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Hello people! Since my old Earth Award was pretty crummy HorseFeathers has made me a better one. When I tried to make mine it wouldn't let me put a web image in it. But if you are a blogger that 'goes for green!' put this one your blog!!!

Today was closing ceremonies for base/softball and we had an All-Star practice. Our first game is tomorrow. We play Falmouth. And then after the game I go to camp. Soooo I will probably have one last post tomorrow and then I will not be able to again...............ever. Just kidding! Did I fool you? No I will be back and posting on July 5th, so don't bother coming here after 12noon tomorrow until the 5th. OK now, bye!



My cornet had to go in for a chem clean on Monday and today I get to go to Music and Arts and get it back again!!!!! I haven't played it for about a week & 1/2 almost 2 weeks becuase when I brought it back home from school it didn't sound really good because it needed then chem clean and I obviously didn't have it this week because it was in the shop. Field hockey and All-Stars today. Another thing-I haven't gotten ANY comments for the LAST 4 POSTS!!!! This does not make me happy. So please-leave a comment. I am keeping track now and if you make lot's you may move up into the top 5! PLEASE COMMENT! And please join FeatherClan at


Field Hockey

Going to field hockey camp soon. Goalie stuff today! Yay!!!!!!!! Me and Super Gato are both goalies. And then my grandparents are coming, and I also have all-star practice. Our first game is on Sunday and then right after I am going to camp. It's overnight, which means that I won't be able to post again until July 5th. But I will continue to post right up until my game!


Another Award!

The Go Green Blogger Award! This goes to Super Gato and HorseFeathers but if you agree put it on your blog PLEASE!

yucky;blah;mad;and polls

Yucky blah weather. It won't stop raining! Bluestar Prophecy isn't coming out until July 28! Wasn't so happy when I walked into Borders and found THAT out. Nope. But I got Code of the Clans which is aMAZing! Didn't get many votes on the latest poll but brass won with 3 and strings had 2. Please vote on my new one!


new blog

Hello! Softball was concelled and so I spent the night at HorseFeathers house. A lot of you know the SunClan blog. Well, people had wanted to join SunClan but we had to say no because of our book. But we have created a new blog where you CAN join and so we'd LOVE it if you'd go there and join!



I have finally figured out how to make an award! So now I can make lots! Here is my award. The top commenters award! And it goes to my top 5 commenters-






Yay! Hope you like it. Post it on the side of your blog. Championship softball game tonight!!!!!



You knwo how much I love comments! Well, look down on the side, I have posted a list of my top 5 commenters. And I will keep it updated when it changes. Check the list for numbers of comments but here are the people who made the top 5-





And all my other commenters, thanks! Here you are- (In no specific order)











Warriors of SunClan!

G. Sphinx!

Thanks to you all!

Playlist, Bowling and Field Hockey

Playlist- Yes I finally figured out how to get it on! It's down at the bottom and I hope you like it! It's all songs that we played in Performance Jazz this year.

Bowling- It's what we did for Father's Day. Your truly here did not do so well........

Field Hockey- Time for my first camp! I'm going with Super Gato. It's only 3 hours a day though so I'll still get in lots of posts!

That's it for now, what is everyone else doing this week?

Tag from Elrania

What is your favorite song? Hmmm. 1812 Overture or All Blues

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Read, blog, e-mail

What is your favorite animal? Cats, Cats, Cats!

Do any family members follow your blog? Yep, my brother XanFan and my mom, BWK

Do you like to sing? Uh huh all the time

What is your favorite youtube video? The best cat video you'll ever see

Do you play an instrument? Of course! Cornet, trombone and piano

What grade are you in? I'm going into 8th

Do you get a lot of comments on your blog? Usually

Do you like nature? Yes I love it!!! I love taking pictures of it too.

Do you believe in fairies? Most of the time

Are you crazy? Hmmm, should I lie about this? The truth is I am VERY crazy.

Do you have a playlist? I've created one but it won't go on my blog

What are your 3 favorite books? Warriors, Harry Potter, everything else

What are your three favorite movies? Wall-E, Harry Potter, Ummmmmmmm, Uh, idk.

Do you like to listen to music? I am a music creep!

Do you have a cell phone? Yes

Do you have an iPod? My family has a Shuffle,

What is your longest post? I have no idea. I have about 230 so it's hard to keep track.

