CONTEST CLOSED and other stuff, oh yeah, and *results!*

Not much went on yesterday except for an AWESOME softball party. :)

So, yes, the contest is over. Thank you to,Olive Tree,

Anime Lover,



and Zach

For Entering. If you have entered- you get the camera crazy award!!!!

First off we'll do the water category

Olive Tree-

Your pic was AWESOME! I expect nothing lessof you, of course, but this is great. Beautiful with the sunset, sailboat and ocean.

Anime Lover-

I get the idea....and the branches are a neat effect, but this pic would've been better if maybe you'd taken a little more time to set up and get the angles different and such.


This is a great pic. You obviously tried to get some cool angles and you had an interesting set up. Great job!


Interesting idea, but I would have liked it more if it had some artistry in it. It looks like you just threw the hose down on the ground and took a pic. (which, being your sister, I know you did)


This is a very neat picture. I love how there's Liberty, your cat, playing on top of my house's hose. So it's water, with a cat on top. FUNNY!

So there we go. So the winner of the water category is


You get this award~

So now for the music pictures

Olive Tree-

Simple and artistic. Nice style.

Anime Lover-

Good idea, but the lighting wasn't very good at all. Should've taken the time to fix that.

Swiftstar- I like the guitar but it didn't seem like you put much, if any real effort into this picture.

XanFan- LOVE it! With half of Zach's face and the iPod end earbud, this was a very nice interpretation of music.

Zach- The picture of XanFan dancing is very good. The only trouble is that I really can't tell if he's dancing, or he's just acting normal XanFan-y. :)

The winner of the music category is-


You get this award~

So now for summer

Olive Tree-

Your queen anne's lace pic was very nice. Flowers do interpret summer very nicely.

Anime Lover-

Your picture was awesome! It was definatly the best of your pictures.


I like it. The beach is summer-y and this was a great picture of the beach.


Again, you need to TAKE YOUR TIME. It's another rushed photo. and to tell the truth, plain blue sky with powerlines, just isn't that interesting.


Great. The way you captured that cloud was awesome.and then trees in the corner make it an even better picture.

We have a tie for this category-


You get this award~

So now for the overall results

In 3rd place is-----


In second is----


And, *drumroll please* In first----


Thanks for entering everybody!!!!!!!!


Swiftstar said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Go Olive Tree!

Sorry i was busy all the time that your contest went on!
I took 18 pics and finally got the right ones ten I forgot to enter!
I am sorry!
But Olive tree's Pic's were AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanx buddy! You make Owive Twee smwile =))))

(sorry, I'm kinda ditzy this morning...)