Day and quiz

A good day. Jazz performance went well and I personally thought my solo was great. For our last 8th grade band practice we went down to the gym and played matball which was awesome. Now I have made a quiz! Are you more of a trumpet, cornet, low brass (trombone, baritone, tuba etc.) , or french horn player? (This is my brass quiz I'll make one for woodwinds as well as it's hard to do both 'cause they're so different)

What is your personality?

a. always smiley; go with the flow

b. likes to be fun and different

c. big and bold

d. laid back and shy

What kind of music do you like best?

a. heavy metal

b. rock

c. classical

d. jazz

What do you strive to be?

a. unique and different

b. sticks out in a crowd

c. right in there with the group; fairly popular

d. lots of friends, have a good attitude

and lastly: What is your favorite core class?

a. language arts

b. social studies

c. science

d. math

Please comment what you get! And I'll post the results soon!


annie said...

i know i thought my solo was amazig but thats just me and everyone else said nice solo but it was my first solo ever i frot of people.


perso who kows the perso that started this blog

Elránia Peredhil said...


annie said...

hey mine r A.

sincerely person who knows the person that started this blog

Dreamstar said...

I got a,c,c,c

★Silverstar★ said...

1: B

2: C

3: A ?

4: Maybe A, C is also OK.