain underneath, when you're feeling sad you can be an oboe.... IT'S SO PERFECT! Definitely not anime though. That's my thing... =(

•The Cornet Crazie• said...


Cassie said...

Thank for the follow of my blog! I'm glad you like my blog and yes, you may certainly have that music award!


Olive Tree said...

I know, I know, I'm a genius, no need to thank me... *struts then collapses in laughter* Ahhh... maybe being sick makes you smarter, I've already memorized the material for my test...

Sally said...

haha. maybe. i couldn't think of a boring instument. like what i put instead? rest.

Eskän said...

Sally, Look on my blog at the awards post, I have a few for you!

Eskän said...

Oh, and yes, I LOVE that anime picture, it definately defines you in a japanese anime-ish way! ;D

Oh and it's okay, you didn't copy, it's actually more interesting and people like to see what your feeling!!!

M said...

Go to

For an award!