How many times have you started a tag? 3 I think

How many time have you been tagged? 5 or so

Have you ever ridden a horse? No, I'm allergic

Do you like your blog signature? I don't have one

Are you hungry? Actually for once, no

What's the weather? Cloudy and Overcast

What is your favorite song on your playlist? All Blues

When is your birthday? February 28

Are you tired? Nope. Not at all

Are you on vacation right now? Yup

Are you bored? somewhat

What is your name? Nicknamed Spottedstar!

What time is it right now? 10:31 am

What is your least favorite book? A Stranger Came Ashore closely followed by Twilight

What is your least favorite movie? The ones we have to watch in Health

How are you feeling right now? Hic-cupish

I'm now tagging-

XanFan, HorseFeathers, and Iseme-I don't know how to spell it

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day everybody! Make sure to do something special for your dad!


Busy past few days

I've been really really busy so let's go back a few days and I'll get you up to date.

Thursday- Raining, raining, raining, Super Gato slept over and we also had a playoff game. We lost but it's double elimanation. I got on base all 3 times I was up. A walk and 2 singles.

Friday-Still pouring. Super Gato spent the day here and then I slept over at her house.

Today- Went to the farmers market then had a semi-final game. WE WON! We are in the championship which is on Monday. If we win then we play on Tuesday. If we lose either of those we have 2nd place. If we win both we win 1st. Then my brother had 2 games and now I have to work on a Father's Day present so bye!



This is a very silly video about interjections. Heehee. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! IT WON"T LET ME PUT IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!


Yucky weather

I really hope we have our game tonight. We'll probably lose but..... (yeah I'm SO optimistic) it's the 1st place team in the league and they have a really good pitcher. But they weather is all blah. Blah, blah, blah. The first day of vacation always feels strange. You feel like you're home sick; except that you don't feel sick. Oh yuck, detist appt. soon. YUCKO! Grr. Ahhhh well. Nothing better to do. Nothing. Summer is so boring.


Ahhhhh summer.......lazy days. Lucky for me I have nothing scheduled for today except a dentist appointment and a softball game so I have thought of some good things to do. Believe me. I will not be able to come up with a good plan later in like August. OK so here is what I am going to do.
1. Blog when I feel like it and send random e-mails to various people
2. Clean the floor of my closet (it has to be totally done before I can go to my first camp on the 28)
3. Re-pot Ms. Schmearer's plant and take pictures of it and send then to her.
4. Go to the library and stock up on books, therefore resulting in lots and lots of reading as well.
What do you guys think?



Well, school's out! It was a good last day. Assembly and step-up and report cards. All A's and A+'s for me!!! Yay! Most of the 8th grade teachers seem pretty good. I'm going to a pool party this afternoon and evening which will be fun, and then I have to talk with the organist at church to figure out what I will do for summer music. There was actually no screaming when the last bell rang. That was odd. Now what I would like to know is this-how does news travel SO fast around the 7th grade?


Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Wow. We had our first game of the playoffs and won it, 6-5. I'm so TIRED! Yesterday was a VERY busy and exciting day. Yeah I did leave one small detail about yesterday's a good thing........not a bad thing...........



Today was the last full day of school! Wecwere at school for the first 45 min. and so our class finished Star Wars which we started yesterday. Then the whole 7th grade went on a field trip to Cresant Beach! It was so much fun. The water was cold but we swam anyway. Also found seaglass. My friend Isemilientinedy found a whole handful! Super Gato and I found 2 pieces each. Ha ha us. That's about it. Softball game soon. First one of the playoffs.


I got tagged by Elrania!

Your mood right now?

Why are you feeling this way?
Because it is time for supper

How many posts have you done? 219

Do you like Elr√°nia's horse Jewel?

Oh yeah!

What was the last thing you ate?

Laffy taffy! (green apple)

Is this your first tag?


Do you have a blog signature?


Do you have a blog button?


When is your last day of school?


What do you plan to do on your last day?


Are you going anywhere for summer break?


What is the weather?

Overcast but the sun is peeping out

How many followers do you have?

25 on one, 11 on one, and 15

How many comments did you get on your last post?


Where do you wish you were right now?

softball field

What color is your hair and how long is it?

Dark brown and natural auburn highlights, shoulders

How many blogs do you follow?

Um... a lot

Who are the top commenters on your blog?

Elrania & Annie

How many blogs do you have?


What is your favorite color?

