My cornet had to go in for a chem clean on Monday and today I get to go to Music and Arts and get it back again!!!!! I haven't played it for about a week & 1/2 almost 2 weeks becuase when I brought it back home from school it didn't sound really good because it needed then chem clean and I obviously didn't have it this week because it was in the shop. Field hockey and All-Stars today. Another thing-I haven't gotten ANY comments for the LAST 4 POSTS!!!! This does not make me happy. So please-leave a comment. I am keeping track now and if you make lot's you may move up into the top 5! PLEASE COMMENT! And please join FeatherClan at


Jollyra Brandybuck said...

that is exciting. i never play my flute in the summer, but don't tell mrs barry. i am going to play the alto flute next year. are you happy i commented? well bye now. this is bella by the way.

Anonymous said...

Check it out: