Stuff and Entry for Sketching Contest

Shinestar- Here is my entry for your sketch contest. I know it didn't have to be a cat but I started sketching and this is what I came up with. It's supposed to be Spottedleaf sitting on the Highrock looking up at the stars, receiving a prophecy from StarClan.

Other news is that I have to be back in New York today so we're leaving after church. Yay! I'm doing special music (playing my cornet) for church today. Elrania- See you there! :)


CONTEST CLOSED and other stuff, oh yeah, and *results!*

Not much went on yesterday except for an AWESOME softball party. :)

So, yes, the contest is over. Thank you to,Olive Tree,

Anime Lover,



and Zach

For Entering. If you have entered- you get the camera crazy award!!!!

First off we'll do the water category

Olive Tree-

Your pic was AWESOME! I expect nothing lessof you, of course, but this is great. Beautiful with the sunset, sailboat and ocean.

Anime Lover-

I get the idea....and the branches are a neat effect, but this pic would've been better if maybe you'd taken a little more time to set up and get the angles different and such.


This is a great pic. You obviously tried to get some cool angles and you had an interesting set up. Great job!


Interesting idea, but I would have liked it more if it had some artistry in it. It looks like you just threw the hose down on the ground and took a pic. (which, being your sister, I know you did)


This is a very neat picture. I love how there's Liberty, your cat, playing on top of my house's hose. So it's water, with a cat on top. FUNNY!

So there we go. So the winner of the water category is


You get this award~

So now for the music pictures

Olive Tree-

Simple and artistic. Nice style.

Anime Lover-

Good idea, but the lighting wasn't very good at all. Should've taken the time to fix that.

Swiftstar- I like the guitar but it didn't seem like you put much, if any real effort into this picture.

XanFan- LOVE it! With half of Zach's face and the iPod end earbud, this was a very nice interpretation of music.

Zach- The picture of XanFan dancing is very good. The only trouble is that I really can't tell if he's dancing, or he's just acting normal XanFan-y. :)

The winner of the music category is-


You get this award~

So now for summer

Olive Tree-

Your queen anne's lace pic was very nice. Flowers do interpret summer very nicely.

Anime Lover-

Your picture was awesome! It was definatly the best of your pictures.


I like it. The beach is summer-y and this was a great picture of the beach.


Again, you need to TAKE YOUR TIME. It's another rushed photo. and to tell the truth, plain blue sky with powerlines, just isn't that interesting.


Great. The way you captured that cloud was awesome.and then trees in the corner make it an even better picture.

We have a tie for this category-


You get this award~

So now for the overall results

In 3rd place is-----


In second is----


And, *drumroll please* In first----


Thanks for entering everybody!!!!!!!!


Last few days...

The last few days before school are always crazy. Shop, shop, shop! Supplies! Clothes! Haircut! PHEW! That's basically what we've been doing. Got all my supplies yesterday. I am going to have SO MUCH STUFF! 5 binders, 4 textbooks, folders, laptop, cornet, trombone, field hockey stuff.....yikes. Also went clothes shopping in the evening at Target and Aeropostle. Got some good stuff for the fall.

On Monday I get to help out with 6th grade orientation. Should be fun! Have a meeting about it tomorrow.

CONTEST CLOSES TOMORROW AT 6PM!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 entries, get yours in before then for in to count. I have some awesome *prizes*!



ONE WEEK UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS!!!! I'm happy. I'm going to do a bunch of shopping for supplies and clothes today. I love school shopping. :)

Other news is that evey day marching band has ended. Phew! I love it but 4+ hours of practice every night really wears you out! I'm content with a practice and show every week.

Also, my mom had to get me a bunch of chalk for marching band camp but since I don't need it any more I'm thinking of drawing a huge elaborate dragon on my driveway. THAT would be quite a sight! Tell me what you think.

Remember the photo contest! You have until Friday to get your entries in and I'll post the results on Saturday.



Got back from NY yesterday! Almost as soon as we got back I had to go to marching band. :) Except for it wasn't so much fun because it poured for almost the whole time. :( But we saw a rainbow ! :) OK, enough with the smileys Cornet Crazie........

Photo Contest!!!! I have had 2 entries and a couple of people say that they are almost done. Also I think that I kinda forgot to put in an end time! So it ENDS FRIDAY.

