Tag from Elrania

What is your favorite song? Hmmm. 1812 Overture or All Blues

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Read, blog, e-mail

What is your favorite animal? Cats, Cats, Cats!

Do any family members follow your blog? Yep, my brother XanFan and my mom, BWK

Do you like to sing? Uh huh all the time

What is your favorite youtube video? The best cat video you'll ever see

Do you play an instrument? Of course! Cornet, trombone and piano

What grade are you in? I'm going into 8th

Do you get a lot of comments on your blog? Usually

Do you like nature? Yes I love it!!! I love taking pictures of it too.

Do you believe in fairies? Most of the time

Are you crazy? Hmmm, should I lie about this? The truth is I am VERY crazy.

Do you have a playlist? I've created one but it won't go on my blog

What are your 3 favorite books? Warriors, Harry Potter, everything else

What are your three favorite movies? Wall-E, Harry Potter, Ummmmmmmm, Uh, idk.

Do you like to listen to music? I am a music creep!

Do you have a cell phone? Yes

Do you have an iPod? My family has a Shuffle,

What is your longest post? I have no idea. I have about 230 so it's hard to keep track.

How many times have you started a tag? 3 I think

How many time have you been tagged? 5 or so

Have you ever ridden a horse? No, I'm allergic

Do you like your blog signature? I don't have one

Are you hungry? Actually for once, no

What's the weather? Cloudy and Overcast

What is your favorite song on your playlist? All Blues

When is your birthday? February 28

Are you tired? Nope. Not at all

Are you on vacation right now? Yup

Are you bored? somewhat

What is your name? Nicknamed Spottedstar!

What time is it right now? 10:31 am

What is your least favorite book? A Stranger Came Ashore closely followed by Twilight

What is your least favorite movie? The ones we have to watch in Health

How are you feeling right now? Hic-cupish

I'm now tagging-

XanFan, HorseFeathers, and Iseme-I don't know how to spell it

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