Quiz results!

First of all I had a very good day. Softball game tonight and I am pitching. I hope everybody enjoyed the quiz. Thanks to the five people who were determined.

You scored as cornet! You like to be a little different from everyone else, and you make a point of it too. You like being the center of attention because you are so unique. You are a thinker, and very thoughtful and kind. And you always always always volunteer for solos.

You scored as trumpet! You are bright, funny, and witty. You meet life head on and with a smile on your face. You love having the melody, but you often rush. You love to go fast. Trumpets and cornets get along very well, and do well, because there is the funny bouncy one and the thoughtful thinker.

You scored as low brass! You are bold and brave. You are not afraid of anything, and will not back down from a challenge; which sometimes gets you in trouble. You meet life head on; standing stright and tall. Strong and bold personality.

You scored as french horn! You are a little shy and normally laid back. But when you have something to say, most of the time it matters. You are cheerful and love hanging out with your many friends. You also love a good read.

Scoring as cornet:

Me, Spottedstar




Scoring as trumpet:


Scoring as low brass:

Nobody fit the low brass category

Scoring as french horn:



Thanks for taking my quiz!!!


annie said...

i dont know wicth one is me!!!!!



annie vrs

annie said...

never mind but i dont whant to score as a french horn i whant to score as a trumpet



Spottedstar said...

sorry. but ya score what ya score

Leopardpelt said...

Leopardpelt says: How come I can't do the quiz?!!????

Lucy said...

I want to score low brass!!