I think that's it.....very very busy day today!


Hello from upstate New York!

Well, the title says it all! Heeelllllllllloooo! I'm in NY with family over the weekend so I probably won't be able to post much more, if any. :( Anyway, I'll post again when I'm back. Ugh car sickness....


My Hilarious, Awesome, Tiring Day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was very busy. So let me tell you what happened, 'k?

The Hilarious Part: My marching band director wanted me to have a trumpet ASAP, right? So I thought 'teachers are back at school, I'll just go get one from Mrs. Barry' Well I won't go into details, but 'If you ever have any need at all to interrupt a teacher's meeting during the summer (before school starts) , do it. The reaction is priceless.'

The Awesome Part: Bella and I went to the beach! YAY!!!! Enough said...

The Tiring Part: 4th day of marching band. Ouch. My feet KILL.

Remember the contest! I've had a lot of people say they are going to enter and remember the contest is only open until NEXT WEDNESDAY.

So that's it. Post more later!


silver old trumpets and cornets........

Awesome.......*drools on keyboard* Yeah. Old, silver trumepts and cornets. Can you TELL I'm obsessed????? Anyway... Remember in my last post where I said I needed a trumet for marching band? So we've been looking on Ebay for something good for marching band and high school jazz band when I get there. There is this BEAUTIFUL early 1930's King 'Liberty' silver trumpet in PERFECT condition! I am TOTALLY going to try and get it. Also there is this really cool 1949 silver Conn cornet that was played in the military. *drools again* Sweet! Only a few minor dents that could be easily fixed. Our office (which is where we keep our instruments) could be getting a little crowded pretty soon. :) We already have a piano, trombone and cornet!


Band ten hut! And HIT!

Just one of many commands that we learned yesterday. But I won't bore you with ALL the details. I'll just saw that it was AWESOME! The marching band music is 'Mars' and 'Jupiter' from "The Planets". Very very fun! We also learned the first 4 sets of our formation. There are 13 trumpets, and sadly, I will have to play one, but only for marching band.

Remember the photo contest!!!! I have had a total of ONE entry so far. THANK YOU OLIVE TREE. Her pictures are very good. The point is though that I need at least 3 entries for this to work. I'd love it if you'd enter. Again, click on the link at the top of the sidebar.

Finally, Mountain Chick asked for a header and so I made one for her. Here it is:

Make sure to click to view full size before saving it to your computer and putting it on your blog.



Wow. Last night was FUN! We hosted our annual summer party which was a blast! Olive Tree and Bella came. We played Wiffle ball, a completly unorganized game of capture the flag in which most of us just hung around and talked and played with the neighbors kitten. :) So, a night of all-around fun.

Marching band starts today! I just hope I can make it work with my field hockey schedule.

Remember! Enter the Photo Contest Click on the link at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

~The Cornet Crazie~


Blog Makeover!

Olive Tree just made me this awesome blog set! I think it's great! New template, header, button and avatar. THANK YOU OLIVE TREE!


Since Olive Tree's writing contest is over it's time for a new one to begin! This one is very different then both Elrania's and Olive Tree's. This is a photography contest! Now you may be thinking-cool! I just need to take a picture and upload it. NO. This has specific rules. First off, there will be 3 pictures that you will need to take and they must fit the requirements below. If your pictures do not fit requirements I will let you know and you have until the end of the contest to fix it. If you do not fix it you are disqualified.

Your pictures to take are:

Pic #1. Depicting Summer

Pic #2. Depicting Music

Pic #3. Depicting Some Kind Of Water

For example:

a. a thunderstorm

b. stacks of my music books on my piano

c. the brook by my house

Please post the photos on YOUR BLOG and comment ON THIS POST, about where I can find them.

Now for the prizes:

3rd place: white ribbon

2nd place: red ribbon

1st place: blue ribbon and the phenomenal photographer award!

*Everbody who enters will recieve the camera crazy award!!*

Ready? Start clicking!


Cleaning, Shopping, and Beach

Cleaning- Ugh. double, triple, quadruple ugh. But that's what you get when you host a party.....

Shopping-Not cool shopping, like for clothes and stuff but major grocery shopping. MAJOR. Again, what you get when you host a party.