GREEN!!! Bright vivid green!

I tag---

Silverstar, HorseFeathers and Super Gato

Laying on your porch swing with a good book
2 (20%)
At the beach; streached out in the sun
3 (30%)
At your summer camp by the lake, on the creaky swing eating ice cream
0 (0%)
In the softball consessions stand with a large order of fries and a soda announcing the game
0 (0%)
All of the above

As you can see, these are the results for the latest poll! Please vote on my new
poll and do my quiz!
5 (50%)

My other blog

Hello everybody! Don't forget to do the quiz! (it's a few posts down) Now most of you know about my other blog Spottedstar's Story. I've kinda changed it a little so go check it out! The main thing is that will be the place I will be posting my poetry. Did you like the one about softball?


Something I have grown fond of

Hmm. I have taken writing free verse poetry to my liking. And it's so easy! I have written a couple today. Here is the first on below. And don't forget to comment your results for the woodwind quiz!

Softball Summer

The heat,
Is almost unbearable.
And yet,
There is no other place that I want to be at this moment.
I stand at shortstop,
My regular position,
And wait,
For the ball to be hit to me.
It isn't.

The end of the last inning comes soon after,
And the game is tied.
6 to 6.
It's time to do something unexpected.
The darkness is growing,
There are no lights,
And we take the field in extras.

The bottom of the 7th comes.
We're down 7-6.
A runner on second,
But 2 outs.
Only one chance,
Only this chance to make it happen.

The ball is hit,
And the runner comes home.
There's a roar in our dugout.
The game is tied up.
But the roar stops short,
For the next batter has stepped up to the plate.

First pitch is a strike,
The runner goes to third.
Next pitch is in there,
We're hoping for a hit,
But the bat goes right under the ball.
Strike 2.

Finally with the count at 2-2,
The pitch flies in.
Over the batters head.
Over the catchers glove,
Smashing into the fence.
The runner goes.

She slides.
The tag is put on her leg by the pitcher.
Out or safe?
In the dugout we hold our breath.
The ump considers the call.

"The runner's safe at home!"
The cheers come then,
As we run onto the field.
We have won.
Is softball.
I live for nights like these.

Woodwinds quiz!

OK so here is the woodwinds quiz! Because there are so many different woodwinds I have broken it down into 3 categories. Flutes (soprano, alto, piccolo), Clarinets (alto, A, Bb, bass, oboe) and Sax (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). So if you get the result 'flute' you are most like any of the 3 flutes.

What is your personality most like?

a. flying high, free and happy and nothing can stop me

b. like the wind, I'm always changing direction. Many moods, interests and everything.

c. I'm in with the crowd; I never do anything alone

Which of these is your favorite subject?

a. industrial tech.

b. art

c. home ec.

What would you use to fight with?

a. whatever was on the ground at the moment

b. a long heavy sword

c. bow and arrow

What do you look for in a friend?

a. kindness and loyalty

b. likes a lot of different things

c. they're adventurous!

What is your favorite color? (of these)

a. the brighter the better! neon all the way!

b. something calming, like a pale sea green

c. pretty much anything is good for me!

Which of these professions most suits you?

a. how can people stand always being the same thing??? I never stay in my job over a year!

b. me? I chase tonadoes and give live coverage during hurricanes

c. a writer or an artist

Please comment your answers and I will post the results on Tuesday!!!



I am stuffed.
Grilled chicken,
Grilled corn on the cob (yummo!)
Baby greens salad,
Coffee ice cream.
So now I am stuffed.
I couldn't eat another bite if I tried.
And now it's raining.
And because it was so hot earlier,
We had all the windows,
And the sunroof,
And they never got closed.
So now mom and dad are freaking out.
Because the cars,
Are soaking wet.
On the inside.

Hmmmm that wasn't a bad free verse poem. I should write them more often. It was fun to write.

our game

I really don't want to say much about our game except that I played shortstop and made a lot of plays. There. I'm done. We play the Cubs in the first playoff game on Tuesday. Ahhhhhhh. It's nice and warm out. Almost a little TOO hot if ya know what I mean..... My brother won his first playoff game, 5-3. He played catcher and a boy on his team hit 2 home runs. Well I need to go clean now. Blah.....but there's company (grandmother) coming over so it has to happen sometime.

last game of the season!

