One awesome busy day

Yesterday was totally great. Let me elaborate. (Hey, that rhymes!) 
1. We had our game against the Cubs. We lost 8-7 but not badly. Our hitting forces weren't completely on but I got a double a single and 3 RBI's.

2. Was supposed to be watching the Dodgers/VFW game but what really happened was a huge game of rundown with about 20 people. 

3. A friend on my team who was playing rundown invited a whole lot of people over to her house and we had a blast, playing wiffle ball and other games. 

5. Some of the people had to leave when it got later, but there were 5 girls who were spending the night and 5 neighborhood boys and we started a great game of manhunt which resulted in 3 of us getting scared silly by a great growly thing and a person who seemed to be stalking us. CREEPY!

6. Spent the night and had lot's of fun. Now am back at home and ready to pitch at our game!!!!!!

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annie said...

i know that was a ton of fun. glad u had fun. we should do that again sometime but maybe we shouldnt play man hunt!!!

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