Beach- YAY! Went yesterday and it was tons of fun and am going again in an hour or so. Yay!


This blog is hereby rechristened 'Treble Clef'. Maybe I'll win Olive Tree's contest and get a cool new header, etc.!

Speaking of contests I have one that will be starting in thenext few days!

And the username poll. Spottedstar and Cornet Crazie were tied so for now I will keep the name 'Spottedstar' and there is a new poll between the 2 of them.

Drink lots of water and keep out of this dreadful heat, my friends!



Just me rambling on again.... rambles. Now I do have some stuff to talk about.

1. My new goalie stick is AWESOME! I can't wait for out season to start so that I can use it with all the gear. It's made by the same company that my offensive forward's stick is from. They make really good sticks.

2. POLLS END TODAY. As of now it will be Treble Clef and my new name is Cornet Crazie. I may make that The Cornet Crazie though.

3. How do you like my random word of the day? To pick it I just open the dictionary and jab my finger on a random word. Then I look at it and post it!

4. I think that's it. Cleaning and beaching today! Boo! #1 Yay! #2



OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got my brand new field hockey stick in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't even open the pachage yet, will do now. POST MORE LATER. BYZZZZZ!

Tag from Olive Tree

30 things you may not know about me

  1. I live across the road from a marsh
  2. This is not my first blog
  3. I went to 2 elementary schools
  4. I won a music award in 5th grade
  5. I just recently leaned how to photoshop
  6. I love reading on my porch swing
  7. I LOVE thunderstorms
  8. I am very artistic
  9. I really like decorating my room
  10. My full name only has 15 letters
  11. I like to eat nasturtiums
  12. I am a foodie
  13. I normally wear my hair down
  14. I love to swim
  15. I want to do a triathlon
  16. I am deeply considering running the Beach to Beacon next year
  17. I like taking pictures
  18. I kinda like fog
  19. I love my Protec cornet case
  20. But not as much as I love my cornet!
  21. I have to transpose (blah) a piece of music for church (yay!)
  22. I have been going to church ever since te Sunday after I was born
  23. For some reason I have a strange plastic alien on my desk
  24. I like snorkeling
  25. There are 4 people in my immediate family
  26. 2 other people in my family have blogs but they NEVER POST! (hint hint xanfan and bwk)
  27. I am nearing my 300th post!
  28. I have had this blog since January
  29. I collect fancy napkins (unused)
  30. I helped seveal people set up blogs

And now for an award~~~

This goes to my favorite blogs



Of Elven Elrania And Her Horse...!


Awesome shirt I made and *contest*

Yeah, the lighting isn't so great but I like the way I did the shirt. I just sat out in a chair on our nice wrap-around porch, during a thunderstorm, with a black sharpie and fabric markers. It was very fun. (the peace, love and band pic is the front the other is the back, btw) Also check out Elrania and Olive Tree's blogs for their contests! I will be starting a contest also in the near future, when I figure out all the details.

Nice? Nasty? In-Between?

Yes, that's the weather today. It sure can't decide what to do, that's for sure! Rainy, cloudy, mosty sunny, hazy, overcast. And now partly cloudy and windy. :) Ah tempers not running so well in this house today so I'd best be logging off now.

This is a pic of the brook by my house.


Proud To Be A Pisces!!!

Who is a Pisces? (If you don't know a Pisces is a person born between Feb. 19 and March 20th.) I happen to be one so this is the Proud To Be A Pisces blogger thingamabob. I'm giving this to the blogger people that I know are Pisces, Super Gato and my mom, BWK, and anyone else out there who is a Pisces!

Those Summer Days Just Flying By....

Yes it's hard to believe but the truth is that school starts very soon and marching band practice starts next week! Where has the time gone? But the truth is that I CAN"T WAIT FOR 8TH GRADE TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm excited for school. VERY excited. I just like school. And this is a cool picture from camp of me jumping off the dock into the FREEZING water.


day and award

So the tri went well, yay! now I have made a new award. Because school starts in 3 weeks, it's the I LOVE SCHOOL AWARD!!!! I'm not sure if anyone will take it except for me, but if you know someone who loves school pass it on and give it to them. Also I have entered Olive Tree's writing contest and you can view my entry by clicking on the link at the top. Also check out the other links up there. This is my 271st post which means that I'm starting to plan some cool stuff for my 300th! My 300th post will have a tag, 3 new awards, 100 random things and a write-up of my day as usual with lots of pics.