We won our game last night and today is our last game of the season! Well, the regular season. On Tuesday we start playoffs and after that is over I am hoping to be chosen for the All-Star team. I can't believe that next week we have only 2 & 1/2 days and then summer! Grades closed yesterday and I'm pretty certain that I have all A's. Well not quite sure about health, but..... So free day Monday, field trip to the beach on Tuesday and awards ceremony and step-up on Wednesday which is a less-than-half day.


Quiz results!

First of all I had a very good day. Softball game tonight and I am pitching. I hope everybody enjoyed the quiz. Thanks to the five people who were determined.

You scored as cornet! You like to be a little different from everyone else, and you make a point of it too. You like being the center of attention because you are so unique. You are a thinker, and very thoughtful and kind. And you always always always volunteer for solos.

You scored as trumpet! You are bright, funny, and witty. You meet life head on and with a smile on your face. You love having the melody, but you often rush. You love to go fast. Trumpets and cornets get along very well, and do well, because there is the funny bouncy one and the thoughtful thinker.

You scored as low brass! You are bold and brave. You are not afraid of anything, and will not back down from a challenge; which sometimes gets you in trouble. You meet life head on; standing stright and tall. Strong and bold personality.

You scored as french horn! You are a little shy and normally laid back. But when you have something to say, most of the time it matters. You are cheerful and love hanging out with your many friends. You also love a good read.

Scoring as cornet:

Me, Spottedstar




Scoring as trumpet:


Scoring as low brass:

Nobody fit the low brass category

Scoring as french horn:



Thanks for taking my quiz!!!



Good day today. We got our yearbooks!!!! I love yearbooks. I have 1 response regarding my quiz so far. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment your answers to the questions!


Day and quiz

A good day. Jazz performance went well and I personally thought my solo was great. For our last 8th grade band practice we went down to the gym and played matball which was awesome. Now I have made a quiz! Are you more of a trumpet, cornet, low brass (trombone, baritone, tuba etc.) , or french horn player? (This is my brass quiz I'll make one for woodwinds as well as it's hard to do both 'cause they're so different)

What is your personality?

a. always smiley; go with the flow

b. likes to be fun and different

c. big and bold

d. laid back and shy

What kind of music do you like best?

a. heavy metal

b. rock

c. classical

d. jazz

What do you strive to be?

a. unique and different

b. sticks out in a crowd

c. right in there with the group; fairly popular

d. lots of friends, have a good attitude

and lastly: What is your favorite core class?

a. language arts

b. social studies

c. science

d. math

Please comment what you get! And I'll post the results soon!

Last full Wednesday and Last performance

Yes folks. Today is our last full Wednesday in the school year. Next week it will be the last day of school and a shortened day. We only have awards ceremony and step-up. And it is our last jazz performance for this years 5th, next years incoming 6th graders. Time to go soon. Bye!



Tomorrow is our LAST jazz practice! So sad. And our last performance is Wednesday for 5th grade step-up. Awwww. AND we have to give back our laptops. Grrr. We had our jazz band pizza party after school and had a lot of fun. School is out in 6 1/2 days and we get yearbooks on Thursday. Hey-any ideas on what to do for teachers in addition to cards?


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Bobcats roar tonight! Rarr!

First line of an awesome cheer made up by our team last year. So-we won our game! 17-4. I pitched 1 2/3 innings, struck out 2 and also made a play at home. Not bad at all for my first time ever! Also got a double and a triple and scored both times. A good game. It was hot though. Yesterday was perfect and today is way too hot. I wish I had a pool SOOOOOOO much. Il fait chaud........

One awesome busy day

Yesterday was totally great. Let me elaborate. (Hey, that rhymes!) 
1. We had our game against the Cubs. We lost 8-7 but not badly. Our hitting forces weren't completely on but I got a double a single and 3 RBI's.

2. Was supposed to be watching the Dodgers/VFW game but what really happened was a huge game of rundown with about 20 people. 

3. A friend on my team who was playing rundown invited a whole lot of people over to her house and we had a blast, playing wiffle ball and other games. 

5. Some of the people had to leave when it got later, but there were 5 girls who were spending the night and 5 neighborhood boys and we started a great game of manhunt which resulted in 3 of us getting scared silly by a great growly thing and a person who seemed to be stalking us. CREEPY!

6. Spent the night and had lot's of fun. Now am back at home and ready to pitch at our game!!!!!!


Caught red pawed!