TRI~Like a Girl!

So who's going to the Tri For A Cure this fine morning??? I AM!!!! My mom is doing it and my dad bro and I are volunteering. Gonna be so fun! Made this AWESOME poster for the poster contest and I'm excited about that. Also it's just fun! Gotta go finish getting ready now so bye, post more later.

(I can't wait till I'm 16 and actually do the race!!)


About Me

I am an 8th grader, 13 years old in my 4th year playing cornet and in September I will have been playing trombone for half a year. Music is my biggest hobby, and I want to become a band director when I grow up. I am 2nd trumpet in performance jazz which means I get all those cool solos! My other hobbies inculde, but are not limited to, reading, sports, blogging, taking pictures, and hanging out with my friends. So I'll go through that list and explain each thing.

Music~ I mostly explained up there but I can add on. In addition to the above I play trombone in training jazz and some in concert band. I have been in honors band for cornet the past 2 years. I LOVE SOLOS!!!!!!!!

Reading~ I will read almost anything but here are some of my fav books- Warriors series, Harry Potter series, Alice series, Side Effects, Fever 1796, The Martian Chronicals, Flowers For Algernon, and several others.

Sports~ I swim, mostly breaststroke, but I can't really be on swim team anymore because jazz takes up so much time, downhill skiing-my fav sport!!!!! :), I am a field hockey goalie; oh yeah!!! I also play softball as mostly a shortstop or 3rd baseman. I enjoy playing wiffle ball in the backyard too.

Blogging~ Well DUH!!!!!! This one's a bit obvious....

Taking Pics~ I'm not amazing at it or anything, but it's fun taking random pictures

Hanging out with friends~ I don't really know anyone who DOESN'T enjoy this and so again, it's obvious.

So there's some stuff about me! If you would like to know anything else just leave a comment!!!

My Playlist, Background, Cursor and Awards

So this is a basic update on where stuff comes from on this blog!

My Playlist is from and the songs I have on here are:

  1. All You Need Is Love
  2. The Circle Of Life
  3. The Rainbow Connection
  4. Fugue In G Minor (Bach)
  5. All Blues
  6. Mood Indigo
  7. 1812 Overture
  8. Sing, Sing, Sing
  9. Star Wars Main Theme
  10. Hedwig's Theme
  11. Cornet Chop Suey
  12. The Climb
  13. Love Story
  14. Don't Stop Believen'
  15. Just Dance
  16. I'm Yours
  17. 100 Years
If you think that there is a good song that should be included in this playlist please comment!

My Background right now is from Aqua Poppy Designs!!!

My Cursor is 'I Heart Band' from

I have several Awards!

Twilight Haters from Olive Tree

Smiley Award from Moriah

Child of God Award from Moriah

Earth Award from Olive Tree

Cat Lover's Award from Olive Tree

Nature Lover's Award from Olive Tree

True Princess Award from Moriah

Official Band Lover's Award from Olive Tree

I Believe In Magic Award from Olive Tree

Avid Reader Award from Bella

Chocolate Lover's Award from myself

Twisted Magic Award from Olive Tree

Novelist Award from Olive Tree

Contagious Blog Award from Olive Tree

I Believe in Dragons from Olvie Tree

Proud to be a Pisces from myself

I Love School from myself


Well I'm BACK!!!!! Camp was wonderful. AMAZING. Our deans and counselors were so awesome! We raised a lot of money for our mission project and so one of the deans dyed her hair pink and 4 counselors shaved their heads. FUN-ny. I go swimming in the lake once or twice or possibly THREE times per day. Well, I'm going to mostly just be around the rest of the summer so I'll be posting lots!!! Also please vote on the poll, and Olive Tree will you contact me??? I have some questions about a possible 3 column header.


For old times sake

Yes, a lemonade stand is usually a thing you do when you're little, but when there's not much else to do....

We didn't end up having any customers so it was more like sitting at a table playing cards with a pitcher of lemonade.

Like the new name? It's OK, but this will be my last post until I get back next Saturday and I would gladly, no, really, really want, suggestions from you! (for blog name and my username)