Well we've found the culprit that's been digging up our lawn! A little skunk. He was just out there eating the clover. Tried to get a picture from inside but he ran away. I don't know what's wrong with me! There are 8 days left and instead of waking up with my alarm clock at six, I've been repeatedly been awakening at 5:25. Not cool. So softball game against the Cubs today, and then watching (and hopefullly announcing) the Dodgers/VFW game after. And then tomorrow we play the Braves which is Super Gato's team. And I found something out yesterday. She's their starting pitcher! So we will be going head to head in a friendly rivalry.



Just did some pitching practice. Must've been having an off day. My relase point was WAY off. Meaning that the ball was going really high or really low. Not great. We have games tomorrow and Sunday and I'm pitching Sunday. So that's where I'll be for most of tomorrow. Like I said earlier, Pine St. Fields are like my second home this time of year. Oh I'm tired and an early game tomorrow. I think I'll go read Long Shadows....

Funky Friday!

Yep that's today. Funky Friday. Basically that means that I am TOTALLY mismatched. Fun! Not much happened yesterday. Softball practice and pitching practice. I'm starting our game on Sunday. Go Bobcats. Too bad today is the last day of Spirit Week. And there are only 7 1/2 days left of school! Well time for Social Studies now....bye.

PS. My friend Super Gato would like you to go to her blog and comment on her posts! It's on the side.

Thought for today: Spirit Week would be cool if it was 2 weeks


our concert

So about our concert..... I'll go in order. (I was in everything) The jazz band was great, chorus stank, 7th grade was very good, and 8th grade band was absolutely fantastic. So all of it was great except for chorus when nobody knew the words. Oh well. I can't believe it's the last one. But today's career day!!! Super Gato borrowed my mask, snorkel and fins to be a marine biologist so I can't wait to see THAT! 


Concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Our concert is tonight! So many fun surprises. ;) I just know it's going to be great. Red & white day went well and this is a picture of my outfit for tomorrow. Today's pic came out horribly. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it's the last hoo. WAHHHHHH! Ah well. My band director put it this way when another kid said they were sad about it being the last concert. "All things must end but they will always bring new things." I like that. Very well put. Oh and I made a mistake in my last post. It was not post 200. It was post 199. THIS is post 200. Gotta go polish my cornet now. :) Mahoney people I'll see ya at the high school in a couple of hours!


Il Fait Chaud!

Il fait chaud! (it is hot) had a great day. Walked to and from the art show, missing science and LA and then a great french class, and awesome 8th grade band to end the day. The concert is tomorrow!!!! And another thing---------- THIS IS POST # 200!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I can't believe it. Just did some pitching practice-game tonight. And so I need to go have a snack. GO 200!

Last night

Great night last night. After school, XanFan and I did some pitching pract-ewwwwwwww skunk smell is getting in the window-practice because my dad want to pitch me in a game coming up. Washed cornet went to the art show, and then the softball game. We have  game tonight in fact. (the one yesterday wasn't a Bobcats game) So these are my first 2 outfits!!! The pictures for Wednesday and friday didn't come out so great but I'll put them up here anyway on their respective days. Oh and for 70's day I'm also wearing jeans and bright pink flip-flops. Gotta go get ready for jazz band!


Social Studies

About to start social studies. We're working on the Civil War. Had health earlier which wasn't so great, but she canceled our projects!!!!! That makes me VERY happy. Hat day has been fun. I will post a picture of my hat when I get home. Tomorrow is 70's day. After school I am going to the library, home to do homework, pitching practice with little bro XanFan and going to the Art Show and then a Cubs/Dodgers game. Yay! Busy busy day...

post 197!

Math class

In first period. Math..... It's so nice outside I wish we could be out there instead of in here. But the math that we did was easy. Just a table and a graph of walking rates. This book is so easy!!! At least next I have band sectional the smallest, stuffiest hottest highest room in the building. It's like that even with the windows open. Great in winter, but not when it's nearing summer like it is now. Oh well, it's still my favorite room.

Post # 196

June already!

I can't believe it's June!!!!!! And yesterday we actually got a thunderstorm in which we saw lightning. Until the end of school, instead of my thought for the day I will do a countdown for the days left of school and also let you know what number post I am at. Also I can't possibly imagine it, but our concert is Wednesday! Can't wait!!!!!! AND it Spirit Week. Kickin it off with hat day today! (I'll post the picture after school)

14 days left

195 posts